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Vancouver is a city in southwestern British Columbia on the west coast of Canada . It lies between the Strait of Georgia and the Coast Mountains , about 45 kilometers northwest of the US border . The city belongs to the region Aldi Strictly Metro Vancouver , which with a population of 2,463,431 , the largest metropolitan area in Western Canada forms and the third largest in the country. The population of the actual city of Vancouver is 631,486. The city is named after the British captain George Vancouver , who explored and measured the area at the end of the 18th century. The name Vancouver itself comes from the Dutch "van Coevorden", derived from the city of Coevorden .

The city originated in the 1860s as a result of the wave of immigration during the Fraser Canyon gold rush and developed after the opening of the transcontinental railroad in 1887 within a few decades from a small sawmill settlement to a metropolis . The economy was initially based on the exploitation of British Columbia's natural resources: forestry , mining , fishing and agriculture . The port of Vancouver gained international importance after the opening of the Panama Canal . He is today the largest in Canadaand exports more goods than any other port in North America.

Over time, Vancouver has become a service center and (especially after the World Expo 86 ) a tourist destination. The city is also behind Los Angeles and New York the third most important location of the North American film industry and is therefore also referred to as " Hollywood North ".

Vancouver hosted the XXI from 12 to 28 February 2010 . Winter Olympic Games . Several competitions of the games took place in Whistler , 125 kilometers from Vancouver . After Montreal in 1976 and Calgary in 1988, Vancouver was the third Canadian city to host Olympic Games .

The large Asian population living in Vancouver offers a wide choice of restaurants. The historic Chinatown is not a place to be advised lightly, sensitive people will even refrain from visiting, obviously not because of the Asian population but because nearby are all kinds of people intoxicated; it is not uncommon to see people taking or selling any kind of product, especially illegal. The Chinese population does not live any more there, because of nuisances. It is located in the suburbs of Richmond. Vancouver's Chinatown is still very popular despite the inconvenience and no problem during the day. It is not recommended to go on East Hastings Street west of Glen Drive

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Current conditions for Vancouver, (YVR), Canada (49.52°/0.07°)
Altitude: 328.08ft / 100m
Current conditions -  Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Temperature: 62.6 °F / 17 °C
Feels like:
61 °F / 16 °C
50 °F / 10 °C
Wind direction:
280° W
Wind speed:
12mi per hr / 20km per hr (11kts per sec / 6m per sec)
Cloud cover:
6.21mi / 10km
30.21in / 1020mb

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