Cheap Istanbul Flights and Travel Tips.

Istanbul is a city that gives both ancient and modern experiences. There is always something in Istanbul for everyone, from the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art to the Topkapi Palace in the old city.  The Bosphorus city awaits the traveler with extraordinary experiences. Dervishes revolve, muezzins call to prayer from minarets and people change continents several times a day. Home to millenary monuments, it is a destination where food, drink and dancing are among the priorities of its people, which will make you feel welcome to those who join the party. Let us give you Discount Istanbul Flights.

To change currency , we recommend doing it directly in Istanbul . There are many exchange offices open 24h, and the change is much more favorable than if you have the money changed from Spain. This will work for any country in Europe where they do not have euros. I do not know why there is such a deep-rooted idea that it is better to bring the change made from Spain. Maybe it comes from the time of the pesetas, when it was more difficult to change our currency abroad.

You can find exchange offices throughout the city center, and they always show the current change in a visible place. They almost always have signs in English (exchange office), in Turkish “Döviz”. When you land at the airport, change the money just to get to the city center, since the change at the airport is not very favorable.

The official language is Turkish , from the family of Turkic languages. It is an agglutinating language, like Basque or Japanese. It is based on a system of affixes added to the root of words that allow expressing a large number of meanings with few words. All this makes the grammar quite complex for Spanish speakers.

The best in a day

In Istanbul, all roads lead to its spiritual center, the Sultanahmet Square. Framed by the majestic buildings of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, this modest garden rises over the ruins of the Grand Palace of Constantinople and is an ideal point to start exploring the neighborhood. After visiting the Blue Mosque , you can head towards the Mosaic Museum of the Grand Palace and the shops of the Arasta Bazaar, before finishing in Hagia Sophia and its tombs .

After lunch in Erol Lokantası you can take a tour of the Hippodrome and enter the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum and the Basilica Cistern . At sunset you have a drink in Cihannüma or in the backyard of Yeşil Ev .

For dinner, try the rich local fish at the Ahırkapı Balıkçısı or the Balıkçı Sabahattin , before disconnecting with a hookah at the Cafe Meşale or Derviş Aile Çay Bahçesi .

Is Istanbul a safe city?

Very good question this. Yes, Istanbul is a safe city . Despite being a safe city, we must not forget that it is a very large city, and that certain areas and neighborhoods are not recommended for tourists. We could say the same of Paris or New York. The whole area of ​​the historic center and the new European zone (Taksim Square and surroundings) is very safe. Yes, keep an eye on your belongings in the crowds of people and shopping areas. An example is Istiklal Street, of which we will speak later.

As a good guide to Istanbul, you can not miss a section talking about transport. The city has many public means of transport. One of the first things you should do when you get to Istanbul is to get your transport card , which you can find at the airport and at subway stations. It works like a prepaid card, charging balance at the ATMs of the stations. It is a very good idea, since you will not have to worry about how much each ticket is worth, nor to be buying tickets for each thing, since it includes all the ferries, trams, buses and metros in the city. A marvel.

Turkish Gastronomy Where to eat in Istanbul?
In this city, you can already imagine that Istanbul has a great and varied gastronomic offer . You can find both typical Turkish food and international food, so if you do not like to try new things quiet; you can always buy yourself a pizza.

From my point of view, something essential when traveling to a new country and knowing another culture is to taste the typical dishes, among which we find the following:

Dishes and Turkish drink
Çorba , soup in Turkish. You can find a lot of different traditional soups, a very good option if you go in winter. Find yours!
Döner Kebab , the most internationalized and by all known. The big difference is that the original kebab is eaten on a plate, it is usually roast beef, and it is accompanied with rice.
Eat fish from the Bosphorus, there are many restaurants for it on the Galata bridge, in the neighborhood of Eminonu. Freshly caught and very tasty.
Baklava , my favorite dessert, a delicious mix of honey and nuts. I like it in the morning, to have energy for a day full of walks (and more in Istanbul, which is uphill / downhill)
Lokum , also a dessert, with gelatinous texture, flavored with spices
Ayran , a very typical drink in Turkey, composed of yogurt, water and salt. They drink it at all hours.
Ice cream , you will be surprised by the art that the ice cream makers of the city have.
Raki , the Turkish anise, very strong.
Tea ( Çay ) and coffee ( Kahve ). In Istanbul, tea is very widespread, among all ages. Remember that Turkish coffee is not like the one we drink in Spain, that has coffee grounds!
The best-known beer brand is Efes. Alcohol consumption in Istanbul is normal, although you may find places where they do not serve you for religious reasons. In general, and compared to the price of the rest of things, alcohol is expensive in Turkey.

Things to see and do in Istanbul

Why don’t you start your day by haggling for bargains at the Grand Bazaar or with a Turkish bath or ‘Hamam’ then round things up with a by visiting traditional ‘tea garden’ for a drink? There are tradition and history in everywhere you turn to in Istanbul, yet there are restaurants with an exciting nightlife and trendy bars to be seen. Or visit the Ottoman mosques to see some cart-pulling donkeys. Istanbul is a stunning and exciting city to visit where both ancient and modern worlds collide.

Weather in Istanbul

  • Spring (May-May) Perhaps the best time for a visit; Tulips bloom in April.
  • Summer (Jun-Aug) The heat is relentless, but the average season rates at hotels and the İstanbul Music Festival make up for it.
  • Autumn (sep-nov) Fantastic time of the year, with mild temperatures and many festivals.
  • Winter (Dec-Feb) Winters are usually raw. Hotels apply the low season rates except Christmas-New Year.

