Discount Flights & Air Travel to Edmonton, (YEG), Canada

When talking about Canada, major cities such as Vancouver and Toronto always appear as sightseeing options. However, the capital of Alberta, Edmonton, reserves good surprises for those who spend a few days there. It is worth putting the capital in the route of visits, as there are many sights in the city. Edmonton is famous for being built around the North Saskatchewan River Valley, the city’s main river and home to diversified wildlife – they are over 100 km long to meet.

Activities will vary according to temperature. Throughout the year it is possible to see people leaving their homes and enjoying the city as well as tourists.


Edmonton is listed as Canada’s sixth largest metropolitan area and also the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. Edmonton is located in the center of the province in a rich farmland area of the prairies region. ‘Edmonton’ was suggested by two influential European settlers at the time, after Edmonton, London their birthplace. The original Fort Edmonton is the largest living history attraction in Canada and now serves as a tourist attraction. The city is also known as “The Festival City” because of its hosting of year-round festivals and events.



The presence of the river running through the city makes the climate in Edmonton’s fairly dry. Temperatures are cold during the winter and hot during the summer. Average temperatures during the summer 17.5 C (63.5 F) and during the winter are around -11.7 degrees C (10.9 F). The hottest temperature ever recorded at 38.3 C (100.9 F) in 2006 and the coldest temperature ever recorded in the city was -49.4 C (-56.9 F) in 1886. The region remains less humid than some Canadian cities and typically experiences a large amount of sunshine. Edmonton receives on average 476.9 millimeters (18.78 in) of precipitation consisting of 123.5 centimeters (48.6 in) of snow and 365.7 millimeters (14.40 in) of rainfall. Occasionally funnel clouds are spotted in the region, but tornadoes are rare. During the summer months, Edmonton often experiences severe thunderstorms that produce hail, strong winds, and plenty of rain.


Getting There

Edmonton International Airport (IATA: YEG), is 10 km south of the center in the county of Leduc. There is no public transport service to / from the airport but on the other hand you can take advantage of the “Sky Shuttle” shuttle service. Domestic flights are made by Air Canada , Air Canada Jazz and WestJet , a low cost that also serves international destinations, especially in the United States and Mexico. 


10 must-see places to visit in Edmonton


  • River Valley
    The park is ideal for those who like to be close to nature. There you can walk, bike and enjoy the blue days of the city.


  • World Water Park
    It is not because the town is cold that the natives fail to enjoy a swimming pool. The water park is considered one of the largest in the world in enclosed areas. You can have fun and the more adventurous you can go down the Skyscreamer, water slide in the park.


  • Northern Lights
    Who wants to see a northern lights in Canada, Edmonton is the starting point city. There are many agencies that take tourists for the tour. For those who want to see the northern lights, the favorable months are from May to September.


  • Art Gallery of Alberta
    Art lovers will really enjoy the days they are in town. The gallery contains Canadian pieces and also brings international art. Unmissable!


  • West Edmonton Mall
    The largest shopping mall in North America is ideal for buying souvenirs and having more surprises. The mall houses, besides the stores and food courts, an artificial beach, a lake, amusement park and much more. In cold times, it is still possible to have fun in the city.


  • Elk Island National Park
    The park is less than 1 hour from the city center, where you can see more than 40 species of mammals, such as elk. In addition, the visitor can camp, ski, kayak, among other activities.


  • Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
    The small village, which is 25 minutes drive from the center of Edmonton, houses historic buildings and buildings from the time of Ukrainian colonization. In addition, there are local artistic presentations to engage the visitor and take you back to ancient times.


  • Whyte Avenue
    One of the main streets in Edmonton, gastronomic and diverse center. There the tourist can taste food from various corners of the world, eat outdoors and feel the urban taste of the capital.


  • Royal Alberta Museum
    One of the city’s largest museums, which tells the local history, as well as housing the Natural History Gallery, Syncrude Aborigen and the Wild Alberta. They are exhibits, sculptures and statues to amaze tourists and to make them truly immersed in Alberta history.


  • Telus World Science
    For those who love astronomy, the science center is home to a planetarium and cinemas so visitors can get a little understanding of the subject.



Attractions in Edmonton

Edmonton attracts a large number of vacationers and tourists every year from all over the world, and the city is housed on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. As stated earlier, this city is the capital city of Alberta, Canada. This city is very well-known for its scenic river valley park system. There are lots of parks, trails, and attractions; this makes the city a place you should surely visit.

Your first stop should be at the Royal Alberta Museum, especially if you are the type that loves art and crafts, you should surely visit this museum. The museum showcases Alberta’s history using paintings, statues, and more. If you travel with your kids, then your stop should be at the Fort Edmonton Park. This park shows it all from the history through the historic village. Are you a lover of art? Then Edmonton has something for you. Visit the Art Gallery of Alberta to check out the most beautiful art collection of Canadian and international artists.

You can start exploring this lively, historic city before you know it by visiting Edmonton as Cheap Edmonton Flights are not hard to find.