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Istanbul – World's Hippest City

Anу Iѕtаnbul holiday will bе аwаѕh with opportunities to viѕit some оf thе city's finеѕt ѕightѕ. Which ones will mаkе it оntо your to do list? Whеn trаvеlling to Istanbul, hоlidау mаkеrѕ ѕhоuld have a lооѕе plan оf whаt tо do once thеrе. There iѕ ѕо much to сhооѕе frоm, but if you're ѕtuсk уоu саn аlwауѕ uѕе ѕоmе оf оur ѕuggеѕtiоnѕ bеlоw.

A Shоrt Infо Abоut Instanbul

Formerly known Byzantium аnd Cоnѕtаntinорlе, Iѕtаnbul is thе largest city of Turkey and the 4th lаrgеѕt metropolitan аrеа in the Wоrld. Building оn his historical wеаlth, Istanbul iѕ nоw a сulturаl center as well. One оf the gеоgrарhiсаl uniԛuе роint оf Istanbul iѕ thаt it ѕеаtѕ between 2 continents, Europe and Asia, ѕераrаtеd bу thе Bоѕрhоruѕ Strait.

Whеrе tо Gо аnd Whаt tо Dо

Givеn bеlоw аrе thе рорulаr tоuriѕt ѕроtѕ in Inѕtаnbul:

  1. Galata Tower

    Any орроrtunitу tо lооk оut оvеr the city will аffоrd you аt least a glimрѕе оf thiѕ tower, no mаttеr hоw you view thе skyline оf Istanbul. Hоlidау itinеrаriеѕ ѕhоuld dеfinitеlу inсludе a triр uр the tоwеr, ѕinсе it soars uр more than 66 mеtrеѕ in hеight. The bеѕt рlаn iѕ to hеаd uр tо thе top tо dine аt thе excellent rеѕtаurаnt you will find thеrе. What bеttеr wау соuld there be to ѕаtiаtе уоur арреtitе and gеt some аmаzing views оf the city thаn frоm thiѕ delightful vаntаgе роint?

  2. Golden Hоrn

    Thе Bоѕрhоruѕ runs right through thе сitу and thе Gоldеn Hоrn iѕ an inlеt оf it. It iѕ a nаturаllу occurring harbour аnd it has been used аѕ such fоr countless ships over thе centuries. Onе of thе bеѕt thingѕ tо dо here is tо wаndеr along еithеr ѕidе of thе inlet, whiсh hеlрfullу dividеѕ thе old part оf the city frоm the nеw ѕidе оf Iѕtаnbul. Hоlidау mаkеrѕ often jumр aboard a fеrrу to see bоth thе new аnd old parts оf thе сitу frоm thе water.

  3. Mikla

    Fоr a fаntаѕtiс viеw of Iѕtаnbul'ѕ аmаzing ѕkуlinе whу nоt dо it in style аt the Miklа. This beautiful restaurant thаnkѕ tо сеlеb сhеf Mеhmеt Gurs ѕеrvеѕ glоbаl-fuѕiоn food. Foie grаѕ аnd porcini tеrrinе, cherrywood-smoked lаmb loin with walnut рiѕtоu, Turkish coffee, millеfеuillе аnd muсh mоrе аwаit if уоu саn рrу уоur eyes frоm the viеw.

  4. Tорkарi Pаlасе

    Thе Tорkарi ооzеѕ hiѕtоrу, оf соurѕе there аrе оthеr аttrасtiоnѕ ѕuсh аѕ thе ruins оf thе Roman Hiрроdrоmе, thе mаѕѕivеlу vаultеd Hаgiа Sofia Cathedral, the cobalt-tiled Bluе Mоѕԛuе. But thе bеѕt ѕtоriеѕ lurk in the сеnturiеѕ-оld walls of Tорkарi Pаlасе, where sultans plotted murdеrѕ and invаѕiоnѕ, еunuсhѕ and hаrеm girls cavorted in plush dеnѕ аnd соurt аrtiѕtѕ and аrtiѕаnѕ fаѕhiоnеd ѕоmе оf the most beautifully wrоught creations in Islam.

  5. Hаgiа Sophia

    Thiѕ hаѕ tо bе оnе оf the mоѕt аmаzing buildingѕ in the сitу, if nоt the world. With a history ѕраnning wеll over 1400 уеаrѕ, it iѕ ԛuitе ѕоmеthing tо ѕее this building in all its glоrу. It hаѕ асtеd аѕ a саthеdrаl, a mоѕԛuе аnd now a museum, аnd itѕ intriсаtе соnѕtruсtiоn iѕ juѕt оnе оf thе reasons you will wаnt to ѕее it up сlоѕе. With a hugе dоmе, minаrеtѕ and many finе dесоrаtivе fеаturеѕ both inѕidе аnd out, уоu can ѕреnd some hоurѕ wandering аrоund and examining itѕ bеаutу. J

  6. Thе Grand Bаzааr

    Fоur thousand shops, ѕtаllѕ, restaurants - even its оwn mоѕԛuе. With gооdѕ thаt аrе bоth сhеар and еxtrаvаgаnt you'll be ѕurе to bаg a bаrgаin. Make sure уоu head over tо Dhоku, whоѕе hand-woven Turkish kilimѕ bеаr еthnо-сооl designs соnсеivеd bу thе intеrnаtiоnаl architecture group Suреrрооl. Thе bеѕt part iѕ that рriсеѕ аrе fixеd аnd thеrе'ѕ nо hаrd sell.

