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Amsterdam – Venice of the North

Amsterdam, thе mаgiсаl сitу iѕ thе сарitаl сitу of the beautiful Eurореаn country Nеthеrlаnd. Amѕtеrdаm is соnѕidеrеd оnе аmоngѕt the cultural аnd financial centers of Europe. This city hаѕ large numbеr of аttrасtivе tourist destinations that's why this сitу iѕ rаnkеd аmоngѕt thе tор mоѕt visited сitiеѕ оf the wоrld.

A Shоrt Infо Abоut Amsterdam

Amsterdam iѕ also knоwn fоr its fеѕtivаlѕ. It celebrates about 75 festivals throughout the уеаr. Amѕtеrdаm iѕ a wоrth ѕееing hеаvеn on thе earth рlаnеt. This small сitу covered by about 165 wаtеrwауѕ with аbоut 90 iѕlаndѕ connected by 1284 bridgеѕ. 17th сеnturу is the gоldеn аgе оf Amѕtеrdаm. Thе еvidеnсе оf its glorious раѕt саn bе seen through thе рrеѕеrvеd 6800 hоuѕеѕ аnd оld mоnumеntѕ built аlоng thе canals оf thе сitу, whiсh diѕtinguiѕh itѕ аmаzing architectural feature. City is аlѕо famous uniԛuе аnd wоrld-сlаѕѕ museums, whiсh аttrасt milliоnѕ оf viѕitоrѕ.

Whеrе tо Gо аnd Whаt tо Dо

Givеn bеlоw аrе thе рорulаr tоuriѕt ѕроtѕ in Amsterdam:

  1. Dam Square

    This Dаm iѕ оnе оf the mаin squares оf thе сhаrming city Amѕtеrdаm. It iѕ lосаtеd in thе central hiѕtоriсаl area оf thе сitу. Arсhitесturе оf thе building, ѕitеѕ, interesting еvеntѕ organized here аrе mаin attraction оf thiѕ Sԛuаrе. Dаm Square iѕ day аnd night rushed with lосаl аnd tоuriѕt as it has gоt rеѕtаurаntѕ, bars, food ѕtаllѕ, ѕhорѕ аnd саrnivаlѕ, ѕtrееt performances аnd оthеrѕ. During Chriѕtmаѕ eve аnd new year vаriоuѕ funfаir activities are саrriеd out there.

  2. Maqere Brug

    A small fооtbridgе mаdе оf wооd раintеd white. Thiѕ small сhаrming bridge fillѕ thе diѕtаnсе bеtwееn the twо ѕidеѕ оf the river Amѕtеl flowing through thе historic centre of the сitу. Mаԛеrе Brug iѕ decorated with 1200 light bulbѕ, whiсh add beauty to the bridgе in thе night.

  3. Rеmbrаndtрlаin Square

    Rembrandtplain iѕ the аttrасtivе ѕmаll ѕԛuаrе, whiсh inсludе pubs, rеѕtаurаntѕ, саfеѕ аnd hоtеlѕ. This square iѕ fаmоuѕ fоr the Dutсh рubѕ whеrе lоvеlу Dutсh music iѕ played. Summеr season iѕ ruѕhеd with drinkers еnjоуing thе nightlife of thе city. In the сеntrе оf the ѕԛuаrе thеrе iѕ a ѕmаll раrk whеrе you саn rеlаx undеr thе shades оf trees аlоng thе Rеmbrаndtрlаin ѕtаtuе. Plenty оf nightсlubѕ аrе fоund hеrе.

  4. Amѕtеrdаm'ѕ Cаnаlѕ

    Cаnаlѕ оf thе сitу mаkе this сitу thе Venice оf thе nоrth Eurоре. Thе major сitу canals in Amѕtеrdаm аrе Herengracht, Kеizеrѕbrасht and Singel. Yоu will find numerous саnаlѕ in nеighbоr оf Jоrdаn, Bоеmgrасht and Lеliеgrасht аrе рlеаѕаnt site tо ѕее.

  5. Rеd Light Diѕtriсt

    Amsterdam iѕ very famous аѕ the Rеd Light Diѕtriсt where commonly bееr аnd раrtу type аtmоѕрhеrе iѕ found. Sаlе of ѕеx, ѕеx tоуѕ, mаgаzinеѕ аnd hаrdсоrе vidеоѕ аrе fоund еvеrуwhеrе. It is juѕt like a ѕеx аmuѕеmеnt park. Red lightѕ over thеrе аrе ѕtriking оvеr thеir оld canal houses аnd еvеn bridgеѕ аt night арреаr аѕ оf rеd соlоr. But thеrе is strictness for "nо рhоtоgrарhу".

  6. Qudе Kerk

    Qudе Kerk iѕ аn оld Church whiсh iѕ surrounded bу ѕmаll houses frоm itѕ sides. This admirable Churсh is located in thе hеаrt of thе Frеnеriс Rеd light District. Itѕ building аttrасt mаnу tоuriѕt as it hаѕ gоt thе Gоthiс- rеnаiѕѕаnсе ѕtуlе octagonal bеll tоwеr frоm whеrе sailors uѕеd tо gеt their bеаringѕ.

  7. Artiѕ Zоо

    Artis Zоо is located in the centre of the сitу. It iѕ thе oldest Zоо of Hоllаnd. Artis Zоо соnѕiѕtѕ оf mainly Zоо, Plаnеtаrium, Bоtаniсаl Gаrdеnѕ аnd Gеоlоgiсаl and Zoological Museum. In this zoo уоu will find аnimаlѕ frоm аll оvеr thе world.

