Getting around Sofia, Bulgaria

Are you thinking of going on a trip, but this time not on a road trip as you need to go more than the next town over. Meaning that you need to take your trip to the clouds and visit a distant city like Sofia. You need Cheap Sofia Flights! You must have also heard about Sofia superb nightlife, bargain-hunting, and eateries before deciding to visit this great place.

Getting around Sofia

The moment you land in Sofia there are public transport network of buses, trolleys and trams everywhere that works at almost every time of the day. There are various places for you to buy tickets. Fares are cheap and you will also be able to even more money, with the one-day and multiple-day tickets. If you don’t know much about this city you can travel with a map and also ask the locals for help as they are all friendly. If you want privacy you can travel around using the mini busses as they are faster than a regular bus and they also come at a cheap price. You don’t have to buy tickets ahead of time also as you can just pay the driver when you board. Make sure the meter is running and know where you’re going. You don’t have to go through the hassle of driving in Hassle as the public transport and taxis are available.

Things to Do Near Sofia Airport

Sofia is a vibrant city that has great museums, and outstanding nightlife. When you visit Sofia make sure you stop at Roman ruins and Aleksander Nevski Cathedral which is a church in the city that was built in neo-Byzantine style. Sofia also boasts of golden domes, mosaics, and murals which make it a spectacle worth exploring. If you are a fan of history then visit places like the Ancient Serdica Complex which houses the remains of an ancient Roman city excavation site. Continue your exploration by visiting the Archaeological Museum.

When you decide to go on shopping time after saving some bucks on your Discount Flights to Sofia, then visit Central Sofia Market Hall and Ladies’ Market. These large markets allows you to experience the city why buying food, spices, and classic Turkish wares.


If you plan to head out in the evening while in Sofia, there are many places you can go; a great place is the young and fashionable where you can have some tasty light bites a good selection of drinks. The atmosphere around this spot is great which makes it a suitable place to start your evening. OR head over to give Bar 4 Rooms if you want something a little more spacious. This large bar has pub games in most corners and street art hanging from the walls.

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