Is Posting Explosive Growth.

Headquartered in San Francisco, US, is a metasearch referral engine for travelers. It compares all domestic and international airlines to provide the cheapest flight fares. After you choose your best flight option, it redirects you to the partner travel sites or airline’s own website to complete processing.

The tremendous growth in the last year:

Using Skyscanner API, Discount has access to over 1000 airlines, and is able to analyze huge amount of data to provide super-fast searches with extremely low load time.

Due to the “easy to operate” yet powerful technology, the growth of DiscountFlights has been tremendous during 2017. Mobile activities increased by 90% and overall use increased by 800% from 2017-2018, with over 1,000,000 users in 2017-2018. The user count is expected to reach 3,000,000 in 2018-2019. DiscountFlights operates in over 15 languages, with over 110 different currencies. DiscountFlights is one of the best search  engines out there.


Expansion strategies: is working on various expansion strategies. It will continue to expand new travel hotspots in North America, Brazil, Italy, France, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Japan, the UK, India, Germany and 50+ more countries in South America, the Middle East, in conjunction with many new language capabilities such as Chinese. Future expansion plans include a new mobile app, messenger bots, and integration of alternative travel products into a single shared platform.

Why is the best in the Flight Industry: Many well-known websites like Kayak, Wego, Momondo and Google Flights are providing the users with complete information about traveling as part of their service, but the most impressive performer in the travel industry is Even though the website was in its first year of existence, the user count reached 2 million. The search results of this website are different from other search engines. It provides an impressive and concise summary of flights with the according to the specified preferences. works both internationally and domestically with exclusively negotiated low price airfares, that’s why there’s no bias and it is better than other websites. It simply finds the best way to plan a trip for you. With its exceptionally smooth search and results, it is bound to become one of the largest online portals in the world soon. DiscounFlights is a self-funded, profitable site which gets revenue from advertisements and a small commission from the airlines and travel partner sites. It is necessary to choose the site that offers the best flight fare. There are times when the search engine of other traveling websites doesn’t have an offer for you but DiscountFlights will never disappoint you. There are always options for you to choose from. 

A complete package: is a complete package for every user. It has everything that you need. From the dates of the flights to the most suitable budget for your trip, you can find anything and everything. For discount airfares, dates of flights are very important. It is better to choose the date on which the fare is low. For flexible travelers, this website can provide alternative dates of flight to save you money. This website is not for booking flights but is to search for your most ideal flight.


It’s there to help find the best option for you based on what you are comfortable with. With the flight search of DiscountFlights, track down the cheapest tickets to the hottest traveling spot and have the time of your life!  With the flight search of DiscountFlights, track down the cheapest airline tickets to the hottest traveling spot and have the time of your life!