Manila Tourist Spots and Things to Do

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, and with fact from census it is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Manila is a crucial economic, political, and cultural hub in the Philippines and it has over 1.7 million people (those who are living in the region).

Getting Around

Moving from one place to the other in Manila is not issues at all; there are metered taxi with low rate like P40 per trip at almost everywhere in the city. However, avoid taxi without a meter, not only is it illegal but they might rip you off. You can ask the front desk to help you arrange a Taxi at the hotel you are staying. The busses also cover routes outside the metro but the only issue is that they are always cramped. Also, you can go on jeepney rides for as low as P7 for the first few kilometers to enjoy adventurous ride. However, avoid the jeepney at night or when you are with expensive cameras or jewelry.

What to Do

There are many places to go and things to do in Manila example is visiting the church that won the 2014 Travelers Choice award and the oldest standing churches in the Philippines “San Agustin Church” the church won the award because of its beautiful architecture and amazing courtyards. Another top-rated attraction is the San Agustin Museum, the museum features a network of rooms and hallways lined with paintings.

You can also take a trip to the heart of the Walled City to the Rizal Shrine to Parian Gate and Baha Tsinoy by following a tour bus or asking for guide. Also, if you have some time left you can visit the Manila Metropolitan Theater that holds a variety of shows each year.

Dining, shopping, and nightlife

Due to the fact that Manila takes it culture so serious, is no surprise to find fusion of cuisines. The best one you should try out is the Filipino palate, which is a mixture of Spanish, American, and Asian influences – how great is that? There are many American fast food and first class local restaurants available here. There will be rice in almost all the restaurant you will visit as it is a Filipino staple. You saved some bucks on your discount flight to Manila right, and then you can visit Chinatown or visit Tiangge or market stalls in Greenhills to get some great bargains and deals.  If you are bored then hang out with other tourist during the evening period at Restos and bars.

Manila climate

Manila is known for its hot and humid all year round temperature; the moment your flight land and you step off the plane, you will start feeling the Manila heat. However, if you visit Manila in the rainy season, get ready for a  159 days of downpour – so prepare for it and don’t allow it get you. There is a beautiful dry season from December to May and the tropical climate gets a bad wrap from June to November.

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