Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers That Will Fuel Their Wanderlust

We all know that one friend or family member who fancies themselves as an explorer. However—finding the right present is easier said than done, and there are so many options out there that it’s easy to get lost. If you’re one of those people who are struggling for ideas this year, then don’t worry, because we’ve compiled a list of top travel gifts to help you out. From waterproof backpacks to life-saving water filters, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Travel Neck pillow

Let’s be honest, even though flying is by far one of the most convenient methods of travel, those long haul flights can soon become uncomfortable. A good quality neck pillow makes a great gift for traveler friends, and is perfect for all those frequent flyers out there. There’s a range of different options available ranging from collapsible pillows to inflatable neck supports, and your friends are sure to thank you during those long trips.

International Adapter

Nothing is more frustrating than going on holiday only to realize that you don’t have the correct adapter, so when it comes to gift ideas for travel lovers, an international adapter makes a great gift idea. Some are even compatible with over 150 different countries, and there’s a range of different designs out there. Many newer models also contain a number of features such as USB ports, perfect for keeping their phones, tablets and other gadgets fully charged.

Waterproof Backpack

Whether your friends are avid explorers or new to traveling, a good backpack like Osprey or Kaken Classic will be an essential addition to their collection. We’d suggest buying something lightweight but durable for those long hikes. It’s also perfect for those short trips when they need to travel light, and they’re sure to get plenty of use out of it. While they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, a good quality waterproof backpack will also help them to stay prepared come rain, sleet or snow.

eBook Reader

Everybody loves to sit down and relax with a good book now and then, but lugging around paperbacks while traveling isn’t always practical. So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for traveller friends, an eBook reader makes for a great idea. There’s a large number of designs out there with Amazon’s Kindle being the most popular. The newer models are even waterproof, perfect when camping in wet conditions. With a capacity of over 1,000 books, they’re not likely to run out of material any time soon.

World Scratch Map

If your friends are avid adventurers, then keeping track of where they’ve visited can be a struggle. So, help them out with a wonderfully creative world scratch map. Gone are the days where they’d have to stick a pin in an old map to mark their travels. Each map is covered with a layer of foil that can be easily scratched away to reveal where they’ve been, meaning they get to create their own wall art while they’re at it. It’s a great way to personalize their travels and as a bonus, it looks great around the home too.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re still stuck for gift ideas for those travel lovers out there, then consider giving them the gift of music with a portable Bluetooth speaker. Many Bluetooth speakers feature up to twelve hours of battery life, and they can easily connect to their laptops, phones, and other devices, meaning they can listen to their favorite tunes throughout the day. It’s perfect whether they’re relaxing at the hotel, hanging out with friends at the beach or going on a camping trip.

Water filter

It’s generally recommended that hikers take more water than they need to prepare for the worst, but you can’t always predict what may happen when traveling. So, for those friends that enjoy hiking, consider buying them a portable water filter. There’s a variety of different designs out there including portable straws and gravity filters, but we recommend that you choose something lightweight and easy to carry. It’s perfect for all those survival enthusiasts and they’re sure to get plenty of use from it.

Portable Charger

Whether your friends enjoy traveling all over the world or just like to enjoy the great outdoors, they’ll need a way to keep all their gadgets fully charged. When it comes to gifts for travelers, you can’t go wrong with a good quality portable charger. It’ll ensure that they’ll be able to play their favorite apps or games no matter where they are, and it’s perfect for those camping trips. Some models even come with solar panels, meaning they won’t have to worry about finding somewhere to charge it.

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