Bangkok Travel Advisor

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and its most important city with a population of almost 7 million population. Thanks to its growing economic development and its great relevance as an international tourist destination, it has become one of the most influential and modern cities in Southeast Asia.

Thailand is one of the most fashionable tourist destinations at present and Bangkok, as capital that it is, is a mandatory stop on any trip. Bangkok is one of the most westernized Asian cities and in the Thai capital you can enjoy environments as exotic as diverse and even, sometimes, contradictory between them. With a huge diversity of temples, museums and sites of high historical value, Bangkok is one of the most important cultural epicenters of Asia and a popular tourist destination among lovers of Buddhism, Asian culture and gastronomy.

Bangkok, whose name means “the village of the wild plums” is a few kilometers from the Chao Phraya River. Due to its location, you can find in the city numerous places surrounded by canals where it is possible to enjoy countless attractions. Currently, Bangkok not only has an important cultural value, but also a great financial and cosmopolitan value.

You will enjoy touring the hundreds of markets that invade the city, enjoying its spicy culinary specialties or visiting some of its many colorful temples . Dare to lose yourself in its busy and chaotic streets and enjoy the sympathy of its people.

The colors and smells of Bangkok will linger in your memory.

Its location on the banks of the Chao Phraya River historically had an extensive system of canals , which made it known as the Venice of the East or the Venice of the East . Another name that determined Bangkok in its founding was the City of Angels .Bangkok is an ever-energetic city that has earned itself names like the ‘City of Angels’ and ‘Venice of the East.’ With lots of luxurious hotels, abundant spas and delectable food you will sure get pamper when you book your Cheap Bangkok Flights to visit the capital of Thailand. There are great and a vast number of malls and dynamic bars beside centuries-old buildings in this city of contrasts. Whether you are just visiting Bangkok on a business trip or vacation, this city sure has innumerable that will never cease to amaze you. Places like Grand Palace, Wat Saket, Vimanmek Mansion, Lumphini Park, Wat Arun, Erawan Shrine, Safari World, Wat Phra Kaew and much more are some of Bangkok popular places of interest.


Bangkok is experiencing winter, monsoons and summer seasons and also features a typical tropical savanna climate, with an average low of 22 degrees and an average high of 35. The best time to visit Bangkok is when the weather is relatively more relaxed, and this should be from October to March.


Bangkok’s culture is modern and yet still cosmopolitan, and the city also makes sure it retains all of its long and proud traditions. Bangkok is a that boast of everything, whether it is sports or Buddhism, dance or architecture, music or Thai art, language or festivals like the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, Sanam Luang, and Songkran or even cuisine, Bangkok culture mixes both traditional and modern.

What to see in Bangkok

Palaces: Some of the palaces of Bangkok that you can not miss are the Royal Palace , the most important and most visited tourist attraction in the city, the Dusit Palace, with its interesting interiors and exhibits, or the Vimanmek Mansion, the building largest in the world made from teak.

Temples: There are hundreds of temples scattered throughout the city. Some of the most interesting are the Wat Arun ( the temple of the dawn), the Wat Pho (the temple of the reclining Buddha), the Wat Phra Kaew (the temple of the Emerald Buddha), the Wat Suthat, and the Wat Saket ( the Mountain dorada) , a temple located on top of a hill with panoramic views of Bangkok.

Buddhas: In Bangkok there are some truly spectacular Buddhas such as the Emerald Buddha of the Grand Palace, the reclining Buddha of Wat Pho, the Golden Buddha, of 5.5 tons of solid gold, or the Big Buddha (Big Buddha) of 32 meters in height.

The home of Jim Thompson: Jim Thomposn was the merchant who revitalized the Thai silk industry. Its beautiful house is an example of Thai architecture whose visit is worthwhile.

The channels: Some neighborhoods in Bangkok are still crossed by a lot of channels . Excursions through its longtail channels are very popular.

Kahosan Road: It is the preferred area for backpackers and one of the liveliest in Bangkok. It has a very special atmosphere that makes it interesting to walk around, dine and have some beers in one of its terraces.

Chinatown: Bangkok is a city with a very important Chinese community, and also has its Chinatown. Flea markets, gold stores, temples, restaurants … and lots of hustle and bustle.

The red neighborhoods: The red neighborhoods of Bangkok have become a tourist attraction more like that of Amsterdam. The three most famous are Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Nana Plaza .

The skyscrapers and their shopping centers: The modern city also deserves part of your time. Stroll between its skyscrapers and climb one of them, like the Bayoke Tower, to have some amazing views of this city. Visit some of its huge shopping centers.

Other monuments: Another really curious monument is the Giant Swing, a monument in the form of a giant red swing located opposite Wat Suthat. Other representative monuments of the city are the Monument to Democracy and the Monument to Victory.

Things to Do in Bangkok

Thana City Golf Course and the Erawan Museum are just near the airports, which makes them the first places you might want to visit. Some of the great Buddhist temples that they are also some of Bangkok’s most popular attractions to visit include the Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. Looking for some nice consumer goods, then visit the Taling Chan Floating Market.
What about the world’s tallest building made from teak wood? Vimanmek Mansion in Dusit Palace is another place to visit before the end of your tour. Another great place to enjoy history and Asian culture is the Bangkok National Museum. Cruises along the Chao Phraya are a fun way for visitors to take in the city’s architecture.

Spend at least two days sightseeing in Bangkok : As you have already seen, Bangkok has a lot of things to see and visit.

Enjoy Thai cuisine: In this city, and throughout Thailand in general you will eat luxury. Thai cuisine is one of the most exquisite in the world . You will eat well, even in the street stalls, and very cheap.

