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Singapore – A Melange of Ethnicity and Modernity

Whаt tо ѕау аbоut thiѕ bеаutiful соuntrу Singapore lосаtеd in the Sоuth Eаѕt Aѕiа? It is amazingly bеаutiful аnd iѕ dоttеd with some оf thе mоѕt enticing attractions that nееd nо definition. It is beautifully dotted by thе grеаt hiѕtоriсаl аttrасtiоnѕ and charm, mаgnеtizing mоdеrn аttrасtiоnѕ, ѕightѕееing ѕроtѕ, enticing flоrа and fauna, buѕtling mаrkеtѕ аnd mаllѕ, hiѕtоriсаl building and mаnу аlikе. Cоmе to this bеаutiful соuntrу and tаkе back hоmе аn everlasting experience to rеliѕh in for a lifetime.

A Shоrt Infо Abоut Singapore

Knоwn as оnе of thе mоѕt progressive соuntriеѕ in Southeast Aѕiа, Singароrе iѕ соnѕidеrеd аn iѕlаnd соuntrу. Consisting оf 63 iѕlаndѕ, it iѕ a ѕmаll country уеt is considered tо hаvе a highlу developed mаrkеt-bаѕеd есоnоmу. Thiѕ island country is аttrасting nоt just invеѕtоrѕ but trаvеlеrѕ аѕ wеll frоm vаriоuѕ раrtѕ оf thе wоrld duе tо thе various tоuriѕt spots thаt аrе fоund hеrе. If you аrе planning tо trаvеl to thiѕ аmаzing country, there аrе thingѕ whiсh you nееd to know such as where to gо and whаt tо do in Singapore.

Whеrе tо Gо аnd Whаt tо Dо

Givеn bеlоw аrе thе рорulаr tоuriѕt ѕроtѕ in Singapore:

  1. Chinаtоwn

    Chinаtоwn iѕ one оf thе imроrtаnt attractions in Singapore whiсh iѕ full оf соlоrful and rеѕоrtеd ѕhорѕ selling diffеrеnt and colorful рrоduсtѕ, jade Buddha аnd itemized рrоduсtѕ with charming lооk. A wаlk along the Chinаtоwn in Singароrе will givе уоu wоndеrful еxреriеnсе tо trеаѕurе and cherish the memorable Singароrе triр fоr lifеtimе.

  2. Little Indiа

    Littlе Indiа iѕ оnе such рlасе which has itѕ own charm ԛuitе diffеrеnt frоm аll the tourism рlасеѕ in Singароrе. It is thе рlасе whеrе thе lосаl Indians соmе here for ѕhоррing аnd socialize, hаngоut and fееl thе сhаrm оf India thоugh residing in Singароrе the most beautiful соuntrу in Sоuth Eаѕt Asia.

  3. Arаb Street

    Arаb Street is аmаzinglу beautiful аnd it unlikе littlе Indiа аnd Chinа town. Hеrе one саn enjoy аnd еxреriеnсе the сhаrm of Arаb and enjoy ѕhоррing with entice tоuriѕtѕ with its соlоrful аnd mаgnеtizing lооkѕ оf thе market.

  4. Zoological Gardens

    Zооlоgiсаl Gardens оf Singароrе iѕ one рlасе thаt tourists will hаrd miѕѕ tо visit оn thеir Singароrе tоur. It is the featured destination of thе Singароrе расkаgеѕ аnd iѕ home to vаriеd ѕресiеѕ of аnimаlѕ аnd birdѕ that еntiсе nоt оnlу tоuriѕtѕ but at the ѕаmе timе nature lоvеr and аdvеnturе ѕееkеr from thе nook and сrаnnу оf thе wоrld. Singароrе Zoo iѕ hоmе tо varied species оf animals аnd there аrе around 300 diffеrеnt species оf аnimаlѕ аnd аmоng thеm 16 % of thеm are endangered ѕресiеѕ. Cоmе аnd ѕее thе vаriеd ѕресiеѕ оf animals аnd birds in thеir nаturе home аѕ well аѕ dоn't miss tо сарturе thе imаgеѕ in уоur саmеrа to еnriсh уоur рhоtо аlbum.

  5. Jurong Bird Pаrk

    Jurоng Bird Pаrk iѕ аlѕо one of thе mаjоr аttrасtiоnѕ of tourists in Singароrе аnd is hоmе tо varied species of colorful birds brought frоm diffеrеnt раrtѕ оf the wоrld. Jurоng bird раrk tour оffеr wоndеrful experience as wеll as it offers good knоwlеdgе аbоut different ѕресiеѕ оf birdѕ and animals.

