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Best Secrets for Finding Cheapest flights

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Here are our top secrets, tested and approved by travel experts to help you find the cheapest flights.

There are several ways to find cheap flights, which everyone knows, as of course the use of a flight comparison search engine like DiscountFlights. But if you really want to find a cheap flight, here are some insider tips.

Book between 5 and 6 months in advance

Before, to find a good deal it was necessary to book at the last minute because the airlines wanted to get rid of their empty seats. Today, there are so many leisure and business travelers willing to pay the high price at the last minute, that buying a last-minute plane ticket is not always the best solution. It has been found that prices are on average the cheapest when they are booked 24 to 22 weeks before departure. If you are less flexible, try not to book later than 15 weeks before your departure, where prices are still reasonable. Do comparison on a cheap flight comparators and check airfare prices over the weeks to make your plane reservation at the best time.

Create price alerts and subscribe to airline newsletters

The best way to not miss a good price is to keep an eye on it. In order not to miss a good deal, create price alerts on flights you want to take and you will be notified of price increases or decreases in real time by your flight comparator. Also, you can save yourself the time needed to search for cheap flights: go to the sites of your favorite companies and sign up for their newsletters. Your inbox will quickly fill with flight promotions, last-minute ticket offers, and new special-price itineraries, all without raising your finger. You can also be notified if some flights still have a lot of empty seats, and prices fall on them. A good way to get a cheap plane ticket.

Find your flights on Tuesdays, go on weekdays and off-season

We often hear that Tuesday is the best day to find cheap flights. It is true that it is usually Tuesday that the airlines know if their flights for the following days are complete or not. As a result, prices may go up (if flights are already full) or down (if, on the contrary, some are still empty) at that time. Also, be flexible on your days of departure and return and opt for weekday departures rather than Friday nights or weekends. Indeed, the strong demand for departures and returns around weekends are rapidly increasing prices. Finally, if you are flexible on your vacation dates, choose to travel off-season. For your summer holidays for example, June and September will often be cheaper than July and August, because less demanded. It’s a great way to find a cheap flight.

Buy One-Way and choose flights with stopover

This is not always the case, but sometimes buying round-trip flights can be more expensive than buying two single flights from different airlines. For example, you can fly from Paris to Edinburgh with Ryanair on a cheap one-way flight, then book a return flight with easyjet. This method also gives you more flexibility, because you can return when you want or even land on return to another airport than your departure airport (potentially cheaper). Likewise, if you are not in a hurry, it may be more advantageous to take scheduled flights rather than direct flights, even if it may seem counterintuitive. To be clear, use a cheap flight comparator and take the test, you will see that it is possible to get a cheap flight in this way.

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Choose your credit card

If you have the option, you can apply for a credit card that rewards you with miles, which can then be redeemed for flights. These cards are perfect for buying a cheap plane ticket on long haul. In general, these credit cards are an extension of frequent flyer programs. The more you use them, the more points you earn. The best way to collect miles (without going into debt) is to use this card to make daily purchases (shopping, full of gas, dining out, etc.) and to respect your usual monthly budget. Do not forget to pay your credit card each month so you do not have to pay interest: you can do it by direct debit, if you are a little dizzy.

If you are not a fan of credit cards, you can transfer points from your loyalty cards to miles to find a cheap flight.

Try the 24-hour rule

Some airlines offer to reimburse you for free if you cancel within 24 hours, so keep an eye on the flight you have just booked. If the price of the flight drops a lot, cancel your flight and book a new, cheaper flight. This will save you some money, but beware because some airlines do not offer this refund and some may even charge you a cancellation fee if you are out of 24 hours. To find a cheap air ticket, it is better to read the general conditions.