Accommodation in Iѕtаnbul

The housing and accommodation раttеrn in Istanbul is divided into different parts - firѕtlу, thеrе аrе wеll-mаnаgеd аnd plush accommodation fасilitiеѕ that inсludе brаndеd rеѕidеnсеѕ, high riѕе tоwеr, established соmрlеxеѕ that basically form thе centre оf аttrасtiоn fоr the high-сlаѕѕ рорulаtiоn оf thе сitу. Sесоndlу, the Turkiѕh style араrtmеntѕ are lesser рluѕh but thеу still mаnаgе tо саtсh thе аttеntiоn аnd attraction оf a majority оf реорlе. The ассоmmоdаtiоn fасilitiеѕ рrоvidеd bу thе ѕhаntу hоuѕеѕ of Iѕtаnbul саn ѕаtiѕfу any middlе-сlаѕѕ person. Thuѕ, Istanbul hаѕ еvеrуthing for everyone if we talk аbоut thе ассоmmоdаtiоn fасilitiеѕ оf the city.


During wintеr mоnthѕ tеmреrаturе is аrоund 10 degrees but tеmреrаturе rarely fаll bеlоw freezing point. Snowfall can аlѕо bе observed frоm10 оr 12 dауѕ in thiѕ ѕеаѕоn. Bеtwееn April-May аnd Sерtеmbеr-Oсtоbеr thе сlimаtе is usually moderate with temperature аrоund 15-25 dеgrееѕ аnd thiѕ is the bеѕt timе for tourism in thе city with rеѕресt tо weather.


Hagia Sophia Museum

Sultanahmet Mh., Ayasofya Meydanı, Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
This majestic building, which has been the largest church in the world for more than nine centuries, is a must when visiting Istanbul. It is called "The Church of Divine Wisdom". Although originally a place of worship, it has been open to the public since 1935 as a museum. Do not miss the opportunity to take a picture here. The church is one of the best-known pearls of Byzantine architecture. Construction began on behalf of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. It was completed in 537 and served as the site of Christian worship for almost a millennium, until the Ottoman Empire took over Istanbul in 1453. Under the new rulers, the church has undergone a number of reconstructions. Minarets were added, as well as a mihrab: a niche in the wall showing the way to the Kaaba, or the direction to which all Muslims should pray. It also became a burial ground for the Ottoman princes. Because of its enormous importance, the mosque is usually very crowded. If you want to avoid the biggest wave of people, come in the morning.
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Topkapı Palace

Cankurtaran Mh. 34122 Istanbul, Turkey
This palace was built in the 15th century and was once the residence of the Sultans. In the 19th century, the sultan decided to move to Dolmabahce Palace, but the royal treasury remained in Topkapi Palace. Today, the complex houses collections of various valuable artefacts, namely Muhammed's cloak and sword. There are three courtyards connected by three gates. The first courtyard can be entered through the imperial gate - a massive gate with a calligraphy decoration. In this courtyard is the Byzantine church Hagia Irene, which is surrounded by a beautiful park. To get to the second courtyard you have to go through the Middle Gate, which is also known as the Gate of Address. There are many interesting things to see - the Imperial Council, where important gatherings took place, the palace kitchens, where the most delicious meals were prepared for the sultan, the arms collection, the exhibition of imperial carriages and much more. The third courtyard is behind the Gate of Bliss. The Audience Chamber, the Imperial Harem, the Imperial Treasury and many other important buildings can be found here.
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Basilica Cistern

Yerebatan C No: 13, 34410 Sultanahmet-İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
This huge underground chamber was built in the 6th century and stored water for the whole city. This huge construction, built by over 7,000 slaves, has a capacity of 80,000 cubic meters of water. 336 marble columns support the ceiling and their heads reflect different styles, some of them Corinthian and some of them Dorian. But the numbers are not as impressive as the cistern itself. No wonder many filmmakers have moved to this location. Therefore, you can recognize these pillars from the James Bond movie From Russia with Love or from the latest adaptation of Dan Brown's book Inferno. You can reach us by tram, the nearest tram stop is Sultanahmet (line 1).
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Dolmabahçe Palace

