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Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, and with fact from census it is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Manila is a crucial economic, political, and cultural hub in the Philippines and it has over 1.7 million people (those who are living in the region). Manila is a city located on the island of Luson, it is one of the most dynamic in Southeast Asia. It has a well-developed infrastructure and is a conglomerate that contains seven major cities: Manila, Pasay, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Kalookan, Makati and Pasig. First, at the entrance of the city you could see the fort of Santiago, where in the 16th century the bamboo fortress was located and in front of the fort was the cathedral of Manila. From the times of the war only the church of San Agustín and the museum remained intact. However, the most appreciable curiosity is the Calle Real.
Intramuros is the heart of Manila, it is a wall that served as a defense against various attacks for the first Spanish settlement here. The impeccable examples of colonial architecture are the church of Santa Agustina and the restored fort. The Manila Museum preserves the ancient works of ecclesiastical art and the objects of material culture of the Philippines. In the immense complex of buildings Plaza San Luis are the galleries of ancient art, the Casa Manila museum and different cafes and restaurants.

Getting Around
Moving from one place to the other in Manila is not issues at all; there are metered taxi with low rate like P40 per trip at almost everywhere in the city. However, avoid taxi without a meter, not only is it illegal but they might rip you off. You can ask the front desk to help you arrange a Taxi at the hotel you are staying. The busses also cover routes outside the metro but the only issue is that they are always cramped. Also, you can go on jeepney rides for as low as P7 for the first few kilometers to enjoy adventurous ride. However, avoid the jeepney at night or when you are with expensive cameras or jewelry. Travelers who visit Manila for the first time must take into account some specific characteristics of the nation. This will help to easily establish contacts with the local people and feel comfortable in a visit. Almost all local people have a good command of the English language that is why a language barrier will not cause problems for visitors for comfortable recreation. The residents of the city are receptive and hospitable. They eagerly help tourists and answer all questions bothering travelers. The only condition of a successful communication is courtesy and courtesy: every favor must be rewarded. In the daily life of the local people to keep the comfortable style in costume. The casual style is permissible even to visit religious monuments and places of interest. At the same time, the equipment should not be very bright and provocative, as it can cause perplexity not only to local people, but to city guests as well. Departing for a luxury restaurant or a business event one must keep the classic style in costumes. Among the religious monuments and the brightest monuments and of great interest is the Cathedral of Manila. It is a true masterpiece of architectural art. The elegant front part of the cathedral is decorated with stained glass illustrations and statues, carved carvings and frescoes of the finest representing the significant religious facts. The interior of the Cathedral also has abundant luxury decoration for hundreds of years. The visit to Fort Santiago will be of great interest to tourists, as this strengthening of the construction witnessed important historical events. The fort occupies a large territory that is now reequipped in the majestic scenic park. Visitors can explore a part of the surviving construction and enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the city from the hill.

What to Do
There are many places to go and things to do in Manila example is visiting the church that won the 2014 Travelers Choice award and the oldest standing churches in the Philippines “San Agustin Church” the church won the award because of its beautiful architecture and amazing courtyards. Another top-rated attraction is the San Agustin Museum, the museum features a network of rooms and hallways lined with paintings.
You can also take a trip to the heart of the Walled City to the Rizal Shrine to Parian Gate and Baha Tsinoy by following a tour bus or asking for guide. Also, if you have some time left you can visit the Manila Metropolitan Theater that holds a variety of shows each year. An integral part of the ethnic culture is the party. All festivals and national holidays are celebrated with great brilliance. Travelers visiting Manila during one of the celebrations of the national holidays will have the opportunity to fully embrace the music, the theatrical and gastronomic traditions and the customs of the local people. Some of the local traditions may seem strange and strange to foreign tourists. Therefore, the no more ultra of insolence is considered to chew a gum. Rubber chewing on the street is inexcusable as the case will undoubtedly incur desfavor from fellow and even strangers on the street. The high words are also discouraged by the local people. No matter how hot the dispute is one must necessarily keep a soft voice. The emotional spill as well as loud laughing in public places is considered to be a bad ton. The same exciting feature of Manila and the Philippine Islands in general are the healers. Expert Aesculapians who possess the healing gift of mysticism, glory reflected in the Philippines. His skills have been very disputed for many years. Every year more and more tourists arrive at the tourist center that pursues the only objective – to obtain treatment of healers. The healers carry out the most difficult surgeries without any equipment and special instruments, since their main tools are still gifted hands. Among the many monuments and places of tourist interest in Manila, the Malacanan Palace is in the center of attention of tourists. The age of the magnificent palace is about two hundred years. From the first years of its establishment the palace has served as the main residence of the government. Despite the impressive age of the building, the residence has been preserved in excellent condition. Today travelers have the opportunity not only to observe the milestone from outside but to explore its spectacular rooms of maximum beauty and enjoy a magnificent interior decoration. The park houses an automobile museum that presents the collection of automobiles previously owned by cabinet members. The Rizal Sanctuary Museum is nearby. The museum is dedicated to the famous Filipino martyr and national hero. Among the masterpieces of the exhibition is Rizal’s farewell poem, as well as invaluable crafts made by the renowned person

Dining, shopping, and nightlife
Due to the fact that Manila takes it culture so serious, is no surprise to find fusion of cuisines. The best one you should try out is the Filipino palate, which is a mixture of Spanish, American, and Asian influences – how great is that? There are many American fast food and first class local restaurants available here. There will be rice in almost all the restaurant you will visit as it is a Filipino staple. You saved some bucks on your Cheap Manila Flights right, and then visit Chinatown or visit Tiangge or market stalls in Greenhills to get some great bargains and deals. If you are bored then hang out with other tourist during the evening period at Restos and bars.

Manila climate
Manila is known for its hot and humid all year round temperature; the moment your flight land and you step off the plane, you will start feeling the Manila heat. However, if you visit Manila in the rainy season, get ready for a 159 days of downpour – so prepare for it and don’t allow it get you. There is a beautiful dry season from December to May and the tropical climate gets a bad wrap from June to November.
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