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Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington , in the northwest of the United States of America . The metropolitan area of the city includes Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, it is the 15th most populated in the country and the largest in the Pacific Northwest. The city is located between Lake Washington and the bay known as Puget Sound , next to the Pacific Ocean . It is located 155 kilometers south of the US- Canada border. Important cultural, educational and economic center of the region, Seattle is the seat of King County.

In the estimated 2007 Census, the city had a municipal population of 594,210 inhabitants, making it the twenty-fourth most populous city in the United States, and a metropolitan area of 3,263,497 inhabitants.

The area of Seattle has been inhabited since at least 4,000 years, but the first European settlements did not arrive until the middle of the 19th century . The first permanent white settlers were Arthur A. Denny and those who were later known as the Denny Party, who arrived on November 13 , 1851 . The first settlers in the area were called "New York-Alki" and "Duwamps". In 1853 , Doc Maynard suggested that the settlement be renamed to "Seattle," the name of the chief of the two local tribes. From 1869 to 1982 , Seattle was known as "Queen City" ( The city reigns ,). The current and official nickname of the city is "Emerald City" ( The Emerald City ), as a result of a contest that took place in the early 1980s , referring to the leafy trees in the vicinity. Seattle is also known as "Gateway to Alaska" ( The Gateway to Alaska ), "Rain City" ( The City of Rain ) 10 and "Jet City", due to the influence of the multinational Boeing , originally founded in the city.

Seattle is famous for being the birthplace of grunge music also known as Seattle Sound, and bands that drove that movement in the early 90s like Nirvana , Pearl Jam , Soundgarden and Alice in Chains . Heart , the band of sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, famous rock band with more than 30 years of career, is also native to this city, as well as the progressive metal groups Queensryche and Nevermore . As a curious fact Seattle is also the hometown of famous rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix as well as Duff McKagan, member of the band Guns N 'Roses . It is also known for the large amount of coffee consumed, as well as being from here coffee shops such as Starbucks , Seattle's Best Coffee and Tully's. There are also many independent artisans, very successful espresso roasters. In 1999 Seattle hosted the World Trade Organization summit , sparking protests and anti- globalization riots known as the N30 (due to take place on November 30) or the Battle of Seattle.. The symbol and main attraction of the city is the Space Needle ( Space Needle ), a tower built in 1962 in the city center, by Edward E. Carlson made and inspired by the tower of Stuttgart , Germany . It is a structure of 184 meters in height weighs a 5,850 tons, placing the center of gravity of the tower just one meter from ground level. To reach the top it is necessary to board an elevator that takes only a few seconds to climb. It includes a revolving restaurant from where you can see the entire city of Seattle.

Flights to Seattle

Seattle International Airport - SEA

International Airport Seattle / Tacoma (SEA) - is an international airport, located in the city SeaTac ( Washington , USA ) between the cities of Seattle and Tacoma . It is Washington's largest commercial airport.

The port is located at the intersection of the SR-99 , SR-509 and SR-518 roads, 2.4 kilometers west of the I-5 motorway .

In 2009, 31.3 million people used the airport's services, Seattle / Tacoma ranked 18th in the list of the busiest commercial airports of the United States in terms of passenger turnover per year. It also took the 25th place in the world in terms of the total number of take-offs and landings of air ships per year and the 19th place by the volume of cargo turnover among all airports of the world .

International Airport Seattle / Tacoma is a major transit center - hub for Alaska Airlines , whose headquarters are located at the airport, and its subsidiary carrier - Regional airline Horizon Air . In 2009, the top five operators of the Seattle / Tacoma International Airport included Alaska Airlines (34.2%), Horizon Air (13.8%), Southwest Airlines (8.9%), United Airlines (7.0%) and Northwest Airlines (6.4%

In 2015, the airport served more than 42 million passengers. 1 is classified in the National Plan of Integrated Systems for 2015-2019 Aeroportuarios airport as a primary commercial service (large center connections) based on 16,121,123 shipments in 2012. 2 The airport is the largest generator of vehicle trips 3 in the state, and its 13,000 parking spaces are the largest parking structure in North America under one roof.


Average for Seattle

The climate of Seattle is mild, with a moderate temperature by the sea, protected from winds and storms by the mountains. The city of Seattle has a reputation for frequent rains , although "the rainy city" only receives about 970 mm of precipitation per year, less than almost all major cities on the east coast of the United States, such as city of New York that receives on average 1200 mm. Although it rains much more than other places in the world such as Madrid (430 mm) or Mexico City (830 mm). Seattle's worldwide reputation for rain is due to the fact that, just like in London, almost all its precipitation falls in the form of drizzle or light rain, as Seattle is in the orographic rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains. That is, although it rains regularly, it does not rain very hard. They pass rains from November to March. December is the rainiest month.

Seattle Economy

General Info

Six companies of the 2008 Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in the United States are headquartered in Seattle. They are Washington Mutual (# 130), Safeco Corporation (# 267), Nordstrom (# 286), (# 342), and Starbucks (# 425). However, in April of 2008 , the sale of Safeco to Liberty Mutual announced and in September the same year , Washington Mutual was seized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and sold to JPMorgan Chase . 65 66Other Fortune 500 companies popularly associated with Seattle have their headquarters in Puget Sound cities. Some of them are Costco, based in Issaquah ; Microsoft and Nintendo , in Redmond ; Weyerhaeuser, in Federal Way; and the truck manufacturer PACCAR and T-Mobile in Bellevue .

Before moving its headquarters to Chicago , the Boeing company was the largest company in Seattle. Its largest division is still near Renton and has large aircraft manufacturing plants in Everett and Renton , making it still the largest company in the Seattle metropolitan area. Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels announced his desire to trigger an economic boom driven by biotechnology in 2006. They are trying to get new companies to come to the city, joining biotech companies Corixa , Immunex (now part of Amgen) and ZymoGenetics. Vulcan Inc, the millionaire Paul Allen's company , is behind most of the projects under development. In 2005, Forbes magazine said that Seattle is the most expensive city in the United States to buy a house, in relation to local income.

Alaska Airlines maintains its headquarters in SeaTac, near the airport.

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