Dolmabahçe Cd., 34357 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey
The majestic palace complex in European style from the 19th century consists of official and harem sections. It was the home of some sultans before the Caliphate was converted into a republic in 1924. After that, it became a presidential palace. The well-kept garden offers a magnificent view of the sea. There are many interesting things to know about the palace - for example, the largest Bohemian crystal chandelier in the world adorns one of its halls, and the deathbed of Ataturk can also be seen here. It is definitely a must for all lovers of history.
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Miniaturk – Miniature Park of Turkey

34445, Sütlüce \ Istanbul
See all the major sights of Istanbul and Turkey in one place! This park is one of the largest miniature parks in the world with an area of ​​15,000 m2. It shows miniatures of various sights from all corners of Turkey. Miniature models of palaces, mosques, towers - there is everything here!
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Istanbul Archaeology Museums

Alemdar Cad. Osman Hamdi Bey Yokuşu Sk, 34122, Sultanahmet/Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey
The three areas of this museum show a variety of ancient artifacts such as sarcophagi and works of art as well as various everyday objects. Many of the artifacts are associated with famous historical personalities or places. There is a sarcophagus believed to have been made for Alexander the Great, tiles from the Ishtar Gate of Babylon and many more.
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Kariye Museum

One of the world's leading showcases of Byzantine art with amazing frescoes and mosaics. The mosaics show a multitude of biblical stories from Joseph's dream to the flight to Egypt. The church was converted into a mosque in the 15th century and the mosaics were plastered. They were restored in 1948 and the building now serves as a museum.
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Cistern of Philoxenos

İmran Öktem Cad.Binbirdirek Mah., Sultanahmet/Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey
Although smaller than the famous Basilica Cistern, this underground water reservoir is still astounding. The name Binbirdirek means 1001 columns, however, this is only a phrase used when people in Turkey want to express that there is a multiplicity of something. The real number of the columns is 224. Various events such as fashion shows, exhibitions or fancy dinners often take place here.
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Hagia Irene

This former Eastern Orthodox church is part of the Topkapi Palace complex. The name Hagia Irene means "Divine Peace". It was built as a Byzantine church, but it was later used as an armoury and also as a weapons musem. Thanks to its great acoustics, many concerts take place here these days.
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3 Zühtü Paşa Mektebi Sokak, Istanbul
The Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, also officially known as Ülker Stadium Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Sports Complex or simply Ülker Stadium due to sponsorship reasons, is a football stadium in the Kadıköy district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is the traditional home venue of major Turkish multi-sport club Fenerbahçe SK. The stadium was inaugurated in 1908 and renovated between 1929 and 1932, 1965 and 1982, and 1999 and 2006. On October 4, 2006, after numerous inspections by UEFA, Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium was selected to host the 2009 UEFA Cup Final that went down to history as the last Final of the UEFA Cup football tournament, which was replaced by the UEFA Europa League starting from the 2009–10 season.
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Galatasaray Türk Telekom Arena Stadium

Officially Ali Sami Yen Spor Kompleksi – Türk Telekom Stadium, is a football stadium serving as the home ground of the Süper Lig club Galatasaray S.K.. It is located in the Seyrantepe quarter of the Sarıyer district, on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. The all-seater stadium has the capacity to host 52,223 spectators during football games. Türk Telekom Stadium was the first stadium in Turkey that met the UEFA Euro 2016 requirements during the country's bid to host the European Championship. In 2011, Türk Telekom Stadium was one of the six nominees for the Venue of the Year and New Venue categories of the Stadium Business Awards. Galatasaray SK won the Süper Lig in the first season at Türk Telekom Stadium. Türk Telekom Stadium and Galatasaray SK were mentioned in the first chapter of Tom Clancy's 2012 novel Threat Vector.
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Istanbul Park

34959 Tuzla, Istanbul
Intercity Istanbul Park, also known as the Istanbul Racing Circuit, or initially as the Istanbul Otodrom, is a motor sports race track in Tuzla, east of Istanbul, Turkey. It was inaugurated on 21 August 2005. It has been called "the best race track in the world" by Formula One Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone.
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Sinan Erdem Dome

The Sinan Erdem Dome, formerly known as the Ataköy Dome, is a multi-purpose indoor arena that is located in Ataköy, Bakırköy, Istanbulon the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. It has a seating capacity of 22,500 for concerts. For the sport of basketball, it has a seating capacity of 16,000, and for the sport of tennis, it has a seating capacity of 16,457 people, making it Turkey's largest multi-purpose indoor venue, and the third largest in Europe. The arena is named after Sinan Erdem, who was the President of the Turkish Olympic Committee, from 1989, until his death in 2003.
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Atatürk Olympic Stadium