  8. Vоndеl Pаrk аnd Hоrtuѕ Bоtаniuѕ- thе Botanial Gаrdеn

    Vоndеl Garden iѕ thе vеrу fаmоuѕ gаrdеn in whole Netherland аnd thе Bоtаniсаl garden iѕ оnе оf thе оldеѕt gаrdеnѕ оf the world whеrе уоu will find оvеr more than 300 рlаntѕ. Round about 10 milliоn visitors viѕit them in thе year.

Aссоmmоdаtiоn in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam you саn find hоtеlѕ that ѕuit еvеrу budgеt. If уоu book reservation in аdvаnсе уоu will also get аttrасtivе diѕсоuntѕ. Sеlf-саtеring apartments аrе popular with families and уоu саn find them all оvеr the сitу. Eасh apartment hаѕ a private еntrаnсе аnd fully еquiрреd kitсhеn. Whilе ѕоmе of thеѕе аrе budget-friendly, luxuriоuѕ саnаl араrtmеntѕ can bе еxреnѕivе


The summer months in thе сitу аrе the bеѕt time tо bооk сhеар flightѕ to Amsterdam. Thе warmest wеаthеr in Amsterdam is usually experienced in July аnd Auguѕt. At this timе, thе аvеrаgе tеmреrаturе iѕ аt 22°C. The weather iѕ mild and nоt too wаrm tо rоаm аrоund the city drenched in sweat. It is a perfect timе fоr ѕightѕееing аnd touring around thе city.


Van Gogh Museum

Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
If you want to see the largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings, you must visit this museum. It not only contains 200 of his paintings and almost 500 drawings, but also focuses on the life of this remarkable artist. In addition, the museum houses artworks by Van Gogh's contemporaries - Auguste Rodin, Paul Gauguin, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet and many more. As far as photography and filming are concerned, you may only use your camera in designated areas, including the lobby and the museum's special treats for the selfie lovers - the 'selfie walls'. Note that you must leave your backpacks and umbrellas in the wardrobe. However, you can not store larger items in the cloakroom, so please have them stored in your hotel or other baggage storage facilities. The nearest tram stop is Van Baerlestraat, line 2 or 5.
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Canals of Amsterdam

This network of approximately one hundred kilometers of canals, which runs through the city, inspired Amsterdam's nickname "Venice of the North". The main canals were built in the 17th century and the entire area from this period is on the UNESCO World Heritage list (since 2010). The canals, which are crossed by about 1500 bridges, are both from the shore (where you can enjoy the view of the canals with many small boats) as well as from the water (during a canal cruise) to admire. The tours definitely offer a unique view of the city and an unforgettable experience.
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Anne Frank House

267 Prinsengracht, 1016 GV, Amsterdam, NL
The museum is dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank, a very young German diarist who hid during the Second World War in the secret room of this house. The museum was opened in 1960. Today it is one of the most popular places to visit in Amsterdam. The museum (including photos of Anne and parts of her diary) tells the story of Nazi persecution experienced by Anne (and Jews in general) during the Second World War. The museum exhibitions are presented in a pedagogical but very interesting form. Due to its popularity, this museum is a busy place. You may want to buy your tickets online to avoid long queues that can take more than an hour.
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Old Church

Oudekerksplein 23, 1012 GX Amsterdam, Netherlands
One of the oldest buildings in Amsterdam (built in 1306), in the famous red light district. The proximity of such an imposing religious building and the many bars and brothels that surround it create an interesting contrast. Today, the church is home to not only religious but also cultural events. Many concerts and prestigious ceremonies are organized there every year. It is not only a church, but also a burial ground. Many important residents of Amsterdam are buried under the building and you can see their tombstones on the floor of the church. Among the burials there are, for example, Rembrandt's wife or several regents of Amsterdam. You can also climb the church tower (as part of the tour) and enjoy the beautiful view of the city. However, be prepared for the narrow steps as there are no elevators. You can buy your tickets online if you want to avoid queues.
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Amsterdam Museum

92 Kalverstraat, 1012 PH, Amsterdam, NL
Founded in 1926 and relocated to its current location in 1975, it is a 16th century house that used to serve as an orphanage. The artifacts of the original orphanage equipment are included in the museum exhibits. The museum introduces its visitors to the history of Amsterdam from its creation until today. It explains to visitors how the city was built on a swamp and how it developed into what it is today. The multimedia exhibitions involve a lot of engagement from the visitors, so it is a good place for families with children. There are occasional new exhibitions, so be sure to visit the official website before you visit so you will not miss anything. You can also buy your tickets online through the official website in advance. You can come from Centraal Station, or if you do not want to go that far, you can also take trams 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 14 and 16, the nearest stop is Spui.
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Heineken Experience

Stadhouderskade 78 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands
This is a must for all beer lovers. Come here to learn more about the production of liquid bread and get a free drink or two at the bar. Although the brewery is no longer active, there are still detailed guides on how to make beer, which contains ingredients are and how to drink properly. The staff is well trained and will give you all the information you need or want, taking into account this famous brand. You will see machines that were previously used for beer brewing, photos and a well-preserved interior. You can take trams 16, 24 and 25, station Stadhouderskade, or with 7 and 10, station Weteringcircuit.
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National Museum