  6. Sеntоѕа Island

    Sеntоѕа Island is оnе оf the mоѕt bеаutiful аttrасtiоnѕ in Singароrе that nо tоuriѕtѕ can escape tо viѕit. It iѕ thе еnсhаnting tourism dеѕtinаtiоnѕ thаt nеvеr fails tо impress thе hеаrt оf thе tourists with its ѕсеniс аnd panoramic viеw оf thе serene beaches аnd unроllutеd ѕurrоunding. Here оnе саn аlѕо enjoy viѕit to ѕоmе of thе рорulаr tourism attractions thаt аrе one of itѕ kind аmоng whiсh one оf the fаmоuѕ is thе underwater wоrld.

  7. Clаrkе Quay

    Clаrkе Quау is the place tо gо if уоu аrе lооking fоr аn еnеrgеtiс party atmosphere. This rivеrѕidе quay lies in сеntrаl Singароrе, аnd it offers a vast array оf dining аnd еntеrtаinmеnt еxреriеnсеѕ. Thе quay соnѕiѕtѕ оf five blocks оf refurbished warehouses аnd several mооrеd ѕhiрѕ whiсh hаvе all bееn rеѕtоrеd tо fоrm оvеr 50 vibrаnt аnd diverse restaurants, pubs, аnd clubs.

Accommodation in Singapore

Singароrе has a widе rаngе аnd variety of accommodation tо fасilitаtе its viѕitоrѕ. Thе right mix оf Singapore hotels caters tо аll kindѕ of trаvеlеrѕ and their rеԛuirеmеntѕ. The Singароrе accommodation оn оffеr tаkеѕ care thаt аll frоm bасkрасkеrѕ, budgеt travelers, fаmilу trаvеlеrѕ tо business trаvеlеrѕ аll get a соmfоrtаblе аnd quаlitу hotels Singapore.


Singароrе iѕ hot and humid with ѕwеltеring and ѕtеаming tеmреrаturеѕ rаnging from 22-34°C, thе latter, in thе hottest mоnthѕ of thе уеаr, May аnd Junе, with a trорiсаl rаinfоrеѕt climate with nо diѕtinсtivе season оnѕеt оr end. Thе сlimаtе, thоugh, has gеnеrаllу twо diѕtinсt monsoon ѕеаѕоnѕ, the nоrthеаѕtеrn mоnѕооn frоm Oсtоbеr tо Mаrсh, and thе southwestern mоnѕооn from Junе thrоugh tо September. Thе wettest mоnthѕ are Nоvеmbеr аnd December.


Gardens by the Bay

18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953, Singapore
This huge garden with the futuristic supertrees is a reason to visit Singapore. Not only is it a great opportunity to see numerous tree and flower species in one place, it is also a fascinating ecological project with many features that increase sustainability, including the solar cells installed in the Supertrees. The outdoor gardens are divided into three parts - Central, East and South Garden - and can be visited for free. These include open green lush lawns and tree-lined areas with palm trees and other trees. The conservatories consist of two greenhouses: the Flower Dome, the largest greenhouse in the world with colorful flowers from the Mediterranean and semi-arid regions, and the cloud forest with numerous plants from the tropical mountain regions and the world's highest waterfall. The gardens are a perfect place for a nice family outing - apart from the botanical gardens, there is the kindergarten with a nice water playground and a number of restaurants and restaurants to keep your stomach full. The gardens are easily accessible from Bayfront MRT Station.
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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

288 South Bridge Road, 058840, Singapore, SG
Although its style is reminiscent of the Tang Dynasty, the building is brand new. It is considered the most important temple because it contains rare Buddha relics. You can witness several fascinating activities and rituals, such as the graduation ceremony. Be sure to stop by at night, the temple is beautifully lit.
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Esplanade Theatres

8 Raffles Avenue, 039802, Singapore, SG
This huge complex, known as Durian for its shape, is one of the most visited art venues in the world, meeting the needs of more than 70 million guests. Over 3000 performances guarantee that everyone will find something they are interested in, be it for a date, a family outing, a friendly get-together or a solo quest to fulfill their artistic needs. Shortly after its official opening in 2002, this center hosted annual festivals dedicated to Indian, Malaysian and Chinese culture. Later, other festivals were added, and today this place offers countless recurring or unique events especially for dancers, singers, music genres or cultures. The philosophy of this place is that people can enjoy art from time to time for free. That is why they often organize free concerts and various exhibitions. This complex consists of a concert hall, a theater, various practice studios, a recital studio, an open-air theater, a library, a visual arts space and much more, including a rooftop terrace where visitors are invited to play music or their talents to show to others. The entire room is wheelchair accessible. You can reach us by buses 36, 56, 70M, 75, 77, 97, 97E, 106, 111, 133, 162M, 171, 195, 531, 700A, 857, 960, 961, 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N. 5N, 6N, NR1, NR2, NR5, NR6, NR7 and NR8 (Bus Stop The Esplanade).
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Singapore Botanic Gardens