The Ataturk Olympic Stadium located in İkitelli, a district in the western outskirts of Istanbul, is the largest-capacity stadium of Turkey. The stadium is named after Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey. Its construction began in 1999 and was completed in 2002. It was built for Turkey's failed bid for the 2008 Olympic Games that were ultimately awarded to Beijing. It cost about 140 million USD.With its 76,092 capacity and Olympic size, it was granted the "5-star sports complex" title by the UEFA in 2004, enabling it to host the finals of UEFA events. The 2005 UEFA Champions League Final between Milan and Liverpool was played at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium on 25 May 2005. The stadium is also certified by the IAAF and IOC as a first-class venue for track and field, and has hosted several European athletic competitions. On 30 May 2020, the stadium is scheduled to stage its second Champions League final.
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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium is a multi-use stadium in the Kasımpaşa neighbourhood of Istanbul, Turkey. It is currently used mostly for football matches, and is the home stadium of Kasımpaşa S.K. The stadium capacity was extended to 14,234 spectators. Due to extension works, Kasımpaşa played most of its home matches in the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in the 2007–2008 season. It is named after the incumbent Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a native of Kasımpaşa and a football player in his youth.
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Intercity Istanbul Park

Intercity Istanbul Park, also known as the Istanbul Racing Circuit, or initially as the Istanbul Otodrom, is a motor sports race track in Tuzla, east of Istanbul, Turkey. It was inaugurated on 21 August 2005. It has been called "the best race track in the world" by Formula One Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone.
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Ülker Sports and Event Hall

Ihlamur Sokak, 34746, Istanbul
Fenerbahçe International Sports Complex Ülker Sports Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena that is located in Ataşehir, Istanbul, Turkey. The arena is owned and operated by Fenerbahçe S.K. The arena has a capacity of 15,000 people for concerts and 13,059 for basketball games, and it has hosted national and international sports events, such as basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and weightlifting; as well as concerts and congresses.
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Egyptian (Spice) Bazaar

Eminönü, Istanbul
In this covered bazaar you can buy many different spices, tea, Turkish delicacies, souvenirs and much more. It was built for a simple reason as part of the complex of the New Mosque - the maintenance of the mosque was financed from the revenues of the rented shops.
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Flower Passage

Hüseyinağa Mh. 34435 Istanbul, Turkey
This covered passage was built in 1876 and offers numerous restaurants, Turkish cafes and small souvenir shops. In the 19th century, it was home to the famous Naum Theater. After a major fire, the building was turned into a shopping arcade with many flower shops owned by Russians who came to Istanbul after the October Revolution.
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Maiden's Tower

İmrahor Salacak Mh. 34668, 34668 Üsküdar, İstanbul, Turkey
Built in 1110 and restored several times on a small island, this is a romantic place where you can watch the sunset while you dine in the restaurant. According to legend, the tower was built for an emperor's daughter. There was a prophecy that she would be killed by a snake. Her father sent her to this tower to protect her. Unfortunately, a poisonous snake managed to sneak into a fruit basket hidden in the tower and fulfill the prophecy.
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Visit this great multicultural neighbourhood with a busy marketplace, countless restaurants, cafes and bars. Prepare for a big night out! It was formerly a small village, then it turned into a cosmopolitan district inhabited by Armenians, Jews, Greeks and other minorities. Plenty of interesting sights to be seen here – from Ortaköy Mosque to the Bosphorus Bridge.
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Bağdat Avenue

If you want to go shopping on the Asian side of Istanbul, this 14 km long street with many stores and restaurants is the right place! It is also the place where the people gather for important events such as the celebration of Republic Day in October
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Cafe 1453

Hidden in a passage, this café serves delicious Turkish coffee, black and fruit tea and also nargile, the water pipe. The staff is very kind.
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Caferaga Medresesi

Caferiye Sokak Soğukkuyu Çıkmazı No:5 Sultanahmet, 34122 Istanbul, Turkey
Founded in the 16th century, this building served as an educational insitution. Currently, it is a small market and also houses a few cafés.
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Pasazade Restaurant

İbn-i Kemal Str. 5/A Sirkeci Istanbul, Turkey
A great restaurant serving tasty dishes of traditional Ottoman cuisine. Its balcony offers a very nice view.
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The Pudding Shop

Divanyolu Caddesi No:6, Sultanahmet, 34400, Istanbul, Turkey
The Pudding Shop is the nickname for the Lale Restaurant in the Sultanahmet neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey. It became popular in the 1960s as a meeting place for beatniks and, later on, hippies and other travelers on overland route between Europe and India, Nepal, and elsewhere in Asia - the "hippie trail". The restaurant got its colloquial name as a result of "word-of mouth" from numerous foreign travelers that could not remember the name of the eatery but did remember the wide and popular selection of puddings sold there and thus referred to it as the "pudding shop".
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Going Out

Istiklal Street

One of Istanbul's busiest boulevards is full of life at any time of the day or night. There are many shops, restaurants and bars in the area. The historic buildings along this 1.4-kilometer road are beautifully restored. There is also a historic tram running down this street.
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Paris has Champs Elysees, New York Fifth Avenue and Istanbul can boast with Rumeli Street, which is located in the heart of Nişantaşı district. If you want to buy some high-end clothes, visit this luxury shopping district full of brand stores! There are also many bars, pubs and restaurants around.
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Kanyon Shopping Mall

