Europe Low-Cost Flights moves over the long haul

On the long haul there are more and more cheap flights. European airlines get a means in competition with gulf airlines.

For 410 Euros from Berlin to Singapore in Southeast Asia and back to Germany ? For 539 euros from Cologne to Seattle on the American West Coast and back? The number of direct long-distance connections from Germany and other European countries is steadily increasing. This awakens desires.

Classic European airlines such as Lufthansa and IAG ( British Airways / Iberia ) build their own subsidiaries for these low-cost flights. Last but not least, this trend is also fueling the interest shown by airlines like Lufthansa and IAG in acquiring Norwegian. The Norwegians are the European number one among the long-distance discount providers.

Easyjet now also flies from Berlin-Tegel

The Lufthansa has new competition on domestic routes: The British low cost airline Easyjet now also flies from Berlin-Tegel to Frankfurt , Dusseldorf , Stuttgart and Munich .

In France , even more low-cost airlines offer flights from Paris to the United States for the first time this summer : XL Airways, La Compagnie, French Bee, Norwegian, Level, Wow Air and Primera Air. Even if the super cheap Lock offers are often sold out quickly, a return flight from Paris to New York is to have them for less than 400 euros.

For families, the price counts

More than 80 percent of long-haul passengers are families who travel with multiple people and, unlike business travelers, pay for their own tickets, But the main argument for these customers is the price.

There would now be something like the remorse of ordinary consumers after more than 40 years of growth for passengers in the industry who did not have to pay for their own travel. If an airline demands more than 600 Euros for a long-haul flight, then, unlike these business travelers.

More cheap long-haul flights

The low-cost model will prevail over the long haul. Skeptics 25 years ago had also publicly doubted that low-cost airlines would establish themselves on short- and medium-haul routes.

However, the share of low-cost flights in Europe has increased from 19 percent in 2007 to 30 percent in 2016 and is expected to continue to grow. By contrast, according to Euro Control the proportion of traditional airlines on flights in Europe fell from 59 to 53 per cent during the same period.

Significant for the low-fare market is the further increase in the number of long-haul flights offered. The Norwegian low-cost airline The Boeing 78 long-haul aircraft used in intercontinental traffic between Asia and America. Ryanair offers long-haul flights from Europe to America in cooperation with Spanish Airline Air Europa.

An answer to the success of the Gulf Airlines

In the long-haul segment, a similar development should now follow. The proportion of low-cost providers could account for 40-50 percent of this figure in the long term.  Low-cost long-haul flights are the only way for European airlines to successfully defy golf carriers such as Emirates and Qatar Airways . However, the prerequisite is to be able to offer direct flights for 500 Euros recently.  

Cost trap: Cheap airline tickets can be so expensive

If you are looking for low-cost flights online, you will not always get away cheaply. The extra charges for luggage and seat reservation can make the ticket really expensive at the end, shows a great comparison of flight costs.

For less than 10 euros to Mallorca : With this offer, Ryanair attracted last autumn – amazing! The travel reporter has wondered where the catch is. How could the low-cost airline even earn it? The answer: extra fees . Priority, carry-on luggage, suitcases, seat reservations: Dozens of euros can quickly get there again.

Ryanair is not alone – extra charges can increase the cost of the online airline ticket by a third. The traffic club has compared the costs of seat reservations and luggage transport with twelve airlines.

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