Seoul Travel Guide – Discount Flights

Seoul ranks among one of the greatest cities in the world and not just only a great city in Asia. This ultra-modern city and creates a fascinating blend of old and new treasures of its cultural heritage. When talking about one of the greenest city in the world, Seoul sets its self aside and makes itself a healthy and livable city. Talking about shopping, Seoul is also a paradise that combinate high-end luxury at great bargains. Seoul is the home of Korean music that has exploded internationally.

Seoul climate

Seoul’s has four seasons, and they are all extreme. Winter kicks off with ice and snow in the city with unforgiving temperatures and dry air, so be sure to pack layers if you book flights to Seoul between December and February. Spring warms up shortly after this period, and it leaves a frigid temperature behind. During the summer periods, the temperatures tend to rise to about 35 degrees. Autumn temperatures are more tolerable, and foliage and has been the best time to visit Seoul.

Getting around Seoul

There are many transportation systems in Seoul and Taxis, and roller coaster tends to be the most advisable means. Taxis are very is easy to get around the city, and they are good for short trips because they are cheaper than the bus, so if you are travelling by fewer people with you taxi is perfect. However, very few taxis drivers are able to speak English, but you will surely recognize those taxis as they are Deluxe and they have black with a yellow stripe. Due to many drivers that can’t communicate in English, is advisable that you get an interpreter that can help talks to the driver in Korean. Another great way to take is through the subways, as they are cheaper than buses. This train runs from very early in the morning to midnight, and there are route maps for those that can’t speak English, so instead of going through the Korean stress of taxis, you can choose this system.

Main Attractions in Seoul

Seoul was once Korean royal city, and there are many palaces open to the public for you to visit. Gyeongbok-gung is one of the most impressive ones and you can also watch some television dramas which makes it one of the most impressive. It also houses the Joseon Palace Museum and the Korean Folk Museum. Seoul is also well known for its hiking environment as mountains surround it. The Olympic Park is still open, and there are other parks throughout Seoul.

Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife in Seoul

Seoul has plenty of shopping as it is a major city and you will be happy for booking your Cheap Seoul Flights. The largest open-air market in Seoul is the Namdaemun; and this is the best place to get clothing, food, and electronics. IF you are a fan of indoor shopping, then consider visiting Dongdaemun modern shopping facility or Apgujeong to get some great designer goods. This is the reason why you have to go for Cheap Seoul Flights for you to be able to shop. There is no shortage of restaurants in Seoul which means when you’re hungry you’ll find that from cheap to expensive.

You can start exploring this lively, historic city before you know it by visiting Seoul as Discount Seoul Flights are not hard to find.