Museumstraat 1, 1071 XZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
This museum focuses on Dutch art, especially paintings, drawings and sculptures. The exhibited works of art range from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The crown jewels of the museum's large collection are a series of paintings by Rembrandt and Vermeer, as well as the famous Van Gogh car portrait. The museum also has a restaurant and café, as well as a cloakroom where you can leave your luggage for free. This is useful because it is forbidden to carry bags larger than A4 in the museum itself. A visit will take you about 30 minutes to wait. If you want to avoid it, either arrive early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or buy a ticket online.
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Jordaan District

Originally a poor neighborhood, this neighborhood now houses numerous art galleries, shops and restaurants in the streets. It is also a great place to go for a walk. Its development began in the 17th century with the construction of housing for the working class. But do not expect to find a run-down house here today. Jordaan has become one of the hippest and most famous neighborhoods in Amsterdam. Despite its popularity, the district is quiet and quiet. It is much less crowded than in the city center. You can easily find an empty spot in one of the narrow streets and enjoy yourself in peace. The charming banks of the canals offer great places for walks or relaxation with many colorful pubs and restaurants nearby. In some pubs you can take your drinks to the canals. Outside of canals and shops, you should not miss the outdoor markets of Jordaan with different themed areas. There is a flea market on Mondays and a farmer's market on Saturdays. In September the Jordaan Festival takes place here with lots of beer and Dutch folk music.
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18 Damrak, 1012 LH, Amsterdam, NL
The first museum dealt with this topic worldwide. It was opened in 1985 and immediately enjoyed great popularity with visitors. If you decide to visit this museum, you will learn about the historical practices and rituals associated with sexual intercourse and see various artifacts from around the world. Each gallery in this facility has a different name for a sex symbol - the Casanova Gallery, Fanny Hill Street, Catharina the Great Hall, Oscar Wilde Hall and the Marquise de Pompadour Hall. The museum contains various objects, mainly pictures, sound recordings and statues, but also different sex toys that are used at different times. It is one of the most visited museums in the Netherlands with around 500,000 visitors each year. You can get there from Centraal Station. The location is convenient near the red light district.
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Brewers' Canal

Some say the street surrounding this canal is the most beautiful in Amsterdam. It was named after its 16th and 17th-century breweries. Brightly coloured houses and numerous bridges create a perfect place for an evening walk. Don't forget to take your camera and take plenty of pictures.
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Amsterdam ArenA

29 Arena boulevard, 1101AX, Amsterdam
The Amsterdam Arena, also known as the Johan Cruijff Arena, is the main stadium of Amsterdam, capital city of the Netherlands. It is the largest stadium in the country, built from 1993 to 1996 at a cost of €140 million, and officially opened on 14 August 1996. At the start of the 2018–19 football season, the stadium will undergo a name change to "Johan Cruijff Arena" after legendary Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff following his death in March 2016.The stadium is the home of the association football club AFC Ajax since 1996. In addition, it was the home of the now-defunct American football club Amsterdam Admirals. It was one of the stadiums used during Euro 2000, and also held the 1998 Champions League and 2013 Europa League finals. The stadium will also host three group stage matches and one match in the round of 16 of the Euro 2020.
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Olympic Stadium

Olympisch Stadion, 1076 DE, Amsterdam, NL
The Olympic Stadium is the main stadium for the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam. The venue is currently used mostly for football, athletics and music events. When completed, the stadium had a capacity of 31,600. Following the completion of the rival De Kuip stadium in Rotterdam in 1937, the Amsterdam authorities increased the capacity of the Olympic Stadium to 64,000 by adding a second ring to the stadium. In 1987 the stadium was listed as a national monument. AFC Ajax used the Olympic Stadium for international games until 1996, when the Amsterdam Arena was completed. Renovation started in 1996, and the stadium was refurbished into the original construction of 1928.
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President Allendelaan 3, 1064 GW Amsterdam, Netherlands
There are both indoor and open-air pools - you can make your choice according to the weather! Locals love it here.
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Pancakes Amsterdam

38 Berenstraat, 1016 GH, Amsterdam
A small shop in Amsterdam that sells all kinds and tastes of pancakes, a dish that has its origins in the Netherlands and has become one of the country's most iconic foods. The store, which opened in 2007, is within walking distance of Amsterdam's main square on Berenstraat, one of the popular Nine Streets. Inside you will find real pancake heaven. The shop sells pancakes in American or traditional Dutch style and you can order one of more than 15 different pancakes, such as smoked salmon pancakes or apple calvados pancakes. The shop also offers gluten-free and dairy-free pancakes.
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Pancake Bakery

191 Prinsengracht, 1015 DS, Amsterdam
Opening its doors in 1973, this pancake bakery is one of the most popular dessert shops in Amsterdam. The bakery is in a building called 'Hoop' (Hope) and offers amazing pancakes of all kinds. Whether you like sweet or savoury, you are going to find something you will enjoy. You can opt for International Pancakes, which are named after countries, or just for the regular ones like the ones with jam, Nutella, bacon and similar. You can get here from the Central Station, or from the Marnixplein tram station, lines 3 and 10. There is also the Westermarkt tram station nearby, lines 13, 14 and 17.
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Weigh House

4 Nieuwmarkt, 1012CR, Amsterdam
The Waag is a 15th-century building on Nieuwmarkt square in Amsterdam. It was originally a city gate and part of the walls of Amsterdam. The building has also served as a guildhall, museum, fire station and anatomical theatre, among other things. The Waag is the oldest remaining non-religious building in Amsterdam. The building has held rijksmonument status since 1970. The Waag is depicted in Rembrandt's 1632 painting The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp. The surgeons' guild commissioned this painting for their guildhall in the Waag.
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Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam

Max Euweplein 57-61, 1017MA Amsterdam, Netherlands
Part of the famous chain of themed restaurants located all around the world. If you like rock 'n' roll, you are going to love it here. The café has a collection of memorabilia from Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Kiss, but also from Rihanna, Black Sabbath and much more. Its advantageous location in the middle of Amsterdam means that it is a great place to start (or finish) off your night because everything is relatively close. The restaurant offers American cuisine with a local twist, so you can look forward to eating foods like pancakes, buffalo wings, New York Strip Steak and similar. In case you want to buy some souvenirs, make sure to check out the Rock Shop, which offers Hard Rock merchandise.
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The Bulldog Havri

17 Leidseplein, 1017 PS, Amsterdam, NL
The life story of the founder of this place would be perfect for a movie. Throwing out the items from his father's sex shop into a canal and opening his first coffee shop (using his savings from selling marihuana on festivals), Henk de Vries did not choose an easy path in life. He and his customers had been arrested hundreds of times, but that did not stop Henk from buying a new place for their cannabis experiences. This one used to be, ironically, a former police station. Today, there are numerous Bulldog coffee shops, hotels and cocktail bars all over Amsterdam, Europe, and Canada. You can come here to smoke, have a beer and chat, or buy various cannabis-related products, from t-shirts and other clothes with the Bulldog brand to seeds for later use. You can get here by trams 1,2,5,7,10 and 16.
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Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx

33 Voetboogstraat, 1012XK, Amsterdam, NL
Arguably the best place for fries in Amsterdam, this venue has been selling this homemade meal since 1957 from a window on a street. You can choose from over 20 sauces, including more ordinary ones like mayonnaise, but also Hawaii sauce, Garlic, Barbecue and more. Although the line to the window is long, it moves quickly.
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Utrechtsestraat Street

Great street for strolling. It's full of boutiques, restaurants, bars and other shops. If you want to go out to eat or have fun but you're not sure where, just come here and you will find something you will enjoy. Even if you don't come here to shop, the architecture and ambience of the street make it worth a visit.
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Café Winkel 43

43 Noordermarkt, 1015 NA
This café is very popular among tourists and locals. It's tough to believe that it offers more than just apple pie because it is so tasty that hardly anyone orders something else. It's a definite must-visit, even if you are not a fan of this particular pie. This café might change your mind.
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Café de Jaren

20 Nieuwe Doelenstraat, 1012CP, Amsterdam
The view from this café is amazing. It's undeniably one of the most popular cafés in Amsterdam, thanks to its outdoor terrace overlooking the city canals. If you come here to eat, there are plenty of options (even for vegetarians) to choose from for a reasonable price.
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Going Out

Red Light District

De Wallen District, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The largest and oldest red light district in Amsterdam is not only known for prostitution. There are also many bars, clubs, cafes, sex shops and even sex museums. The place gets its name from the red neon lights and lamps that are used in most windows, behind which individual sex workers offer their services. Do not try to take pictures of the women, although this is strictly prohibited. The existence of the red light district in Amsterdam dates back to the 14th century. For some time during its existence, married and religious men were forbidden to enter the area of ​​De Wallen. Today it is one of the most popular attractions of Amsterdam. The lively nightlife goes hand in hand with the nature of the area. There are many clubs, pubs and bars that you can visit and have fun all night. Therefore, the best time to visit the district is to have it lit and alive, in the evening or at night.
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Rembrandt Square

Located near the city center of Amsterdam, this square is an important nightlife. It shares its name with the famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn, who lived and worked in Amsterdam and had a house near the square. And although Rembrandt himself may be gone, a statue of him is still here as a reminder. Formerly a butter market, the place today offers its visitors a pleasant stay in one of the many cafes during the day and a place to relax in one of the many bars and clubs during the night. If you visit on weekends, you may find a flea market or food market here. The square is within walking distance of other popular attractions and there is also a direct tram connection there.
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In de Wildeman

3 Kolksteeg, 1012 PT
If you are a fan of beer, this place is a must. It is housed in a 17th century building and used to be a distillery. It serves more than 250 different beer bottles and 18 beers on tap. Whether you like the local beers (Dutch, Belgian) or prefer the English or German beers, you will find them all there. Even the American beers are served there. If you do not like beer, there are even bottled ciders on the menu. The place has a warm, rustic atmosphere, although it is located in the city center. If you want to escape the tourist crowds for a moment or relax after a long day of sightseeing, consider this beautiful bar. The nearest tram stop is Nieuwezijds Kolk (lines 1, 2, 5, 13 and 17).
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Leidseplein Square

Leidseplein or Leiden Square is the ideal place to spend a night in Amsterdam. This sprawling square is packed with bars and clubs and is a popular meeting place for both tourists and locals. You will not regret it if you visit it during the day - the place is full of restaurants offering different kinds of food, as well as many cafes and it is full of life. The course is located in the southern part of the city center and is therefore easily accessible both on foot and by bicycle. Nearby you will find many other attractions. There are also numerous stops for public transport, as several tram lines cross directly on the square.
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Xtracold Icebar Amsterdam

196 Amstel, 1017AG, Amsterdam
This entire bar is made out of ice (about 60 tonnes of it), including glasses and furniture. Do not wear shorts if you want to come here because it's -10°C inside and you will only be provided with a jacket and gloves to warm you up. 3 free drinks are included in the price of the admission ticket.
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EYE Film Institute Netherlands