1 Cluny Road, 259569, Singapore
Founded in 1859, this historic tropical garden is a huge haven for nature lovers. A perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can explore it on various guided tours organized by the gardens. Here are more than 10,000 plant species to see. You can also take your children to the garden of Jacob Ballas Kids, where they both play and learn.
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Cloud Forest

This conservatory houses not only an immense number of tropical and rare plants and flowers, but also the highest indoor waterfall in the world. The lift will take you to the top of the mountain, from where you can admire this unique, fog-shrouded sight.
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ArtScience Museum

10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018974
Opened in 2011 as the world's first ArtScience Museum, this building is characterized by its innovative, lotus-like architecture. It mainly houses art and science exhibitions, so every visit to this museum is a bit different. The permanent exhibition is divided into three sections - curiosity, inspiration, expression.
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S.E.A. Aquarium

8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269, Singapore
Discover the fascinating life in the ocean and get to know animals from different oceans and seas, including manta rays, porpoises, sharks and much more. The aquarium houses more than 800 different species and is divided into 10 geographical zones, including habitats in East Africa, the Red Sea or the South China Sea.
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National Museum of Singapore

93 Stamford Road, 178897
This museum showcases the history of Singapore via multimedia exhibitions and artifact displays. Impressive in its size, it is housed in a building dating back to 1849. Its permanent exhibit, Singapore History Gallery, will guide you through the past and present of the nation and its culture. The museum also holds many events throughout the year, from festivals to film screenings.
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Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

51 Imbiah Road, Singapore
A heaven for nature lovers, this park is home to an innumerable variety of colorful butterflies and interesting insects for you to see. There are more than 15 000 butterflies, some of them as big as 15 cm. There is also a bird aviary where you can see several kinds of parrots.
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Skyline Luge Sentosa

Imbiah Road, Singapore
Opened in 2005, this long luge offers an enjoyable ride for kids and grown-ups alike. There are two tracks to choose from: Jungle Trail and Dragon Trail. You will be provided with helmets and after the ride, a chairlift will take you up again - be sure to check the spectacular views. You can even ride this luge after sunset as the tracks have lightings.
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Adventure Cove Waterpark

Sentosa Gateway 8, Sentosa Island, 098269 Singapore
Part of the Marine Life Park complex, this waterpark is the perfect place for a swimming and snorkeling adventure. It features 7 water rides. If you want to swim with the fishes, be sure to visit the Rainbow Reef. Weekdays are usually less crowded than weekends. Try to come as early as possible to avoid queues.
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Singapore Indoor Stadium

2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691, Singapore
The Singapore Indoor Stadium is an indoor sports arena, located in Kallang, Singapore. The stadium is within walking distance of the Singapore National Stadium, and collectively they are part of the Singapore Sports Hub. Both the Stadium MRT station on the Circle Line and the Tanjung Rhu MRT Station on the Thomson-East Coast Line enables visitors to commute to the stadium via train service. Singapore Indoor Stadium has been ranked as the 150th busiest arena venue in the world for 2015, with 72,342 tickets being sold for the entire year.
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National Stadium

The National Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Kallang, Singapore. It opened its doors on 30 June 2014, replacing the former National Stadium at the same site, which was closed in 2007 and demolished in 2010. The stadium features a domed roof structure with a retractable roof and configurable seating on the lowest tier to make it the only stadium in the world that is custom designed to host football, rugby, cricket and athletics events. It is also the worlds largest retractable dome.The lowest tier has mechanised and automated retractable seating configurations, allowing the stadium to host concerts and other entertainment purposes at any given point of time.
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Jalan Besar Stadium

Jalan Besar Stadium is an 6,000-capacity football stadium located in Kallang, Singapore. The stadium is part of the Jalan Besar Sports and Recreation Centre, a community sports facility that includes the stadium and a swimming complex. It is the home ground of the Young Lions and LionsXII. The stadium was used for the Singapore national football team's matches while the National Stadium was under construction. The national team may sometimes still play here as an alternative home ground to the National Stadium. Jalan Besar Stadium is located along Tyrwhitt Road, within the close proximity of the major road Jalan Besar, hence its name.
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Little India

Located near Chinatown, Little India is a lively and charming Tamil district filled with small spice and textile shops, fortune tales and much more. This is the place to enjoy authentic Indian food at reasonable prices or to explore both Hindu and Chinese temples and culture. Also, check out the magnificent colonial warehouses that line most of the streets here. This area is a place of many cultural events and celebrations throughout the year. If you are lucky enough to be in Singapore during some of the famous festivals (Deepavali and Pongal), you will be overwhelmed by all the colors, lights and the happy atmosphere. The district can be reached from three MRT stations - Little India, Farrer Park or Rochor.
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This neighborhood is pretty great, but still worth your time and attention. Many dining options and shops ideal for souvenir hunting. If you are looking for a quick bite at a good price, go to one of the street vendors. Choose fried noodles or skewers and you will not be disappointed. The district is a place of various celebrations and festivals throughout the year. If you want to experience something traditional, do not miss the Lion Dance Performance on Pagoda Street, every Saturday. The area is also filled with beautifully decorated Hindu temples. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout Chinatown. The area is accessible via the Chinatown MRT station of the North-East and Downtown lines.
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Clarke Quay

