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Sydney is Australia 's largest and oldest city with an area of 12,144.6 km, whose estimated population in 2011 was approximately 4.5 million. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales . The city was founded in 1788 by Arthur Phillip , who came here at the head of the First Fleet , and was the site of the first colonial European settlement in Australia. The city was named after the lord colonists Sydney - the then former Minister of the British colonies.

Sydney is located on the southeast coast of Australia . The settlement was built on the shore of a small cove round situated in the middle of an extended bay Sydney Harbor National Park - the southern branch of the bay (the harbor) Port Jackson , introduced by a narrow strait ( 1 km) from the Tasman Sea . In the future, the city was built south of the bay of Sydney Harbor (it is up to 20 km long and 1 to 3 km wide and 50 m deep), and then around it. This was the reason that Sydney is often called "City near the Bay".

Over time, urban buildings completely covered the Bay of Port Jackson, which includes three bays - Sydney Harbor, Middle Harbor and North Bay). Currently, Sydney is still overgrown and includes the Botanical Gulf of the Tasman Sea, which is located on the north bank of which is the International Airport. Kingsford Smith.

The city of Sydney is famous for its opera house , Harbor Bridge and its beaches. The residential quarters of large Sydney are surrounded by national parks. The coastline is extremely indented. It abounds in numerous bays, coves, islands and beaches.

According to the classification of the University of Loughborough in 1999, the city belongs to the category of beta-class cities. Sydney was the site of numerous international political and sporting events, such as the Games of the British Empire in 1938, the 2000 Olympic Games , the 2003 Rugby World Cup . In September 2007, the leaders of APEC countries met in Sydney , in July 2008 the International Youth Day was held here.

Sydney is one of the most multicultural and multinational cities in the world, due to the fact that the city is the main residence of immigrants arriving for permanent residence in Australia. According to the Mercer study, Sydney ranks first in Australia for the cost of living and 66th in the world for this indicator.

Flights to Sydney

Sydney International Airport - SYD

Sydney Smith Kingsford Airport - SYD , is the largest commercial airport in Australia , located in Sydney's Mascot area approximately ten kilometers from the Sydney central business district.

Sydney Airport is one of the oldest continuously operating airports in the world and the busiest in Australia, servicing nearly 32 million passengers in 2007 and providing 290,346 aircraft take-offs / landings. The airport is run by Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL), the general director is Russell Balding.

Located near the Botanical Gulf, the airport has three runways , commonly known as "East-West" and two "North-South", as well as the smallest area of the territory compared to other airports of major cities on the continent.


Average for Sydney

Precipitation is distributed throughout the year more or less evenly with some predominance in the first months of the year, when the weather in the city is determined by the eastern winds. The average annual rainfall in Sydney is 1217 mm, the average number of rainy days in a year is 138. The snowfall was recorded in the central part of the city for the last time in 1836 . However, the snowball that fell in the city in 2008 , which is sometimes mistaken for snow, makes us think that the 1836 phenomenon could have been of the same nature and was not snow. In 1947, Sydney experienced a hailstorm that affected more than 1,000 people.

Pieces of ice falling in Sydney during the hail on April 14, 1999 Although Sydney is not heavily influenced by cyclones, El Nino plays a big role in shaping the city's climate. Depending on the phase, this phenomenon can, on the one hand, cause drought and forest fires, on the other, provokes storms and floods. Many urban areas, which are located in close proximity to the forest and the bush, are in immediate danger of forest fires. Fires were especially strong near the city in 1994 , and in 2001 - 2002 . Especially the fire-dangerous seasons are spring and summer. In the city quite often there is a strong hail and strong storm winds. One of the strongest hailstones fell on the city's territory in 1999. It caused significant damage to the central and eastern regions of Sydney. During this storm, individual ice floes, falling from the sky, reached a size of about 9 centimeters in diameter. This led to the destruction estimated by insurance companies at about A $ 1.7 billion.

Sydney Economy

General Info

The most important sectors of the economy of Sydney, judging by the number of employees employed in them, are the service sector , trade , production , health and public services. Since the 1980s, the overall situation on the labor market has changed in such a way that more and more jobs are shifting from the sphere of production to the service sector and the sphere of information technology. The economy of Sydney is about 25 percent of the entire Australian economy.

The city is home to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the Reserve Bank of Australia, as well as the headquarters of 90 banks and more than half of the country's largest companies. Sydney is the main center of Australia , which houses regional offices of over 500 international companies.

Of the ten largest Australian companies, four have head offices in Sydney ( Caltex Australia , Commonwealth Bank , Westpac and Woolworth ). Fox Studios Australia has a large film studio in the city. Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) is one of the largest exchanges similar type in the Australian-Pacific region. It is the 12th largest futures exchange in the world and the 19th largest, considering the turnover of options. According to Forbes research , in 2014 Sydney took the eighth position in the list of the most influential cities in the world in terms of the number of foreign investments attracted, as well as the state of the economy as a whole.

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