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Hungary is a country in Central Europe with an area of ​​93.030 square kilometers in the Carpathian Basin, bordered on the north by Slovakia, to the northeast by Ukraine, to the northwest by Austria, to the east by Romania, to the south by Serbia, to Croatia, southwest and Slovenia by the West. With around 10 million inhabitants, Hungary is a medium-sized Member State of the European Union. The official language is Hungarian, the most spoken Uralic language in the world. Hungary's capital and largest city and metropolis is Budapest, a major economic center considered one of the world's leading cities. The most important urban areas include Debrecen, Szeged, Miskolc, Pécs and Győr. After centuries of successive settlements by Celts, Romans, Teutons, Western Slavs, Avars and Huns, the foundation of Hungary was laid by the Hungarian Grand Duke Árpád in the conquest of the Carpathian Basin in the late 9th century.