Named after Sir Andrew Clarke, this once-historic quay is now a riverside resort with a plethora of restaurants, nightclubs and bars, some floating on the water. If you want to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Singapore at night, this popular destination is the place for you. This trendy bar-hopping area is also a great place to eat. The range of dining options, from street stalls to world-class restaurants, is simply overwhelming. You can choose from a variety of cuisines, including local and international cuisine, including Chinese and Italian. After satisfying your taste buds, explore the many galleries and museums in the area to feed your artistic soul.
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Arab Street

Explore this colorful neighborhood with its charming houses, textile shops and small cafés. The name probably comes from the previous owner of the area and is the best place to experience the traditional atmosphere of old Singapore. The area is a popular destination for souvenirs. great selection of items at a good price. The entire district is known for its Middle Eastern flair. You can choose from a range of trendy restaurants and cheap food stalls serving the best of Middle Eastern cuisine. As you walk the streets, be sure to admire the facades, the colorful windows, and the magnificent details of the buildings. Easily accessible by MRT, Arab Street is just a short walk from Bugis Train Station.
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ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn, 238801
Futuristic and spaceship-like, this mall has eight retail and 48 residential floors and is considered one of the best shopping malls in the city. There are over 333 shops and restaurants. You can connect to "ION Orchard Wifi" and enjoy 2 hours of free Wi-Fi while shopping. Portable chargers are also available.
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Lau Pa Sat

18 Raffles Quay, 048582, Singapore, SG
This 19th century octagonal building is also known as Telok Ayer Market. Numerous food stalls serve freshly prepared dishes at reasonable prices. Lose yourself in all the smells and delicious dishes. If in doubt, opt for Hainanese chicken rice, local specialty.
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Boat Quay

In the 19th century, this part of the port of Singapore was probably the busiest and served as a trading center. Nowadays, this quay is one of the hippest areas for bar-shopping. You can also shop here. Many live music clubs and world-class restaurants are in the area.
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1 Harbourfront Avenue, 098585, Singapore, SG
It opened in 2006 and is the largest shopping mall in Singapore. The mall includes retail stores as well as cinemas and entertainment venues. There is also a food court with a number of restaurants and a playground for children. There is a station of the Sentosa Express on the 3rd floor of the mall. The nearest subway station is HarbourFront.
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Maxwell Road Hawker Centre

20 Maxwell Rd, 069184 Singapore
Located near the business district, this is one of the few remaining hawker centers, an open-air complex that usually serves as an inexpensive eatery. Here you can find more than 100 different stalls and the variety of food is simply overwhelming. If looking for local highlights, opt for chicken rice, Cantonese-style fish soup, and some oyster cakes.
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Going Out

Sands SkyPark

10 Bayfront Avenue, 018956
This luxury resort is far from expensive and is ideal for everything from hotels to casinos, theaters and chic restaurants. Opened in 2010, this huge resort's architecture is simply spectacular. Part of the complex is a shopping center with designer boutiques, through which even a canal leads. The three 55-storey towers are connected by a roof terrace, which serves as a viewing platform. Treat yourself to the best views of the city and the bay you may have. On the deck there is also a rooftop pool, which is unfortunately only available to hotel guests. To reach the elevator to the observation deck, go to the Hotel Tower 3 (or C). You can buy your ticket locally. Note, however, that at a given time, only a limited number of people can participate. Therefore, you may need to wait a while before getting in.
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1-Altitude Rooftop Gallery & Bar

1 Raffles Place, 048616, Singapore
Occupying top 3 floors of One Raffles Place, this multi-concept facility features many dining and partying spots, all coming with an unforgettable view. Have a great Australian dish at Stellar, enjoy a drink at the world's highest alfresco bar, or just marvel at the city's panoramic view from the viewing gallery.
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The Shoppes

Part of the Marina Bay Sands complex, this huge shopping mall will amaze you with its exquisite interior. Apart from an array of luxurious stores, it also houses a casino and several dining facilities.
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An open air market during the day, a famous red-light district area during the night. The eateries here offer some of the best food on the island. Even given the nature of the district, the area is absolutely safe to walk in at night. There are numerous night clubs and bars where you can enjoy the vibrant Singaporean nightlife.
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Old Parliament House