There are four types of the season in Istanbul, winter, the cold weather, wet and snowy weather. If you travel during the colder season make sure you pack some warm clothes a coat and boots. Average winter temperatures range from 2°C to 8°C. Istanbul snowfall tends to be heavy, but they don’t last long. The temperatures during the spring and fall range from 3°C to 20°C and the weather varies, and the rain can fall anytime. This means that the best period to visit Istanbul if you are going on a vacation is during the winter season as the average temperatures range from 16°C to 23°C and there is little or no rain at all.

Getting Around in Istanbul

If you plan to stay at the Istanbul hotel after your Cheap Istanbul Flights, you will also still plan to visit the city at some point. The two most common places to spend your stay are the Beyoglu and Sultanahmet. These two areas are ideal for foot travel. For other locations, you have several options. However, buses, sea buses, and the metro are the cheapest means of transportation in Istanbul. Also, try and purchase the Akbil, or travel card which is valid on everything but minibuses. Or take the Dolmus taxi, but note that this taxi continues to take people until there is no more room left in the car. The traffic is heavy and dangerous so is advisable that you rent a car.

Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet
Many of the visitors who arrive in Istanbul do not leave Sultanahmet: something that, even though it is a pity, is not surprising. Its mosques and museums – including the great Hagia Sophia – make up a kind of time capsule of Byzantine and Ottoman history, and its formidable cultural, commercial and hotel offer can be comfortably explored on foot.

The best in a day
In Istanbul, all roads lead to its spiritual center, the Sultanahmet Square. Framed by the majestic buildings of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, this modest garden rises over the ruins of the Grand Palace of Constantinople and is an ideal point to start exploring the neighborhood. After visiting the Blue Mosque , you can head towards the Mosaic Museum of the Grand Palace and the shops of the Arasta Bazaar, before finishing in Hagia Sophia and its tombs .

After lunch in Erol Lokantası you can take a tour of the Hippodrome and enter the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum and the Basilica Cistern . At sunset you have a drink in Cihannüma or in the backyard of Yeşil Ev.

Topkapi Palace and Eminönü
The wooded parks and gardens of the opulent Ottoman palace stand in stark contrast to the busy streets around the Eminönü ferry docks, although both are overflowing with life and worth a visit. Topkapi is full of tourists and Eminönü, from locals; in the middle, the Gülhane park, where they mix with each other.

The best in a day
The Topkapi Palace is one of the cultural attractions of the country that require more time, so you have to spend half a day; It is convenient to go early to take advantage of the time. After exploring the four courtyards of this important monument, take a detour to Soğukçeşme Sokak , one of the most beautiful streets in the city and visit the new Carpet Museum .

After having lunch with the locals in one of the premises of Hocapaşa Sokak, head towards the Archaeological Museums of Istanbul , which preserve collections acquired by the sultans. You can enjoy tea and panoramic views from the Set Üstü Çay Bahçesi (in the Gülhane park ), and then go to Eminönü to buy lokum (Turkish delights) at Ali Muhıddin Hacı Bekir , one of the most ancient of the city.

To see the whirling dervishes you can go to the Hocapaşa Cultural Center and then return to the palace area to dine like an Ottoman sultan in Matbah .

For dinner, try the rich local fish at the Ahırkapı Balıkçısı or the Balıkçı Sabahattin , before disconnecting with a hookah at the Cafe Meşale or Derviş Aile Çay Bahçesi.

Grand Bazaar and the Bazar district
Crowned by the historical Grand Bazaar (Kapalı Çarşı), this seductive neighborhood also houses the smaller but also historic Spice Bazaar (Mısır Çarşısı), the luxurious shopping street Nuruosmaniye Caddesi and the frenetic shopping area around Mahmutpaşa Yokuşu. The commercial chaos predicts the mosque of Soliman, an example of Ottoman imperial architecture.

The best in a day
It is better to visit the Grand Bazaar in the morning, when merchants like to drink tea and chat with neighbors, so they bother less potential customers. You have to walk 2 or 3 hours through the bazaar, with a stop for coffee or tea in its cafeterias, and then have a kebab lunch in Gazientep Burç Ocakbaşı , Aynen Dürüm or Dürümcü Raif Usta .

Visit the Suleiman Mosque , with a break in Lale Bahçesi or Mimar Sinan Teras Cafe, then go down to the Spice Bazaar and on the way, look out over the Rüstem Paşa Mosque .

Siirt Şeref Büryan Kebap , in the Kadınlar Pazarı (women’s market) of Zeyrek, is fine for a simple dinner. More sophisticated is Hamdi Restaurant , where you can dine on the terrace before enjoying a drink and a hookah (hookah) in one of the cafes under the Galata Bridge.

Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife in Istanbul

You just save a cool deal on the Cheap Istanbul Flights, and then your first stop should be at the Grand Bazaar, with over 4000 shops. However, this is not the only place to shop in Istanbul; your Cheap Istanbul Flights will bring you to modern shops and traditional markets throughout the city. With that being said, you should take a Turkish Flavors tour for some unforgettable dining experiences. There are a number of different options for nightlife. Babylon o the other hand plays music every day; Dulicinea plays jazz and classical and more traditional music. These are just a few of the nightlife experiences to enjoy in Istanbul.

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