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With the explosion of online tour operators, virtual travel agencies and other booking sites of all kinds, the average person does not necessarily see the difference between all the offers they discover on the Net. is a price comparison tool, ie a web service that allows you to compare various cost proposals for the same product, in order to obtain a financial benefit. The platform is specialized in airline travel. Its use is free, it does not sell tickets. earns commissions when a traveler completes an order with one of the partners. It is the affiliates who pay the site for its activities.

It is therefore thanks to algorithms that users will be able to select a flight, according to their priorities such as fare, speed, standing, customer reviews. This is how the tourist can find flight via and its 700 suppliers, almost everywhere in the world. The site advises its users by suggesting the most popular destinations and allowing them to inspire with publications dedicated to the escape and other many recommendations such as good addresses or places most suitable for this or that style of stay. is a search engine, working with algorithms. Which airline, flights or fares is displayed first? The brand is based on user experiences, customer satisfaction and notifications to offer not only the lowest rates, but also the best services. They may be large international suppliers or small businesses. On, we talk about quality / price ratio.

An airplane ride may be the cheapest, but require more stops. A reputable airline can have 5 stars, but guests may not be completely satisfied. And most importantly, each may have different wishes, which seems important to some may not be for others. A childless couple will accept a longer ride if the cost is lower, while a family will opt for the comfort of a direct flight searches seamlessly, and lets you filter it according to the desired travel style.

One click is enough to find the cheapest, the fastest, and the best. It is possible to opt for a particular company, define the number of stopovers accepted, and choose the model of the aircraft. By ticking the formula “choose your ticket “, the user dials his own flights. He can sort them by time of departure or arrival, their duration, their tariff.

By selecting his flight, automatically returns the buyer to the website of the company or company offering the offer. Reservations are made directly to the partner, as well as the payment of the service. helps the user to organize their trip; the platform does not deal with banking regulations, in the same way that it is not able to inform tourists about the possibility of changes, cancellations or refunds. All general conditions of sale are left to the care of commercial enterprises.