How to Find Cheaper Flights in 2020

How to find a cheaper flight

It is the wish of every traveler – to pay the least for airline tickets, which costs the most in the budget of every traveler.

Not easy of course. Nevertheless, there is still a method to follow to find the cheapest airline ticket.

Not easy of course. Nevertheless, there is still a method to follow to find the cheapest airline ticket.

Internet is the king to find a flight

Is it still necessary to call your travel agent back? The commission costs will of course be lower on the internet than with a physical agency.

On the other hand, it is certain that you will not have the personalized advice of an agency. Finally, if you’re reading this, you’re probably already used to booking your flight online!

Flight comparison: It’s a Must!

It is the most effective way to find your flight at a good price. There are several on the market like DiscountFlights.comKayakMomondoBookingBuddyLiligo, Wego or Skyscanner.

For example, above websites compare the price on millions of trips and hundreds of airlines. In addition, these flight comparison websites offer interesting options such as choosing a flight with or without stop, a map to see the destinations according to their price …

In addition, finding the best price according to the day is easier. The search tool is generally very ergonomic.

For medium and long haul, they are really effective. However, they often do not consider low-cost companies. For these, in Europe, you can use the site Bravofly. It is indeed specialized on low-cost flights.

For Asia, there is AirAsia, a low-cost serving all of Asia. And who even offers flights from Paris!

The best is to do your research on both DiscountFlights and Kayak. And then look at the best result. If you want a ticket around the world, you will have to go through a specialized agency.

Check your flight on the airline’s website

Once you have located the cheapest ticket on the flight comparators, check the price on the company website.

It’s sometimes cheaper!

Anticipate and buy plane ticket flight in advance!

In theory, it is best to book at least two months in advance. This is the best way to get a better price.

Or at the last moment. In practice, this is not always the case.  

Avoid weekends for a flight

Prefer a departure / arrival on weekdays and not a Friday or a Monday. The plane is less filled in the week, logical!

In fact, this sometimes requires you to take days off ….

Travel in off-peak periods

Summer is often the most expensive period to buy a plane ticket. And January, on the contrary, appears as the most favorable period.

Ditto if you avoid holidays and school holidays. And in addition you will avoid the crowd!

Pay attention to the taxes of the plane ticket

This is particularly the case for low-cost flights. Taxes may be equivalent to the ticket price. !

Same thing for luggage registration fees, often high! And still it is necessary to see all this, for the neophyte, it is not necessarily obvious!

It is also sometimes limited!

Insurance for flights

They are systematically proposed. On some sites, the boxes are sometimes pre-checked!

Ask yourself if you really need it, and if you are not covered by another insurance like for instance your Credit Card Travel Policy Coverage. 

Compare Vs Google Flights

Compare Google flights Vs. to find the lowest fare. Flights are usually cheaper to book about twenty four to eight weeks before departure. is a leading Online Travel Agency based in San Francisco, US. The state of the art flight comparison tool allows users to compare the cheapest domestic and international flights and then book and pay online. With more than 1200 airlines and travel sites and over 9 000 destinations to choose from, travelers can be rest assured they’re getting the best online travel deals. is simple and fast. And it’s free to use!  


Regularly check the websites of the reductions and tips offered by the airlines.

We can assure you that there are crazy offers!

We have them regularly on Discount Flights. This allows to find cheap airfares for many destinations in the world. Yes, it takes time.

That’s why we offer you the best tips Iwe’ve spotted. You have nothing to lose!

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