Tips for Taking Kids on an Airplane

Almost everyone that has ever been on a flight has an experience of a banging the seat in front or screaming throughout the flight. As parents, we hope that our kids will behave for a few hours of air travel because we don’t want that dirty and angry looks from other passengers. Preparation is the only way to have a smooth airline flight  with kids is all in the preparation. Here are some tips for flying with kids without disturbing other passengers during the flight.

  1. Visit the doctor before flight

Due to the pressure during the flight, it can be hard for kids, so you have to visit the doctor and check if there are no illnesses or ear infections. Also if you’re going on a vacation, you have to check what medications you can bring in case of sickness while away. You also don’t want to have some issues with the custom because of a non allowed medication in their country.

  1. Educate Kids to behave properly

Informing you’re grown-up kids prior travel will also help them prepare for the air travels and avoids dramas. You should start a conversation with them regarding the airplanes, travel, and air etiquette. They will become more informed and prepare when they know more about more air travel. You can take them to the airport prior your flight or buy them a plane toy and show them how it works. This knowledge will make them less nervous, and thus they will be less stressed on the day of the flight.

  1. Bring in some entertainment options

The plane journeys can be difficult for the kids, especially the long and boring ones and also be cooped in the small cabin throughout the flight. Bringing in, some games or a gadget for them to play with is very advisable. You can also keep your kids preoccupied f the flight gets delayed by taking a stroll along the airport, or you can accompany them to the nearby store. You can also carry coloring books and crayons which can also keep your kids busy.

  1. Snacks provide a good distraction

Bringing in some junks or celery sticks can help fool empty tummies while on the flight and can also keep them occupied. Snack size junk food snacks are a nice break for you and your kids. The only trick is not overdoing them and giving them out as rewards for good behavior.

  1. Leave plenty of time

You also don’t want to rush while you are waiting in line to minimize time. Leave the house some few hours to your flight, and if you make it to the airport early, take your kids to the playground area (if there is any) and get them exhausted, so when they get on the flight, they would have probably be exhausted and sleep off.

Remember that you need to travel at your children’s’ pace, and your voyage will go smoother.