Vancouver Travel and City Guide

Are you planning to choose a vacation between an urban setting and an outdoors one, if so Vancouver is a great vacation destination you; the city is surrounded by two beautiful things, the mountains, and its lovely beaches. The moment your Cheap Vancouver Flights approach the airport you will notice nature everywhere in the city, as Vancouver is filled with parks and hiking trails. Vancouver is home to the third largest film production center in North America which has given it the name “Hollywood North,” not only will you be visiting this place, but you will be learning a lot about the film and television industry during your stay.

Vancouver is the main city on the west coast of Canada and the region of British Columbia. A young city in its spirit, its architecture and also its population; as well as the usual multiculturalism that large Canadian cities present.

Vancouver is a beautiful and pleasant city in every way. One can wander the spacious streets for hours and admire 19th century old buildings and enjoy the singing of birds and noise of foliage in a shady park.

Vancouver is a lively city with a lively downtown full of cafes, bars and shops that concentrates the heart of the city.

Vancouver is also a city dominated by the landscape of the mountains , a constant presence on its horizon, which leaves incredible views from many points of the city with its whitish color in the winter and the green of the summer months. The contrast of the tall glass buildings typical of the economic center of Vancouver with the mountainous horizon is one of the memories left to all visitors to Vancouver.

But Vancouver also has many other things to offer: from the view of the skyline from Stanley Park or the seashore in the north of the city, to the tranquility of Granville Island, through the symbolism of Canada Place and the five candles white of its cover, one of the symbols of the city.

City, nature and a lot of life. Vancouver is a city ​​of cafés, bars and restaurants where you can try dozens of different cuisines from all over the world. From the important Asian influence to organic and vegetarian food, through the small Italy of Commercial Road or the pubs and clubs of Granville Street. Vancouver offers many leisure, gastronomy and entertainment options.

Vancouver is also an ideal city for lovers of winter sports. Despite having a mild climate – compared to other Canadian cities – Vancouver has ski slopes just 45 minutes from the city center or, not much farther, with the famous Whistler station. A luxury for ski fans.

Vancouver is an excellent city to visit for a short space of time or to reside in it for a season. In this guide we will try to present you the most interesting of the city and give you some practical advice for your stay.

The old part of the city is the Gastown neighborhood, where the first settlers built their houses. During the strolls through the cobbled pavements, you will see old houses in whose construction cooked brick was used, the hardest material of that time. The suspension bridge is no less interesting and curious. It is a unique architectural construction. Next to the bridge is a totem park, you can climb the top of the Grouse mountain, whose viewpoints you can see the city and the surroundings in detail.

How to get from the airport to the city center?

The best and easiest to get from the airport into the city is through the Canada Line, and it only takes about 25 minutes. If you know this might be stressful for you and you will be lodging at a hotel during your stay, it is advisable that you check with your hotel if they provide a courtesy shuttle bus. Taxis are very expensive in Canada, same as getting to the city, but whichever way you opt for make sure you agree on a fee beforehand and ask for a receipt before you begin your journey.

Attractions in Vancouver

Vancouver downtown is the best place to find most of these city attractions. The first place you should surely visit is the fantastic Vancouver Aquarium and also the Telus World of Science, where there are many exhibits, galleries, and shows that are appealing to both young and old. Stanley Park is arguably Vancouver’s most famous attraction, as this park allows you to enjoy walking or a long cycle. The park is also home to breathtakingly beautiful views and stunning beaches. So, if you have saved some bucks on your Cheap Vancouver Flights its only right that you visit Vancouver’s many attractions.

The most popular park is the Stanley Park, which astonishes with the abundance of its coniferous forests, in whose thickness hidden lakes of crystalline water. The park was inaugurated not long ago, in 1886 and is bathed by the ocean everywhere. The Stanley Park became the icon of Vancouver, each tourist has to walk around its beautiful alleys and enjoy its pure air.

After a dizzying ride over the bridge, one can rest on the Marine Drive boardwalk and have coffee in one of the many restaurants. In 1971 in the city was opened an exhibition hall called the Museum of the Centuries, which houses a Maritime and Planetary Museum.

If you are lucky enough to be in Vancouver in the period from May to September, you will be able to witness an amazing event – the migration of whales. The whales are so close to the island’s coastline that one can examine them with all the details. Tourists enchanted by the show can spend entire hours on the coast admiring with amazement the whales that swim in the waves, skilful and graceful.

Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife in Vancouver

There are many unique shopping areas in Vancouver and making a visit to these places is well worth the price of Cheap Vancouver Flights. You will find a collection of small boutique stores and high-end clothing stores on Main Street. You can also visit Pacific Centre where you will see some notable merchants. The city is also known for restaurants serving cuisine to suit all tastes. Sun Sui Wah is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in the city, and their menu is sure great. C Restaurant is another excellent spot to enjoy some fresh, local seafood. Nightlife in Vancouver will also create some unforgivable moments. Visit The Cellar for some eclectic entertainment atmosphere, or try The Tonic Club and order a drink at the magnificent 17-foot long bar.

Book your Cheap Vancouver Flights today and experience this vibrant city for yourself.