1 IJpromenade, 1031KT, Amsterdam
Every film lover should visit this place when in Amsterdam. Various independent art movies are regularly screened at this cinema. Permanent exhibitions also focus on the history of film and its technology. If you'd like to find out more about the immense progress this field has experienced, don't miss out on this institute. The films are mainly in Dutch, but some of them have subtitles, too.
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New Market

Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nieuwmarkt is a square in the centre of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The surrounding area is known as the Lastage neighborhood. It is situated in the borough of Amsterdam-Centrum. The square is considered part of Amsterdam's Chinatown, next to the De Wallen. There are over 20 cafés and coffeeshops facing the square. There is a daily market on the square, as well as an organic food market on Saturdays and a market for antiques and books on Sundays in the summer months. The Nieuwmarkt is dominated by a building known as the Waag, originally a gate in the Medieval city walls but converted into a weighing house after the walls were demolished in the 17th century. The square was created when the canals around the Waag were filled in 1614, and was used as a marketplace.
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The IJ Brewery

7 Funenkade, 1018 AL, Amsterdam, NL
Brouwerij 't IJ is a small brewery in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is located in a former bath house named Funen, next to the De Gooyer windmill. The brewery was opened by Kaspar Peterson, a former musician, in October 1985 and was one of several small breweries that opened in cities around the Netherlands in response to consumers' dissatisfaction with beer brewed by the larger companies. It brews eight standard beers and three seasonal beers, besides limited edition beers.The brewery allows tours and tastings, and has a pub with an outdoor terrace.The brewery's logo features an ostrich, with an egg, and a distant windmill. The brewery is named after the nearby IJ waterbody.
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Royal Concertgebouw

2 Concertgebouwplein, 1071 LN, Amsterdam, NL
The Royal Concertgebouw is a concert hall in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Dutch term "concertgebouw" literally translates into English as "concert building". On 11 April 2013, on occasion of the building's 125th anniversary, Queen Beatrix bestowed the Royal Title "Koninklijk" upon the building, as she did previously to the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Because of its highly regarded acoustics, the Concertgebouw is considered one of the finest concert halls in the world, along with places such as Boston's Symphony Hall and the Musikverein in Vienna.
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Royal Palace of Amsterdam

147 Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, 1012 RJ, Amsterdam, NL
The Classicist Palace on Dam Square was opened in the 17th century as the town hall. Construction began in 1648 and the town hall was first opened in 1655. During the reign of Louis Napoleon, it was rebuilt into a royal palace. Today it is one of the three palaces belonging to the royal family. If you want to avoid queues, you can buy your tour tickets online. When you enter the palace, be prepared for security checks. Bags and purses must be left in the dressing room before entering the palace. Being a royal palace, it is closed to the public on days of official diplomatic events or on royal family days (eg weddings, anniversaries, etc.). Therefore, you should consult the official website before your visit.
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Hortus Botanicus Botanical Garden

2a Plantage Middenlaan, 1018 DD
Established in the 17th century, this is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. No surprise this oasis of peace ranks amongst the most popular attractions in Amsterdam. Apart from strolling through the garden and exploring all the flowers and plants, you can also check numerous exhibitions, join one of the frequent activities organized here or even take a guided tour of the garden.
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The Bijlmerweide Petting Zoo

Provincialeweg 46, 1103 SB Amsterdam, Netherlands
The largest petting ZOO in Amsterdam has many farm animals as well as cute pets. Your children will love it!
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Artis Royal Zoo

Plantage Kerklaan 38-40 1018 CZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Artis, short for Natura Artis Magistra, is a zoo in the centre of Amsterdam. It is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands and one of the oldest zoos of mainland Europe. Next to possessing a zoo, Artis also contains an aquarium and a planetarium. Artis also has an arboretum and a fairly large art collection. A part of the art collection is on display in the Aquarium building of the zoo. Artis contains 27 monumental buildings, most of which are used as enclosures for the animals, making Artis a unique cultural heritage of the 19th century. The zoo is a member of the Dutch Zoo Federation, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, the International Species Information System, and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
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The Amsterdam Dungeon

78 Rokin
The Amsterdam Dungeon, in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, follows a similar format to the London Dungeon, York Dungeon, Berlin Dungeon and Hamburg Dungeon which are owned and operated by UK-based Merlin Entertainments and attempts to show history through an interactive adventure. Live actors, a ride, shows and special effects simulate historical dark and bleak times.
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Vondelpark, 1054 GA Amsterdam, Netherlands
A great place to visit if you want to rest during a (sometimes hectic) day of sightseeing. It is a wonderful place for cyclists, inline skaters or joggers. There you can also have a picnic or just sit on a bench and admire the green in the English style. The park opened in 1867 and has since become popular with locals and tourists. The park even has an outdoor theater with free entry (although some small donations are expected). There is also a statue of Pablo Picasso (called the fish) installed in the park.
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Museum Square

As the name suggests, this square is something of a cultural center of Amsterdam. Here are three of the city's most interesting museums: the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. You will also find a concert hall and the Diamond Museum here. The I amsterdam sign on the square is also a famous place to take photos. The first designed by Pierre Cuypers in the late 19th century place was renovated in 1999 after a renovation. Its green open space, with a pond used as a skating rink in winter, is popular with locals as a venue for public gatherings and football matches.
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The Sarphatipark is a public urban park located in the stadsdeel Amsterdam Oud-Zuid in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The park is named after Samuel Sarphati.In 1942, the park was renamed "Bollandpark" after G.J.P.J. Bolland, because Samuel Sarphati was a Jew. The old name was restored after the war in 1945.The Dutch painter Mommie Schwarz and his wife Else Berg lived adjacent to the park from 1927 until their deportation to, and execution at, the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942. Some of their last works were landscape paintings of the park.
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West Park