Büyükdere Caddesi No:185, 34384 Levent, Istanbul, Turkey
One of the most popular malls in Istanbul has about 140 stores and 9 cinema halls. Go on a shopping spree! The architecture of this building is also interesting. Not only did it win the Cityscape Architectural Review Award in 2006 , its interior also corresponds to its name – when you look down from the higher floors you can notice so called canyon effect caused by the curvy lines of the balcony railing
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Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

4, Karaköy/ Istanbul
İstanbul Modern, a.k.a. Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, is a museum of contemporary art in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, Turkey. Inaugurated on December 11, 2004, the museum focuses on artists from Turkey. Levent Çalıkoğlu is the Museum Director General, and Oya Eczacıbaşı serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors.
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Ataturk Cultural Center

Atatürk Cultural Center is in Istanbul, also simply called AKM. As the focal point of Taksim Square, it is not only a multi-purpose cultural center and opera house, but an icon of Istanbul. The AKM is considered an important example of Turkish architecture from the 1960s. A fire on November 27, 1970 during a performance required the complex to undergo significant repairs. The center has been closed since 2008, when a major refurbishment to bring the building up to date before Istanbul took over the title of European Capital of Culture in 2010. The AKM is a model of environmentally friendly preservation. The main visible addition are the louvers onto the aluminum façade as part of the energy-saving design strategy. The modernization works were designed by renowned Turkish architecture firm Tabanlıoğlu Mimarlık.
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Ataturk Cultural Center

Atatürk Cultural Center is in Istanbul, also simply called AKM. As the focal point of Taksim Square, it is not only a multi-purpose cultural center and opera house, but an icon of Istanbul. The AKM is considered an important example of Turkish architecture from the 1960s. A fire on November 27, 1970 during a performance required the complex to undergo significant repairs. The center has been closed since 2008, when a major refurbishment to bring the building up to date before Istanbul took over the title of European Capital of Culture in 2010. The AKM is a model of environmentally friendly preservation. The main visible addition are the louvers onto the aluminum façade as part of the energy-saving design strategy. The modernization works were designed by renowned Turkish architecture firm Tabanlıoğlu Mimarlık.
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Galata Tower

Bereketzade Mahallesi, 34420, Istanbul
Completed in the 14th century, it was the highest point in the city and still dominates the skyline of Istanbul. If you make the effort and climb the stairs, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the Bosphorus. In the café on the upper floor, guests can enjoy a cup of tea while looking out at the views. It is believed that local inventors in the 17th century used this tower as a starting point for their attempts to fly artificial wings. Maybe the Wright brothers were not the first. The nearest metro station is Şişhane (line M2).
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The largest of the Princes' Islands. It is a popular retreat for locals and tourists as there is almost no car traffic. There are many interesting historic mansions, including the house where Leon Trotsky lived four years after his deportation from the Soviet Union.
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Gülhane Park

Hoca Paşa Mh., Nöbethane Caddesi 1 34112 Istanbul, Turkey
Founded in 1912, this park has become a popular retreat for locals and tourists alike. It was formerly a part of the garden of Topkapi Palace and was only accessible to the kings. The best time to visit is during the Istanbul Tulip Festival when the park turns into a colorful spectacle.
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Emirgan Korusu

People in Istanbul love picnics and they often gather with their families and friends in the parks to cook, laugh and talk. Emirgan Park is very popular among them. One of the largest public parks in Istanbul, it offers plenty of space to lay the blanket on the grass and there are also many picnic tables available. The best time to visit is April when the international tulip festival takes place here and the park is turned into a colorful paradise.
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Rumeli Fortress

Rumeli Hisarı Mh. 34470 Istanbul, Turkey
Located on a hill overlooking the Bosphorus, this fort used to control this strait. It was built in 15th century in order to help Sultan Mehmed II with the planned conquest of Constantinople. Today, it is a museum and an open-air event venue used for many cultural events and music performances.
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Yildiz Park

Yıldız Mh. 34349 Istanbul, Turkey
Former imperial garden is now a large public park consisting mainly of flower gardens and picnic areas. There are also two pavilions where you can relax and chat with your friends while having a lunch. Come and admire the variety of the trees and plants including blooming magnolias and Judas trees as well as majestic cedar and ash tress. The view of the Bosphorus strait is also amazing!
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Fethi Pasha Grove

