Athens Vacation and Places to See.

Are you dreaming of a holiday that is filled with ancient history with a touch of exotic places? Visiting Athens is your best bet. You don’t have to worry about getting there; we will help you find Cheap Athens Flights. All you have to do is to get yourself prepared for Greek culture, great architectural work, and history as Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. Many people believe that Athens is all about Ancient Greece, but that is not true, as there are more to the city than ancient history.

Athens that has historical sites like Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Daphni Monastery, are just some of the plenty attractions, including theaters, zoos, museums, and sporting events to see. So, once your plane lands in Athens prepare yourself to get immersed in this unique city.

Athens Airports

The primary airport that serves the Athens city is the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport. The airport does not only house the planes, but it also offers visitors great delicious dining, transportation to parking facilities. However, some of the ground transportation choices offered at the airport are car rental service and private taxis.

Things you have to see in Athens

As we have stated earlier, Athens homes one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world; this ancient town center was fortified when the Greeks originally built it and had stood up for many years. The buildings are sited on a big and rocky outcrop that can serve as a great afternoon adventure. You’ll find The Parthenon not far from the Acropolis which is a temple that has stood since the year 447 BC and stand the test as one of Athens most visited attractions. Another place you should see is the Temple of Olympian Zeus – this temple is designed from huge decorative pillars and is one of those places people never get to see. 

Getting Around Athens

While on your trip to Athens you can pick a metro, suburban trains, trams, trolleybuses, and buses tickets within Athens. The Athens Metro system has three lines to choose from, which includes: Line One that will attract tourists from Agios Antonios to Agios Dimitrios, Line Two that will serve tourists from Piraeus to Kifissia; and lastly Line Three, that will serve tourists from Egaleo to Doukissis Plakentias. Athens is also served by buses, and the Yellow taxis are also available.

Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife in Athens

If you have enjoyed the Cheap Athens Flights, then you can enjoy your savings at the city Mall located at the metro station Neratziotissa. This is the biggest mall in Athens’ and this where you will find great shops and establishments. You can try Ideal (Greece’s oldest restaurant) that will treat you to traditional Greek cuisine or Everest for a quick snack. Ambelofilo offers live Greek music to tourists in the evenings so you can enjoy your visit.

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