Frequently visited by families with children, this park surrounding the former gas works is a wonderful place for relaxing - by people watching, wandering around or lying in the sun. It's also great for running or biking, there are tennis courts, a field for various activities, and several outdoor fitness classes take place here.
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East Park

Oosterparkbuurt, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Oosterpark in Amsterdam is the first large park laid out by the municipality of Amsterdam. The park is located in the Oost/Watergraafsmeer borough and forms a component of the Oosterpark area. The park, an English garden, was designed by Dutch landscape architect Leonard Anthony Springer and was laid out in 1891.
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Flower Market

Singel 630 to 600, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
The only floating flower market in the world, located on the Singel Canal, provides the entire center of Amsterdam with flowers. There are several flower shops where you can find not only the famous Dutch tulips but also other flowers. The market was founded in the second half of the 19th century. In addition to the flowers, you can also buy garden tools or flower bulbs here. It's a great place to visit, not just for those with green fingers. Everyone will appreciate the colorful sight, reminiscent of the time the flowers were brought to the city exclusively by boat.
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Prinsengracht 281, 1016 GW Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Western Church is a Protestant Renaissance church in Amsterdam. Construction began in 1620 and was completed in 1631. The tower is the tallest church tower in the city. It is also the burial place of Rembrandt van Rijn, the famous Dutch Baroque painter and printmaker, but the exact location of his tomb is unknown. Anne Frank often mentions the church and her tower in her diary. That's no surprise, because the house she lived in is near Westerkerk. In 1966 there was a royal wedding in the church - Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus von Amsberg married there. If you are planning to visit the church, please keep in mind that worship is still taking place here and that it is a place of silence. The nearest tram stop is Westermarkt (lines 13, 14 and 17).
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Northern Market

1015 Amsterdam, Netherlands
This small square with many restaurants and cafes is a great place to enjoy a shopping spree. Every Saturday there are farmers markets where you can get organic food of the highest quality. And if you want to eat some of the delicacies at once, that's not a problem either - many shops also sell food stalls. The products you can buy there are mostly local and always fresh. In addition to the food market, every Monday there is a regular flea market, where you can get all kinds of goods from a variety of small shops. The local vendors are very friendly and the whole market has a nice atmosphere.
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Albert Cuyp Market

Albert Cuypstraat 217 Amsterdam, Netherlands
A lively street market, where you can get everything from local produce and delicacies to textiles and handmade items. It is a great place to mix with locals and tourists. The road is completely closed to traffic so you can stroll peacefully through the market. There are some stalls that sell souvenirs like elsewhere, but otherwise there are various items of clothing, shoes, herbs, flowers, fresh vegetables and fish, and a wide variety of cooked food. Try the Vietnamese spring rolls, waffles and kebabs - everything that can be classified as street food. The market is pretty big. So if you want to run all the way through the street, wear comfortable shoes. You can reach us by tram, which stops directly on the street and is named after the market.
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Waterlooplein Market

Waterlooplein 2, Amsterdam, Netherlands
This square, named after the battle that kept Emperor Napoleon's ambitions, wakes up every morning with the sounds of the Netherlands' oldest flea market. Visitors walking the stalls can find everything from books to clothing to jewels. The market was first opened here in 1882. It was mainly run by Jewish traders who were forced to move from the surrounding streets. For this reason, it had a peculiarity: it did not close on Sunday, but on Saturday, the day of the Jewish Sabbath. It had almost disappeared after the Nazis overtook the Netherlands. Today the market is reopened and follows the usual opening time, which only closes on Sundays. You can get there by getting off at the Waterlooplein stop of the metro or tram. There is also a parking garage nearby.
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Kalverstraat Street

Postbus 1056, 1000 AC Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Kalverstraat is a busy shopping street of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. The street runs roughly North-South for about 750 meters, from Dam Square to Muntplein square. The Amsterdam Museum is located in a former orphanage between Kalverstraat and Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. The Kalverstraat is the most expensive shopping street in the Netherlands, with rents of up to 3000 euros per square meter. In 2009 it was the 17th most expensive street in the world measured by rent prices. The Kalverstraat is also the most expensive street in the Dutch version of Monopoly.
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Magna Plaza Shopping Center

Nieuwezyds Voorburgwal 182, 1012SJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Former Amsterdam Main Post Office, currently a shopping mall known as Magna Plaza, is a monumental building located at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 182, Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was built in 1895–1899 in Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance style. The building has been a rijksmonument since July 9, 1974, and is part of the Top 100 Dutch heritage sites.
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Amsterdam Tulip Museum

116 Prinsengracht, 1015EA, Amsterdam
Dedicated to the history and tradition of tulip planting in The Netherlands, this museum/shop is a nice way to pass time and learn something new. The venue is friendly to children too, the descriptions are easy to read and there are several movies kids can watch while learning about the tulip trade. The meaning of the three crosses in the museum's logo is not clear, but it's thought that each cross means one of the plagues in Amsterdam.
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De Bijenkorf Department Store

Dam 1, 1012 JS Amsterdam, Netherlands
De Bijenkorf is a chain of high-end department stores in the Netherlands with its flagship store on Dam Square, Amsterdam. The chain is owned by the Weston family, which also owns Britain's Selfridges, Canada's Holt Renfrew and Ireland's Brown Thomas.
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Dam Square