1 Old Parliament Lane, 179429, Singapore
The Arts House is a building in Singapore. It is currently a multi-disciplinary arts venue which plays host to art exhibitions and concerts. Built in 1827, the Old Parliament House is the oldest government building and perhaps the oldest surviving building in Singapore. The building was home to the Parliament of Singapore from 1965 to 1999, when it moved to an adjacent new building.
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Waterfront Promenade

Completed in 2010, this waterfront promenade is the perfect place to go for a stroll and enjoy splendid views of the bay and its main attractions. Lined with numerous shops, restaurants, and bars, you can easily spend a whole afternoon here.
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30 Victoria St, Singapore 187996
This former Catholic convent with Neo-Gothic chapel now serves as an entertainment venue. Numerous galleries, pubs, restaurants, and bars under one roof. The former chapel, now called CHIJMES Hall, has been turned into a venue where frequent musical, performances and even weddings take place. You can still marvel at its arched ceiling and stained glass windows.
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Long Bar

1 Beach Road, 189673, Singapore
Raffles Hotel is a colonial-style luxury hotel in Singapore. It was established by Armenian hoteliers, the Sarkies Brothers, in 1887. The hotel was named after British statesman Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore. It is the flagship property of Raffles Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of Fairmont Raffles Hotels International which is owned by French multinational hotel group AccorHotels. The hotel has commenced Phase 3 of a three-phase restoration programme on 13 December 2017. Raffles Hotel is now fully closed, with a planned reopening in the first quarter of 2019. The original Singapore Sling experience is now served at a pop-up Long Bar located at 3 Seah Street, next to the Raffles Gift Shop, which remains open throughout restoration.
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Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

9 Empress Place, 179556, Singapore
The Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall is a performing arts center in the Central Area of Singapore, situated along empress place. It is a complex of two buildings and a clock tower joined together by a common corridor; the oldest part of the building was first built in 1862, and the complex was completed in 1909. The complex has undergone a number of renovations and refurbishment, mostly recently in 2010 when the complex was closed for a four-year renovation project. It reopened on 15 July 2014. The buildings in the complex have been used for a number of purposes, such as public events, political meetings, exhibitions, musical and stage performances, and for a brief period as a hospital. The concert hall is used as a performance venue by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and the complex is managed by The Esplanade Co Ltd. The Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall was gazetted as a national monument on 14 February 1992.
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Tiger Sky Tower

41 Imbiah Rd, Singapore 099702
When in Sentosa, do not miss out this lookout tower. It is the highest observation tower in Singapore (131 meters above sea level) and the views it offers are simply smashing. The viewing cabin is air-conditioned and during the ride up, there is a commentary mentioning things you can see and talking about the history of Sentosa.
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Fort Canning Park

51 Canning Rise, Singapore 179872
This tiny hill with a tranquil park has witnessed many historical events that shaped the development of the city. Nowadays, the park serves as a perfect hideaway from Singapore's bustle and is known for hosting many events including concerts, theater performances, and parties. There are also several attractions to visit, such as Spice Garden, Arts Centre, and Raffles' House.
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91 Cavenagh Rd, Singapore 229629
This stately mansion built by the British colonial government now serves as the official residence of the President of Singapore. Even though it is the official residence, no president has lived here since 1960's. When translated from Malay, the name means "palace". First Sunday of each month, you can witness the Changing of the Guards ceremony.
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Singapore Flyer Wheel

30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039804
This 165 meter high Ferris wheel offers one of the best views of the city. Since its opening in 2008, it has kept a record for the largest Ferris wheel in the world for several years. Feel free to take this 32-minute drive in air-conditioned cabins that can accommodate up to 28 people. No matter what time of day you choose to come here, you will always see a beautiful Singapore skyline with different shades, depending on the position of the sun. Check the weather conditions of the day before deciding to visit this attraction, as clouds obstruct the view and you can not enjoy to the fullest. The bus station Bef Temasek Ave, lines 1N-6N, 75, 77, 97, 97e, 171, 195 and 960 is only a few meters away.
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Fountain of Wealth

3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983
This 14 meter high fountain is made of silicon bronze and follows the Feng Shui principles. The flow of water inside symbolizes the life and wealth in Suntec City and the inflowing wealth. The Ring of the Fountain represents the equality of races and religions in Singapore. Visitors can walk into the center of the fountain (unless a show is running) and collect coins to be lucky, or they can hang around and enjoy one of the frequent shows. After sunset, this fountain lights up, live music begins to play and laser shows and dedications with laser announcements are offered. It's a great way to budget, as it's completely free. The nearest underground stations are Esplanade and Promenade.
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Universal Studios Singapore