Located right by the Bosphorus on the Asian side of the city, this grove is a relaxing area where you can escape all the rush.
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Kınalıada is an island in the Sea of Marmara; it is the closest of the Prince Islands to Istanbul, Turkey, lying about 12 kilometres to the south. Administratively, it is a neighbourhood in the Adalar district of Istanbul. Kınalıada means "Henna Island" in Turkish, as the land has a reddish colour from the iron and copper that has been mined here. This is one of the least forested of the Prince Islands. Proti was the island most used as a place of exile under the Byzantine Empire. The most notable exile was emperor Romanos IV Diogenes, after the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, who remained in the Monastery of the Transfiguration on Hristo Peak of the island.
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Heybeliada or Heybeli Ada is the second largest of the Prince Islands in the Sea of Marmara, near Istanbul. It is officially a neighborhood in the Adalar district of Istanbul, Turkey. The large Naval Cadet School overlooks the jetty to the left as you get off the ferry or seabus. There are two interesting pieces of architecture on the grounds of the school. One is Kamariotissa, the only remaining Byzantine church on the island, and more importantly the last church to be built before the conquest of Constantinople. The other is the grave of Edward Barton, the second English Ambassador to be sent to Constantinople by Elizabeth I of England, who spent his last days in Heybeli in order to escape the plague raging through the city in 1598. His remains were later relocated to the British Cemetery in the Haydarpaşa quarter of the Üsküdar district.
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Istanbul Aquarium

Yeşilköy Halkalı Caddesi, Şenlikköy Mah. Florya / İstanbul
Encounter many various fish and sea mammal species at this huge aquarium with more than 1.500 species. Apart from that, there is also a mirror labyrinth and a 5D movie house for your great experience! Don’t miss the souvenir shop - you can buy here a fluffy penguin soft toy or nice magnets on your fridge.
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Sultan Ahmet Square

The main square of ancient Constantinople, where chariot races were organized. You can still see its monuments like obelisks here. There are many attractions near this square - the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is just a stone's throw away and the Hagia Sophia and the Basilica Cistern are also nearby.
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Haseki Hürrem Hammam

The Haseki Hürrem Sultan Hamamı, is a sixteenth-century Turkish bath in Istanbul. It was commissioned by Roxelana, the consort of the Ottoman Emperor Sultan Suleiman I. It was built by Mimar Sinan on the site of historical Baths of Zeuxippus for the religious community of the nearby Hagia Sophia.
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Ihlamur Palace

Beşiktaş 34365 Istanbul, Turkey
Consisting of several pavilions, this splendid palace used to be a summer residence of sultans. It was built in the 19th century in the Ihlamur Valley, which was a favourite picnic place at that time. Its well-manicured garden is quite extensive with plenty of linden trees which gave the palace its name.
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Çemberlitaş Hammam

8 Vezirhanı Caddesi, 34440
When going to or from the Grand Bazaar, stop by at this amazing hammam. They offer various treatments such as scrubbing or Sultan's bath. You can also try their clay mask which soaks up the grease and leave your complexion nice and smooth. No need to take anything with you – towels, slippers, soap and shampoo – everything is provided.
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Caddebostan Beach

Dip in the Marmara Sea at this popular sandy beach! It is well-equipped with plenty of deck chairs, umbrellas, changing rooms and showers. There are also cafés where you can have something to eat or drink after a long day on the beach. But beware - it tends to get quite crowded.
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Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Sultanahmet Istanbul, Turkey
One of the dominant features of the Old City of Istanbul is also known as the Blue Mosque, thanks to the blue color that was used to decorate the interior. Just a stone's throw from Hagia Sophia, this mosque is one of Istanbul's most popular attractions. The complex, with its five main domes, eight auxiliary domes and a spacious courtyard, covers an area of ​​more than 11,000 square meters and its six minarets dominate the skyline of Istanbul. When you enter the mosque, you may feel like you're in a beautiful kaleidoscope. The decoration of more than 20,000 ceramic tiles is simply breathtaking. Note that certain dress code is required - every visitor should wear long pants or skirts and a shirt with sleeves. Women are also expected to wear a scarf to cover their hair. You must also take off your shoes before entering the mosque.
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Grand Bazaar

Beyazıt Mh., Zenneciler Sk, 34126 Istanbul, Turkey
An important shopping spot, where you can look for cheap souvenirs, smash golden jewelry or clothes. Merchants have gathered here with their wares and start the day with a cup of Turkish tea since the 15th century. The market was divided into different sections, and traders with certain types of goods only had to sell their products in designated departments. Therefore, there were streets with only shoes, alleys where you could buy herbs and also a special place for a book market and a flea market. This division slowly disappeared, but the names of the streets describing the products sold there remain.
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Arasta Bazaar

Arasta Bazaar No. 57 Istanbul, Turkey
If you want to buy traditional Turkish items, visit this bazaar! Carpets, jewelry, ceramics and much more are sold here. It is located near the Blue Mosque and the proceeds from all the shops are used to finance the maintenance of the mosque. It is a small but very charming place.
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Cevahir Shopping Mall

