Moscow Flights | Explore the Best of Moscow

For almost 1000 years Moscow has been the leader of Russia in the arts, culture, and science. Today, Moscow is open to visitors all over the world with great western-style shopping malls, restaurants serving different delicacies, trendy nightclubs and glimpses of its prestigious past. Moscow entices travelers with history and culture from the expanses of Red Square to the floral artistry of Gorky Park.

Traveling within Moscow

Moscow has an excellent transportation system and moving around for visitors is very easy with the presence of car, train, metro, ship, tram, or bus. You will be able to see the ins and outs of this amazing city. However, the most famous means of transportation in Moscow is the metro system, which boasts of great architecture and very affordable at the same time. The metro system also allows you to buy multi-trip or single-trip tickets so moving around won’t be an issue. Most tourists find the system relatively easy to navigate with the help of maps.

Attractions in Moscow

The first place you should surely see in Moscow is the stunning buildings of Red Square – where you will find domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Tomb, crown jewels and armor in the Kremlin. Moscow is a great place that boasts of art museums, excellent Gallery like the Tretyakov. The Kremlin in Izmailovo has a vast number of buildings with designs painted in the color of the rainbow. It also houses museums and the occasional fair, and it’s located on the idyllic banks of the Serebryano-Vinogradny Pond which makes it a pretty setting.

Moscow climate

Moscow is known for it’s bitterly cold winters and sweltering hot summers. November to April sees a temperature above 32 degrees with a lot of snow. Winter temperatures below 0 are common, and snow lasts from December to April, and there are about six hours of daylight. During July and August summers reach the upper 90s are very humid. Talking about spring it thaws the city, bringing lots of mud, slush, and warmer air. Fall is short I Moscow and the snows starts in October.

Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife in Moscow

Moscow will give you one of the nightlife experiences you will remember for the rest of your life. Tverskaya Street is just one of the most popular nightlife areas. If you are the type that loves partying and looking for a good club, then visit the chic Fabrique, or Propaganda bar to enjoy cheap drinks. Whether you prefer ethnic or fast foods, there are a variety of different restaurant options to choose from in Moscow. You will be able to find everything in Moscow, even a McDonald’s.

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