8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269
This huge amusement park is made up of several thematic areas, ranging from ancient Egypt to Hollywood, Madagascar and the faraway country. Do not miss the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, where you can meet Minions, Woody Woodpecker and other celebrities. If you visit the park on Saturdays or public holidays, you should not miss the Lake Hollywood Spectacular - an incredible fireworks show that will surely astonish you. The park is located on the island of Sentosa. To get to the island, you can take the cable car or the monorail or just walk over the bridge near Vivocity. It is recommended to put on your comfortable shoes as you will probably spend a whole day here. Free Wi-Fi is available - look for GuestWifi @ RWS.
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Merlion Park

This park is particularly noteworthy because it contains the iconic landmark and "mascot" of Singapore: Merlion, a mythical half lion, half fish. This 8.6 meter high fountain is to represent the history of the city. The fish represents its origin, as it used to be a fishing village and the lion symbolizes Singapore's original name - "Lion City". The park had to change its location in 2002 and now offers a wonderful panoramic view of the surroundings. There is also a smaller version of Merlion, its cub, installed in the park. Find a place where you can take a picture of the "parent" and the "boy." You can also take a bumboat between the famous sights of Singapore.
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Supertree Grove

One of the most iconic sights of the city, these large tree-like structures are especially magnificent when illuminated​ at night. Do not hesitate and visit the OCBC Skyway, connecting two of the trees. Marvel at the splendid view of the surrounding area or relax for a while in a tree-top bistro.
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Flower Dome

You should not miss the opportunity of visiting the world's largest glass greenhouse, whose structure resembles an eggshell. Take a walk through​ various climatic regions including South Africa, California, Spain, and Australia. Be sure to see the olive trees, some of which are said to be over a thousand years old.
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Mount Faber Park

Mount Faber, formerly Telok Blangah Hill, is a hill about 105 metres in height, located in the town of Bukit Merah in the Central Region of Singapore. It overlooks the Telok Blangah area, and the western parts of the Central Area. The summit is accessible by Mount Faber Road or Mount Faber Loop via Morse Road, but there are many footpaths or trails leading up the hill. The main paths are: Marang Trail which leads from Marang Road at the Harbourfront MRT station and the Southern Ridges Park Connector which connects from Telok Blangah Hill Park, Kent Ridge Park and Henderson Waves. It is a frequent tourist destination, as it provides a panoramic view of the increasingly dense central business district within the Central Area. Its slope includes a tower that is part of the Singapore cable car system that connects to HarbourFront and Sentosa. It is accessible from the HarbourFront MRT Station.
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Hong Lim Park

Hong Lim Park, formerly Hong Lim Green and Dunman's Green, is a 0.94-hectare heritage park in Singapore that is "the only venue in Singapore where public protests are allowed".
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Orchard Road

This is where all shopping lovers go. 2.2 km long street lined with huge shopping malls and big brand boutiques. But not only shopaholics should visit this street, but also the Orchard Road is an important tourist attraction. Find your way to Istana, the Botanic Gardens and many other places. Every Christmas, the street is beautifully decorated with lights and the official ceremony is started every year by another celebrity. Please note that as a visitor, you can receive a refund of the goods and services tax on your purchases. On the official website you will find specific information and links to reimbursement agencies.
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Bugis Village

This place was once a true game of cultures and activities. The now overhauled building with more than 30 historic shophouses is one of the largest markets in Singapore with hundreds of stalls. It is also one of the cheapest shopping places in the city. From clothes and souvenirs to electronics and household goods, you'll find everything here. In addition to its own street vendor center, where you can enjoy local cuisine, there are several food stalls in the center, ideal for snacks on the go. This mall is a short walk from Bugis MRT Station.
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Haji Lane

This narrow street in the Kampong Glam area is lined with small warehouses housing various souvenir shops, fashion boutiques, cafes and trendy restaurants. This hipster neighborhood is also known for its impressive street art. Since this area attracts many tourists, the goods may be a bit overpriced.
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Mustafa Centre

145 Syed Alwi Road, 207704 Singapore
Located in Little India, this 24-hour shopping mall is very popular among expats. You can here get almost anything, from electronics and jewelry, to groceries and toiletries. There is also a rooftop restaurant serving Asian dishes. The centre is easily accessible from Farrer Park MRT station.
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Chinatown Complex

335 Smith Street, Singapore 050335
This huge hawkers' center holds a whole floor of various food and drink stalls serving great Singaporean dishes at good prices. Even though this place is crammed predominantly with locals, most of the stalls have signs in English. The center also houses a regular and a wet market. Nearest MRT station is Chinatown.
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Tekka Centre

This place houses a wet market and numerous shops and stalls where you can buy local specialties, delicacies, spices, and souvenirs. If you are looking for some authentic dishes for good value, this is the place not to miss. Indulge all your senses. Avoid visiting on Saturday evenings or any time Sunday as the place gets really crowded. The Centre can be easily accessed via MRT - the nearest station is Little India.
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Lucky Plaza