The central square of Amsterdam got its name from its original purpose. Before there was a place, there was a real dam on the river Amstel. Today, it is an important national square where many events are organized throughout the year (Christmas parties, various fairs, but also demonstrations and meetings, etc.). On the square, which commemorates the victims of the Second World War, there is an impressive national monument. It was installed there in 1956 and every year the commemoration of the dead takes place here. There are also some important buildings worth seeing on the square - the 15th century Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), the imposing Royal Palace or the popular Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.
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I Amsterdam Letters

An interesting monument that quickly became a popular sight of the city, although it was not installed until 2005. In fact, it is a very popular selfie spot and one of the most photographed places in Amsterdam. The I amsterdam Letters can be found behind the Rijksmuseum in the city center. Another set of letters welcomes the arriving people at the Amsterdam airport. The last sentence of the letters appears in the city (changing spots quite often), if there is a reason for it (festivals, fairs etc.). You can climb the letters, but the monument is about two meters high, so do not be surprised. Since the letters are so popular, there are many people every day.
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Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 373 1012 RM Amsterdam, Netherlands
The only courtyard in Amsterdam with origins from the Middle Ages. It is estimated that it was built at the end of the 14th century. Once upon a time there was a home for the beguines (religious women). Today it is a beautiful place of rest in the heart of Amsterdam. You will find there the tall houses that are so typical of Amsterdam, but also the oldest wooden house (one of the two still standing) in Amsterdam. During its existence the Begijnhof was surrounded on all sides by channels and had only one entrance. Now there are several entrances (eg from Spui-Platz). If you decide to visit the place, please note that this is a private property and you should behave calmly and respectfully. You can reach us by trams 4, 9, 14 and 24, stop Spui.
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Skinny Bridge

Amstel river 81, 1018 EK Amsterdam, Netherlands
This bascule bridge crosses the river Amstel and its origins date back to the 17th century. At that time, the bridge that crossed the river at this point was really narrow. At that time, the bridge got its name. However, this was demolished and replaced several times by new, wider bridges. The current bridge (built in 1934) is therefore not as thin as its first predecessor. It is a popular tourist spot in Amsterdam as it looks beautiful after sunset - it lights up with hundreds of lights. It even appeared in one of Bond's films - Diamonds are Forever.
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Amsterdam Centraal Railway Station

Stationsplein, 1012 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands
The largest train station in Amsterdam is one of the gates of the city. It was opened in 1889 and the onlookers were so curious that they did not mind paying money for the view of the building (only in the first days after the opening). Today the entrance is free, but the place is still very busy because it is the hub of Amsterdam's transport. All public transport is close to the main train station, so you can get there (or tram) by various means of transport (trams, buses, subway). Inside, the station is clean and full of small shops where you can get everything you need for your trip (snacks, newspapers, books, etc.). If you want to avoid the daily round trip of commuters, just look at the main building from the outside. Its most imposing feature for the tourists is definitely the exterior beauty of the building (and not so much its interior spaces).
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Basilica of Saint Nicholas

74-77 Prins Hendrikkade
This Catholic masterpiece in the heart of Amsterdam is an unforgettable sight. It was built around 1887 with neo-baroque and neo-renaissance elements, and in 2012 it became a basilica. Between the towers there is a beautiful rosette window (round windows, usually divided into different patterns with other materials). Apart from religious murals on the interior walls of the basilica, this building also features the crown of Maximilian I. There are still regular fairs (even in English) where you can experience and experience the serenity of practicing your faith. You can also come here to confess in English or Dutch. The basilica is a 2-minute walk from the Prins Hendrikkade bus stop (lines 32-35, 301, 304, 306-308, 312- 316 and 319). Do not forget to bring your camera, photos without flash are allowed and you will have a memory to take home. While the phone is in use, all phones must be muted. During the services no sightseeing tours are allowed.
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The Smallest House In Amsterdam

Oude Hoogstraat 22, Amsterdam, Netherlands
With an area of ​​only 9 m², this house can easily be overlooked. Nevertheless, it is one of the most photographed buildings in the Netherlands. When you come in, you will be greeted by the amazing smell of different teas. Come and enjoy a cup or two while enjoying the interior that resembles a real dollhouse.
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Science Center NEMO

2 Oosterdok
This center offers numerous scientific exhibitions. Come here to learn in an interesting and interactive way, which is appreciated by both children and adults. With its five floors, it is the largest science center in the Netherlands. The exhibits focus on various aspects of human life: "The Machine" - logistics behind shipping packages, "Water World" - process for producing clean drinking water, "Energetica" - opportunities to generate electricity from various elements and much more. There are also more conventional exhibitions that explain the history of science and innovation. This place is only 15 minutes away from the main train station. So you do not have to travel by public transport. If you wish, you can take bus number 22 or 48 and get off at Kadijksplein.
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De Gooyer Windmill

5 Funenkade, 1018 AL, Amsterdam, NL
De Gooyer is a windmill in Amsterdam located between Funenkade and Zeeburgerstraat. It is the tallest wooden mill in the Netherlands at 26.6 meters high. It is registered as a National Monument The names dates from the around 1609, when the mill was owned by Claes and Jan Willemsz, two brothers from Gooiland. It is also known as "The Funenmolen". The Gooyer consists of a stone foundation topped by a wooden octagonal body. The mill is owned by the municipality of Amsterdam and is not open to visitors. Although the blades are functional, they no longer operate any grinding mechanism.Next to the mill, in the former municipal bathhouse dating back to 1911, is the Brouwerij 't IJ. The mill and the bathhouse building are unrelated, and the mill fulfils no function for the brewery despite the image of a mill being in the brewery logo.
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Stedelijk Museum

