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Taipei is the most populous city and capital of Taiwan. It is the political, economic and cultural center of the country. The city has a high metro and is connected by high-speed train to Kaohsiung . It is also home to several universities, the National Palace Museum and other cultural institutions such as Academia Sinica , and Taipei 101 , the eighth tallest building in the world.

Located on the northern tip of the island of Taiwan , Taipei extends over the Tamsui River and is 25 kilometers southwest of Keelung , its port in the Pacific Ocean . Near the capital is also the coastal city of Tamsui , at the mouth of the river in the Taiwan Strait . It is found in the two narrow valleys of the Keelung and Xindian rivers, which converge to form the Tamsui River along the western border of the city.

The city itself has an estimated population of over 2,7 mill people. The city of New Taipei and the city of Keelung form the metropolitan area of Taipei, with a population of 6,7 mill. However, both are administered by different governmental bodies, since Taipei is a special municipality administered directly by the central government of the Republic of China. Sometimes "Taipei" refers to the whole metropolitan area, while the "city of Taipei" refers to the city itself.

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Taipei International Airport - TPE

Taoyuan International Airport ( IATA : TPE ) is an international airport located in Taoyuan County , Taiwan . It is the busiest of three Taiwanese airports, from which international flights are carried out. At the airport there are bases of airlines of China Airlines and EVA Air , for both airlines the airport is a hub. Opened in 1979, until 2006, the airport was named International Airport name Chiang Kai-shek

Geography and Climate

Average for Taipei

Taipei is located in the northern part of the island, in the Taipei Basin. Limited to the Tanshui rivers (in the west) and Xindian. The area, generally low in the central part and in the west of the city, rises to the south, east and especially to the north, where it reaches a height of 1120 m (Cixin Mountain). This mountain represents the highest extinct volcano of the island and is located on the territory of the Yangmin National Park. The northern districts of the city - Shilin and Baitou are located just north of the Jilong River. Besides Cixing, the second highest point in the vicinity of Taipei is Datong Mountain (1092 m), which also rises to the north-east of the city. To the south-east of Taipei are the Songshan hills and the Qinshui gorge, which are a dense forest area. The climate of the city is characterized as a tropical monsoon with a hot humid summer and a short mild winter with frequent fogs. The annual precipitation is about 2 405 mm, most of it falls between May and September.

Taipei Economy

General Info

Being the capital of the Taiwan the city is also the center of the rapid development of the country and the Taiwanese economic miracle. Despite the Asian financial crisis, the city's economy continues to grow by about 5% a year with almost full employment and low inflation. In 2007, the nominal GDP of Taipei was about $ 160 billion, while the entire city's agglomeration totaled about $ 260 billion. GDP per capita is US $ 48,400, which is the second highest in Asia after Tokyo, where GDP per capita - 65 453 $ USD . Nevertheless, if you take a city with suburbs and surrounding areas, GDP per capita will be only about $ 25,000.

Taipei is an important industrial center. Important industries are the production of electronics and components, precision instruments, equipment, textiles and clothing, food products, etc. Trade, transport and the banking sector are gaining more and more importance in the economy. Tourism - a small, but, nevertheless, also a fairly important component of the city's economy.

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