304 Orchard Road, Singapore, SG
This typical Singapore shopping centre offers a variety of electronics, shoes, perfumes, and clothes and it also houses a food court where you can taste authentic local dishes. This centre tends to be crowded with locals at weekends so consider visiting during weekdays. It can be easily accessed from the Orchard MRT station.
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CityLink Mall

Opened in 2000, this 7-storey mall is the first underground one in Singapore. There are hundreds of shops and some reasonably priced eateries. It also serves as a linkway between several attractions and MRT stations. Since the whole place is air-conditioned, it is a great way to escape the heat and still move around the city.
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Raffles City Shopping Centre

252 North Bridge Road, 179103, Singapore, SG
Raffles City is a large complex located in the Civic District within the Downtown Core of the city-state of Singapore. Occupying an entire city block bounded by Stamford Road, Beach Road, Bras Basah Road and North Bridge Road, it houses two hotels and an office tower over a podium which contains a shopping complex and a convention centre. The mall is managed by CapitaCommercial Trust and CapitaMall Trust. It was completed in 1986. Built on the former site of Raffles Institution, the first school in Singapore, and located beside the historic Raffles Hotel, its aluminium-finish and simple geometric designs gave a stark, modernist contrast to Victorian architecture and classical architecture which used to characterise architecture in that district.
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Burmese Buddhist Temple

14 Tai Gin Road, Singapore 327873
Also called Maha Sasana Ramsi, this is the oldest Theravada temple in Singapore. This wonderful structure, which is also a national heritage site of Singapore, houses the largest white marble Buddha statue outside of Myanmar. If you wish, you can receive blessings from the monks living here. Many events take place in this temple throughout the year, from Dhamma classes and various festivals to Chinese New Year celebrations. Be sure to take off your shoes before entering the temple. Weekends are usually less crowded than on weekdays. The temple is easily accessible by bus - at the Toa Payoh bus stop, take bus 139 or 145 and get off at the third stop (in front of the Ramada Hotel). They are directed from there signs. You can also opt for the MRT - Toa Payoh Train Station is about a 10-minute walk away.
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Sri Mariamman Temple

244 South Bridge Road, 058793, Singapore, SG
Located in the heart of Chinatown, this is the oldest and most important Hindu temple in Singapore. Founded in 1827, this Dravidian temple is dedicated to Mariamman, a goddess of rain who can cure illnesses. After admiring the spectacular exterior decorations and ornaments, it is definitely worth exploring the many halls of the temple.
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Wonder Full Light and Water Show

This stunning multimedia show is the perfect way to end your day in Singapore. Enjoy the impeccable harmony of laser light, water and sound. Unfortunately, Wonder Full is currently not displayed. Do not feel disappointed as another spectacular show is prepared for you.
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Raffles Hotel

This legendary and sumptuous Victorian-style hotel was named after the founder of Singapore, Sir Thomas Raffles. The building also houses a shopping arcade and a number of restaurants. This heritage symbol is a place of many cultural associations, for example, here was a novel by Ryu Murakami and his filming turned.
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Masjid Sultan

3 مسجد السلطان
This mosque, also known as Masjid Sultan, is worth a visit for its impressive 19th century architectural style. Originally built for the first sultan of Singapore, the mosque had to be rebuilt in 1932. If you are inside, you can admire the majestic cupolas with glass bottle ends.
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Thian Hock Keng

158 Telok Ayer Street, 068613, Singapore, SG
This hidden gem is one of the most beautiful and elaborate Hokkien temples in the country. Also known as Tianfu Temple, it is dedicated to the marine goddess Mazu. Admire the various traditional Chinese-style decorations that adorn this temple - beautifully carved dragons and deities. Photography is not allowed outside the main entrance.
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Chettiar Hindu Temple

15 Tank Rd, Singapore 238065
This important Hindu temple, dedicated to Murugan, god of war, is also known as the Tank Road temple. Marvel at the richly embellished structure of unique beauty and amazing atmosphere. Though the interior may not be as impressive as the colorful exterior, it is worth hopping in. Don't forget to take your shoes off.
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Sri Veeramakaliamman

141 Serangoon Rd, Singapore
Dedicated to the fierce Goddess Kali, this Hindu temple is a real religious gem of the Little India district. Marvel at the entrance tower adorned with colorful sculptures. Make sure you witness one of the daily rituals with their strong atmosphere. Don't forget to take your shoes off before entering.
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Saint Andrew's Cathedral

11 St Andrew's Road, Singapore
This Anglican cathedral was built in a distinctive Gothic Revival style. The current building was completed in 1862 and it is now the largest cathedral in the country. Once inside, be sure to note its beautiful stained glass windows and ribbed ceiling. Though the church gets quite crowded during weekends, visitors are always welcomed.
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Singapore Cable Car