Shopping: Whether in one of its gigantic and luxurious shopping centers, in its day or night markets, or in the well-known shopping center of copies of Bangkok, MBK, this city does not disappoint those who love shopping. Do not miss the Chatuchak weekend market.

Have a drink and have a few beers at Khao San Road: At dusk or at night come to this area where backpackers and Thais meet. It is a lively area with guesthouses, shops, tattoo artists, live music, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. There is nothing more entertaining than sitting on a terrace and watching the characters that come together in this place.

Enjoy the nightlife of Bangkok: Going out in Bangkok is an experience you can not miss. Whether you like to go to bars and listen to live music, have a drink in a rooftop bar of a large skyscraper, dance the night away in one of the best clubs in Asia, or explore the rogue night, the night of Bangkok will catch you .

Visit Chinatown and eat at one of its restaurants: The Chinese community of Bangkok is very important and powerful. The Chinatown of this city is one of the largest in Asia and here you will find markets with all kinds of food, spices, and rare creatures for sale. Also an infinity of sites of sale of gold, and very good Chinese restaurants.

Explore the channels: Hire one of the typical excursions or a longtail to make a custom route and explore the channels. At least you’ll need 1.5 hours to make it worthwhile. Discard the shortest excursions.

Attend an evening of Muay Thai: Muay Thai is a very spectacular Thai martial art. You can attend an evening at both the Lumpini Stadium and the Ratchdamnoen Stadium.

Participate in a cooking or meditation course: If you have time some of the most popular courses are cooking and meditation Buddhist, yes, in English.

Dinner or have a drink on the top floor terrace of some skyscraper: Enjoy spectacular views in one of the rooftop bars of Bangkok as the Skybar, Moon bar or Above 11. Of these three if you want to dine I recommend the Above 11, a restaurant that fuses Peruvian and Japanese food. Simply spectacular.

Relax from a hard day at a spa or with a good Thai massage : Bangkok has high-level spas at low prices and with a large number of treatments. Do not stop giving yourself massages. It is one of the great pleasures of this city.

Hire one of the most popular daytime excursions: Among the most popular are visits to one of the floating markets such as Amphawa or Damnoen Saduak, or Ayutthaya , one of the ancient capitals of the Kingdom of Siam.

Splurging, Dining and Disc-Hopping

Bangkok and Shopping are just like brothers and sisters; you will notice this the very moment you arrive at the airport, as there are duty-free shops that offer a plethora of perfumes, jewelry, clothes and many knick-knacks right there in the Airport. Bangkok is known for its malls and flea markets. Everything is available in Bangkok even if you want electronics to branded clothes. Central Worlds and the Siam Paragon are a must visit for shoppers. The city has a large number of discos, and the party scenes are always bubbling. There are numerous clubs and cocktail lounges that are among the best in Asia. Wherever your vacation interests lie, you will be glad that you booked a Discount Bangkok Flights.

How to get around Bangkok

Use whenever you can the Skytrain or the subway and forget about the other means of transport. They are the best option to move around Bangkok . These two means of transport are clean, efficient, fast and comfortable, and will save you the endless traffic jams of this city. Traffic in Bangkok is one of the worst in the world.

Other means of transport such as taxis, tuk tuks and motorcycle taxis circulate in large numbers throughout the city. Ride once in tuk tuk as experience but avoid them since many times they will ask you for the same or more than a taxi and you will travel much more uncomfortable, passing heat and eating the pollution of the city.

Many taxis will not want to put the meter , especially in the most touristic places, at the exit of the shopping centers, and also the taxis waiting for passengers standing outside of a hotel. If that happens to you, walk a little and take another that is circulating.

The river boats are the most efficient system to move around the districts that border it. I recommend that when you finish visiting the Grand Palace and the whole area around you go back to the river and take one of the line boats to move. Taxis in the area demand exorbitant prices.

The nightlife of Bangkok

Few cities have a nightlife as lively and as wild as Bangkok . If you want to go out for drinks, the best areas are Sukhumvit, especially Soi 11 and its surroundings, RCA , an avenue full of amazing clubs, Thong Lor and Ekkemai , frequented by the good class of Bangkok, and Khao San Road , for backpackers and very young people.

Among the best clubs in Bangkok I would highlight the following: in the RCA, Route 66 , the best in the area, Slim , and Flix ; in Sukhumvit, Levels, the fashionable nightclub of the moment, and three discotheques to go in the afternoon like Narz, Mixx, and Scratch Dog ; in Thong Lor D emo, Funky Villa, Escobar , and to go a little later of Safe House ; in Silom, Ku De Ta and Maggie Cho’s ; and at Khao San Road The Club .

Other places with a more turbulent atmosphere for the lovers of the rogue night are the red neighborhoods of Bangkok (Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong), and nightclubs such as Climax (closed for the moment), Insanity, Bossy or Spicy .

Case aside is the infamous Swing that fills from 4 or 5 in the morning. In this place you will not find anything good. Only suitable for the hardest party animals.

Shopping in Bangkok

In Bangkok you can buy everything, however many of the products of the major international brands are somewhat more expensive than in Europe or in other countries in the area.

The most interesting products to buy, apart from the typical Thai souvenirs, are jewelry, Thailand is becoming a very dynamic world center of precious stones, silk, one of the most popular products of the country, ceramics, handicrafts wood, especially teak furniture, antiques, local textiles and also imitation products.

In this city the markets coexist both day and night, with immense and luxurious shopping centers. Some of the most interesting are the MBK, very famous among tourists for their imitations, the Siam Paragon, the most luxurious in Bangkok, and Central World one of the largest in Asia. You can not miss the Chatuchak weekend market either.