This fares will make you book trip to Johannesburg

Are you thinking of an exotic vacation to Africa? Then there is no doubt that a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa is the right choice. The reason is that it takes you a trip of foot to Kruger National Park where you can enjoy a safari and photograph the Big Five: elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, and hippo from Johannesburg. If you also want to enjoy the rich part of Africa then you will love Johannesburg.

Johannesburg climate

Before you book your Cheap Flights to Johannesburg beware that Johannesburg’s southern latitude sets it in a subtropical zone, and has a mix of high and low temperatures, that varies in precipitation. There are lots of precipitation during the summer months and the cold Benguela current makes for moderate temperatures on the west coast. Also be aware that the seasons in Johannesburg Southern Hemisphere are in opposition to the northern Hemisphere, and the four main season are: Spring (September, October, November); Summer (December, January, February), Autumn (March, April May), Winter (June, July, August).

Transportation into Johannesburg

Johannesburg has a great transportation system so getting from the airport to the town won’t be a huge task. There are airport approved taxis that can take you to your hotel or destination in the city; however this airport approved taxis are recognizable by the ACSA logo on their cars. So if you have an issue you can always check with the airport-approved taxi desk. The prices for the taxi ranges from 370 to 460 ZAR and the longest ride to the city will be about half an hour. There are also shuttle busses at the airport or the Magic Bus Shuttle that only runs every two hours from 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. and it cost 350 ZAR or $41per person.

Things to Do in Johannesburg

As we said earlier on, Johannesburg is one of the best cities that attracts Africa tourist and it’s a great city with lot of activities for visitors. However, you’ve not yet completed your trip to South Africa if you haven’t visited the Apartheid Museum. The museum house series of exhibits and memorabilia that will help people understand the history of the apartheid era. You could also visit Soweto which is also know as the South Western Townships, this is the right place to feel the South African locality – also make sure you check out the Nelson Mandela’s former home in Orlando West (you must have heard of him). If you want to enjoy some beer in the evening then a trip to SAB World of Beer will do that just for you.

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