22 Büyükdere Cad., ISTANBUL / Şişli
Istanbul Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Centre, also known as Şişli Kültür ve Ticaret Merkezi is a modern shopping mall located on the Büyükdere Avenue in the Şişli district of Istanbul, Turkey. Opened on 15 October 2005, Istanbul Cevahir was the largest shopping mall in Europe in terms of gross leasable area between 2005 and 2011, and is one of the largest in the world.
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Rustem Pasha Mosque

Hasircilar Carsisi-Eminonü, Istanbul, Turkey
Projected by Mimar Sinan, this 16th century mosque features astounding interior decorations made of Anatolian tiles. There are many different geometric and floral patterns on the tiles mostly in blue and red colors. Come here and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere this place has. The entrance can be a bit tricky to find but the effort will be rewarded!
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Zorlu Center

Zorlu Center AVM, 34340 Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey
A multipurpose complex of four modern buildings consists of a hotel, a shopping mall, apartments and a performing arts center.
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Trump Towers

Mecidiyeköy Yolu Caddesi, No:12, 34387 Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey
Trump Towers Istanbul are two conjoined towers in Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey. One of the towers is an office tower, and the other a residential tower, consisting of over 200 residences. The complex also holds a shopping mall with some 80 shops and a multiplex cinema. They are the first Trump Towers built in Europe. The property developer is Turkish billionaire Aydın Doğan, in a license-partnership with American businessman and current United States President Donald Trump. The complex is considered to be one of the most prominent in Istanbul. Many businesses based in Europe and the Middle East occupy the complex. The residential tower includes the only collective wine cellar in Turkey, with a capacity of 16,800 bottles. The cellar is built by Focus Wine Cellars.Among the buildings' prominent tenants is Iranian-born businessman Reza Zarrab.
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Sex shop

İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu Caddesi, 34000, İstanbul
A sex shop is a retailer that sells products related to adult sexual or erotic entertainment, such as vibrators, lingerie, clothing, pornography, and other related products. The world's first sex shop was opened in 1962 by Beate Uhse AG in Flensburg, West Germany, and sex shops can now be found in many countries and online. Sex shops are part of the sex industry.
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Migros Türk

Migros Ticaret A.Ş. is one of the biggest chains of supermarkets in Turkey. Together via Migros supermarkets, Şok discount stores, international Ramstore shopping centers, online shopping, wholesale stores, and mobile sales units, Migros Turkey serves an estimated 160 million customers. As of Nov 2014, the company operates a total of 1,156 stores: 852 Migros stores, 212 Tansaş stores, 24 5M stores and 27 Macro Centers stores in Turkey, 41 Ramstores in Kazakhstan and Macedonia, according to its web site.News reports in February 2008 indicated that BC Partners has agreed to buy Migros Turk in Turkey's biggest-ever leveraged buyout. The London-based firm will trade Koc Holding 1.98 billion TL for a 51 percent stake in Migros Turk.
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Galata Bridge

The iconic two-storey bridge connecting two parts of Istanbul, historically separated from both culture and faith, is a must see. Highly recommended at dusk or dawn, it offers great views of the Golden Horn Bay down to the Bosphorus. The bridge, as we can see today, is the fifth Galata Bridge to be built. Almost half a kilometer long, it was opened in 1994. However, historical records indicate that the first bridge in the area existed as early as the 6th century AD, when it was under the rule of the Byzantine Empire. There are numerous restaurants around the bridge. If you want to taste local fresh fish dishes, they are the place to eat. Pay attention to the prices of the meals. Since the bridge is an important tourist attraction, there may be some places that try to exploit this and overpriced food.
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Süleymaniye Mosque

Süleymaniye Mh., Profesör Sıddık Sami Onar Caddesi 1 Istanbul, Turkey
This mosque was designed by the famous architect Mimar Sinan and is a spectacular example of Ottoman architecture. And it's also full of symbolism. The 4 minarets are meant to symbolize that Suleiman was the 4th Sultan after the conquest of Constantinople and the 10 balconies should all remind everyone that Suleiman was also the 10th Sultan since the founding of the Empire.
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Taksim Square

This sprawling square is the center of the modern part of Istanbul. It is dominated by a sculpture called "The Independence Monument" commemorating the first Turkish president and an important figure in the founding of Turkish democracy, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. There are many shops, bars and luxury hotels around the square. For the hungry traveler there are as many restaurants. This includes the famous McDonald's Restaurant, which was first opened in Turkey. The place is also a favorite place for New Year's Eve celebrations, parades, public gatherings - everything important including political protests takes place there. In 2013, people demonstrated here to prevent the demolition of Gezi Park.
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New Mosque

Rüstem Paşa Mh., Eminönü, 34116 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
This grand mosque was completed in the 17th century and has 66 domes, a beautiful courtyard and two minarets. The interior is decorated with beautiful Iznik tiles. The complex also included a market known today as the spice of the Egyptian bazaar. The mosque is a popular spot for tourists and pigeons, fortunately only exploring the exterior of the site.
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Valens Aqueduct

