Looking to find cheapest flight through DiscountFlights or Kayak?

If you have looked into the idea of traveling by plane at any time over the last, well, decade or so, you probably at least took a quick look at the prices online. If that’s not how you do things, you certainly should, as it’s the easiest way to find the best deal.

But with so many sites to choose from, and more popping up all the time, it can be tough to decide which one will find you the lowest price. Not all sites are created equal, and it’s difficult to know which you should turn to.

Kayak Flights  is a travel search engine. It indexes hundreds of global travel sites to help you find the right flight, hotel, rental car or cruise line. Once you’ve found the way you want to travel, KAYAK allows you to choose from which site you want to make your purchases.

KAYAK is a travel search engine operated by the KAYAK Software Corporation. KAYAK’s products are available in more than 20 languages. The company also runs travel search engines checkfelix and swoodoo. KAYAK was acquired by The Priceline Group on May 21, 2013.

KAYAK products include flight, hotel and car rental searches, including additional search features such as multi-city searches, flexible date searches, weekend searches and a large number of filtering tools. The site provides searches for cruise ships, vacation packages and special promotional offers or deals across the websites that it searches. The site also provides a number of other features including: calculating additional fees that may not be included in the listed price, such as extra baggage fees; alerts for price changes based on desired price, destination and date parameters; and mobile applications for iPhones and Blackberry devices.

KAYAK maintains advertising agreements with over 4,000 travel suppliers and online travel agencies including nearly every leading airline globally, most global hotel and car rental operators, and the leading online travel agencies including Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and Priceline. The company also has several affiliate marketing partnerships.

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Is DiscountFlights cheaper than KAYAK?

Let’s investigate.

When comparing DiscountFlights vs Kayak, for International Flights we found out the DiscountFlights Flight Results come cheaper 8 out of 10 times.

As you can see, we searched flights from Los Angeles to Beijing on Sep. 10, and the top choices from each site are shown below.  

DiscountFlights.com – $271.42  

Kayak $284

WINNER – DiscountFlights.com

Than we did a search query from Beijing to Los Angeles on the same dates.

DiscountFlights – $313.60  

Kayak – $315

WINNER – DiscountFlights.com

Conclusion: should you use DiscountFlights?

In general, DiscountFlights is easy to use, with clean, no-nonsense design to several of its competitors distracting, photo-heavy interfaces and does a great job in helping travelers find cheap flight deals from over 1200 travel and airline partners.

Yes – Compare Flights and Save with DiscountFlights.com for your next Trip!