109 Mount Faber Road, Faber Peak, Singapore 099203
This cable car from Mt. Faber to the island resort of Sentosa is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Jump into one of the huts and enjoy a scenic drive while admiring the panoramic views of the city skyline. When driving, the landscape varies greatly as you move through forests, the harbor and skyscrapers. There are two lines to choose from; The Mount Faber Line (30 minutes drive) connects the Faber Peak with the Island Resort and the Sentosa Line (15 minutes drive), which leads you through the island. If you fancy something special, you can book a romantic 4-course dinner aboard the cable car.
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Port of Singapore

The Port of Singapore refers to the collective facilities and terminals that conduct maritime trade handling functions in harbours and which handle Singapore's shipping. Currently the world's second-busiest port in terms of total shipping tonnage, it also trans-ships a fifth of the world's shipping containers, half of the world's annual supply of crude oil, and is the world's busiest transshipment port. It was also the busiest port in terms of total cargo tonnage handled until 2005, when it was surpassed by the Port of Shanghai. Thousands of ships drop anchor in the harbour, connecting the port to over 600 other ports in 123 countries and spread over six continents. The Port of Singapore is not a mere economic boon, but an economic necessity because Singapore is lacking in land and natural resources.
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Marina Bay

Marina Bay MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit interchange station on the North South Line and Circle Line, located on the boundary of Downtown Core and Straits View planning areas, Singapore. It was the southern terminus on the North South Line until 2014 when Marina South Pier MRT station opened although there are frequent train services terminating at this station, possibly owing to the low ridership of Marina South Pier station. Currently, Marina Bay station is the terminus of the Circle Line Extension. The Circle Line section of the station was awarded the winner of the Small Project Award at the World Architecture Festival in 2012.
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Little India

Little India MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit interchange station on the Downtown Line and North East Line, located on the boundary of the planning areas of Kallang and Rochor, Singapore. The station derived its name from the ethnic neighbourhood of Little India, which the station is located within.The distance between this station and Rochor MRT station is the shortest between any two MRT stations located along the Downtown Line. In addition, Little India station is also within walking distances to Jalan Besar MRT station and KK Women's and Children's Hospital.
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Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit interchange station on the Downtown Line and Circle Line in Tanglin, Singapore. The station is located at the northwestern corner of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where it was named after. It is the nearest MRT station to the Bukit Timah campus of the National University of Singapore. As Bukit Brown MRT station is currently non-operational, the section of tracks between Botanic Gardens station and Caldecott MRT station is the longest between any two stations on the Circle Line.
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Dhoby Ghaut

Dhoby Ghaut MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit interchange station on the North South Line, North East Line and Circle Line, located in Museum planning area, Singapore. Situated at the eastern end of Orchard Road, Dhoby Ghaut station is currently the only MRT station in Singapore to be a triple-line interchange. However, it will be joined by Outram Park MRT station and Marina Bay MRT station in 2021 once the Thomson-East Coast Line opens. Dhoby Ghaut station's location along the popular shopping belt Orchard Road and being served by 3 MRT lines make this station one of the busiest stations on the network.
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Downtown MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit station on the Downtown Line, located in Downtown Core, Singapore. Situated underneath Central Boulevard, it primarily serves the Marina Bay Financial Centre and the future commercial developments in the Marina Bay area. It is within walking distance to Raffles Place MRT station on the North South and East West lines.
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Dhoby Ghaut

Dhoby Ghaut MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit interchange station on the North South Line, North East Line and Circle Line, located in Museum planning area, Singapore. Situated at the eastern end of Orchard Road, Dhoby Ghaut station is currently the only MRT station in Singapore to be a triple-line interchange. However, it will be joined by Outram Park MRT station and Marina Bay MRT station in 2021 once the Thomson-East Coast Line opens. Dhoby Ghaut station's location along the popular shopping belt Orchard Road and being served by 3 MRT lines make this station one of the busiest stations on the network.
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Farrer Park

Farrer Park MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit station along the North East Line, located on the boundary of Kallang and Rochor planning areas, Singapore. It is one of the two stations that serve the ethnic district of Little India. Farrer Park station took its name from the historic Farrer Park Field, which was an important location in Singapore's sporting, political and aviation histories.
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Conrad Centennial Singapore

2 Temasek Boulevard, 038982, Singapore, SG

Furama City Centre Singapore

60 Eu Tong Sen Street, 059804, Singapore, SG


111J/P King George's Avenue, 208559, Singapore, SG

JW Marriott

30 Beach Road, 189763

PARKROYAL on Pickering

3 Upper Pickering Street, 058945, Singapore, SG

Holiday Inn Express (Clarke Quay)

2 Magazine Road, 059573, Singapore, SG

Sandpiper Hotel

63 Dunlop Street, 209391, Singapore, SG

Park Regis

23 Merchant Road, 058268, Singapore, SG

The Fullerton Hotel