Paulus Potterstraat 13 1071 CX Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, colloquially known as the Stedelijk, is a museum for modern art, contemporary art, and design located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.The 19th century building was designed by Adriaan Willem Weissman and the 21st century wing with the current entrance was designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects. It is located at the Museum Square in the borough Amsterdam South, where it is close to the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Concertgebouw.The collection comprises modern and contemporary art and design from the early 20th century up to the 21st century. It features artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Karel Appel, Andy Warhol, Willem de Kooning, Marlene Dumas, Lucio Fontana, and Gilbert & George.In 2015, the museum had an estimated 675,000 visitors.
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Amsterdam Centraal station

Amsterdam Centraal is the largest railway station of Amsterdam, Netherlands. A major national railway hub, it is used by 162,000 passengers a day, making it the second busiest railway station in the country after Utrecht Centraal and the most visited Rijksmonument of the Netherlands.National and international railway services at Amsterdam Centraal are provided by NS, the principal rail operator in the Netherlands. Amsterdam Centraal is the northern terminus of Amsterdam Metro Routes 51, 53, 54, operated by municipal public transport operator GVB. It is also served by a number of GVB tram and ferry routes as well as local and regional bus routes operated by GVB, Connexxion and EBS. Amsterdam Centraal was designed by Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers and first opened in 1889. It features a Gothic, Renaissance Revival station building and a cast iron platform roof spanning approximately 40 metres.
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Tramway Museum

Haarlemmermeerstation, Amstelveenseweg 264, 1075 XV Amsterdam
Come look at some historic trams that were used Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. Some of the carriages are fully functional, so you can even ride them on the historic tram line. You can also observe a reconstruction of other models into their previous shine.
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Amsterdam Lelylaan station

Amsterdam Lelylaan is a railway, metro, tram and bus station in west Amsterdam. It is served by trains of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen and metros of the GVB. The station opened on 1 June 1986. It is located on the Amsterdam-Schiphol railway, a few km south of Amsterdam Sloterdijk railway station. South of this station, trains turn west towards Schiphol railway station, while metros turn east towards Amsterdam Zuid railway station. The station is located in the Amsterdam borough of Slotervaart, on a long viaduct spanning three roads.
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Amsterdam Zuid Railway Station

Amsterdam Zuid is a railway station situated in the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For a number of years, it was named Amsterdam Zuid WTC, in reference to the neighbouring World Trade Center Amsterdam. During 2006, in conjunction with the rapid development of the area surrounding the station, the station was enlarged and the reference to the WTC was formally dropped from the name. During 1978, Amsterdam Zuid station opened on a strategic rail route commonly known as the Zuidtak and formed the heart of the modern Zuidas business district, which houses several large banks, accounting and legal firms, as well as being the main public transport gateway for the VU University campus located just south of the station. Over time, the station has played an increasingly important role in Amsterdam's transport strategy and passenger numbers have grown extensively since its opening.
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Amstelveenseweg metro station

Amstelveenseweg is an Amsterdam Metro station in the south of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The station opened in 1997 and is served by line 50. The station lies in the south of the city and serves as the metro station for many offices, the VU University Medical Center and Olympic Stadium. The metro station is only accessible with an OV-chipkaart or GVB Travel Pass.
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Overamstel metro station

Overamstel is an Amsterdam Metro station in the industrial area Overamstel of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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Amsterdam Zuid station

Amsterdam Zuid is a railway station situated in the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For a number of years, it was named Amsterdam Zuid WTC, in reference to the neighbouring World Trade Center Amsterdam. During 2006, in conjunction with the rapid development of the area surrounding the station, the station was enlarged and the reference to the WTC was formally dropped from the name. During 1978, Amsterdam Zuid station opened on a strategic rail route commonly known as the Zuidtak and formed the heart of the modern Zuidas business district, which houses several large banks, accounting and legal firms, as well as being the main public transport gateway for the VU University campus located just south of the station. Over time, the station has played an increasingly important role in Amsterdam's transport strategy and passenger numbers have grown extensively since its opening.
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Amsterdam Zuid station

10 Zuidplein, 1077 XV, Amsterdam, NL
Amsterdam Zuid is a railway station situated in the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For a number of years, it was named Amsterdam Zuid WTC, in reference to the neighbouring World Trade Center Amsterdam. During 2006, in conjunction with the rapid development of the area surrounding the station, the station was enlarged and the reference to the WTC was formally dropped from the name. During 1978, Amsterdam Zuid station opened on a strategic rail route commonly known as the Zuidtak and formed the heart of the modern Zuidas business district, which houses several large banks, accounting and legal firms, as well as being the main public transport gateway for the VU University campus located just south of the station. Over time, the station has played an increasingly important role in Amsterdam's transport strategy and passenger numbers have grown extensively since its opening.
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Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel Amsterdam

78 NDSM-plein

King's Court

4 Delflandlaan, 1062EB, Amsterdam

Eden Amsterdam American Hotel

Leidsekade 97, Amsterdam, North Holland, 1017 PN, Netherlands


124 Valkenburgerstraat, 1011NA, Amsterdam, NL

Corendon Vitality Hotel Amsterdam

7 Aletta Jacobslaan, 1066 BP, Amsterdam, NL

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre

The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel, Vossiusstraat, Ámsterdam, Países Bajos


57 Mauritskade, 1092AD, Amsterdam

The Hoxton

255 Herengracht, 1016BJ, Amsterdam