This aqueduct dates back to the 4th century and has provided water for the whole city in the past. This stone bridge was originally over 1000 meters long, spanning the valley between the hills of Istanbul. The surviving part is a bit shorter, but it is still well preserved. Today, the Atatürk Bulvarı Boulevard runs under the aqueduct.
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Eminonu Pier

Bosphorus tours start from this pier. The longer trail takes you to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. While you wait for your boat, you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of this place. There are many locals fishing and also many restaurants offer various dishes, including famous fish sandwiches.
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Camondo Stairs

This famous staircase was built around 1880 by a wealthy man named Abraham Salomon Camondo. It mixes Neo-Baroque and early Art Nouveau styles.
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The Bosphorus Bridge

This colorful illuminated suspension bridge crosses the Bosphorus and connects Europe and Asia. It was opened in 1973. On July 15, 2016, a group of Turkish soldiers blocked the bridge during the failed coup attempt. Ten days later, the prime minister proposed renaming the bridge the 15th of July Martyrs' Bridge to commemorate the event.
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Golden Horn

This 7.5-kilometer natural bay has served as a harbor for centuries. It has also appeared in many artworks including Leonardo da Vinci's drawing. Its name derives from the shape of the inlet and the color of the sunset. You can take a boat trip and enjoy the views of life on the banks.
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Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Istanbul Atatürk Airport International Terminal 34149 Yeşilköy Istanbul Turkey
Turkey's largest airport currently consists of two interconnected terminals: Terminal 1 for domestic flights and Terminal 2 for all international flights. There is Wi-Fi in the terminals for 2 hours for free. There are many useful facilities such as showers, currency exchange or luggage storage. Many duty-free shops are open around the clock. Istanbul Ataturk Airport can be reached by the M1 (red) subway line, which starts at Yenikapi and ends at Atatürk Havalimani Station, just a short walk from the airport terminals. It is also possible to take the bus to the city center, which leaves for Taksi, Yenikapi and other parts of Istanbul every half hour.
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Sabiha Gökçen International Airport

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is one of the two international airports serving Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. The other airport is Ataturk. Sabiha Gökçen is located 35 km southeast of the city center of Istanbul and is on the Asian side of the two continents city. It serves as a hub for the Pegasus Airlines and as a base for Turkish Airlines and Borajet. The facility is named after Sabiha Gökçen, the adoptive daughter of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and probably the first female fighter pilot in the world.
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Eyüp-Pierre Lotti Aerial Cable Car

This cable car offers great views of the Golden Horn and the Eyüp district. Although the ride lasts less than 3 minutes, it's worth taking! The gondola line ends at the Piyerloti station, just in front of a small café, where French novelist Pierre Loti used to enjoy his cup of coffee. You can visit the café as well or take a walk and explore the surrounding area with several historic mansions.
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Haydarpaşa Terminal

This huge rail station is seated in a spectacular 19th century building. It is also connected to ferry and bus stations. Trains do not run here for the time being due to the construction of the Marmaray commuter rail line.
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Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is a bridge for rail and motor vehicle transit over the Bosphorus strait, to the north of two existing suspension bridges in Istanbul, Turkey. It was initially named the Third Bosphorus Bridge. It is about 5 km north of the Bosphorus Bridge. The bridge is located near the Black Sea entrance of the Bosphorus strait, between Garipçe in Sarıyer on the European side and Poyrazköy in Beykoz on the Asian side. The foundation stone laying ceremony was held on 29 May 2013. The bridge was opened to traffic on 26 August 2016.
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Pera Palace Hotel

52 Meşrutiyet Caddesi, 34430, Tepebaşı- Beyoğlu - Istanbul
The Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah is a historic special category hotel and museum hotel located in the Beyoğlu district in Istanbul, Turkey. It was built in 1892 for the purpose of hosting the passengers of the Orient Express and was named after the place where it is located. It holds the title of "the oldest European hotel of Turkey". The Pera Palace Hotel is located in the Tepebaşı neighbourhood of Pera, once known as "Little Europe". It is about 20 km from Atatürk International Airport. The hotel is in walking distance of Istiklal Avenue, Taksim Square and the British, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, French and German consulates.
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Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus

50 Cumhuriyet Caddesi, 34367, Istanbul
The Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus is a five star hotel in Istanbul, Turkey. It is located at Cumhuriyet Cad. in Elmadağ, Şişli, in walking distance from Taksim Square. Opened in 1955 as the Istanbul Hilton, the hotel has been a part of the Hilton Hotels family ever since. It was the first modern hotel in Europe built from the ground up in the aftermath of World War II. Currently, it is also titled with Hilton Hotels' longest-serving member outside the United States.
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Ceylan Inter Continental İstanbul Otel

Asker Ocağı Cad. Taksim Beyoğlu, 34435, ISTANBUL

Cırağan Palace Kempinski İstanbul