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San Francisco

United States

San Francisco is a city and county center of California, USA. The city is located on the west coast of the USA, with the Pacific Ocean in the west and bordering the San francisco bay to the north and east and the San Mateo County to the south. County and City of San Francisco coincide. San Francisco is both the only city in the district and its district center. San Francisco is also a sub-region in the larger metropolis - the San Francisco Bay Area.

Flights to San Francisco

San Francisco Airport - SFO

The San Francisco International Airport (IATA: SFO, ICAO: KSFO) is the international commercial airport of the California metropolis of San Francisco. The airport, operated by the San Francisco Airports Commission, is the seventh largest airport in the US with 53 million passengers in 2016 and the second largest on the west coast after Los Angeles International Airport. It ranks 23rd in the world in 2016. SFO serves as a hub for United Airlines and Virgin America.

The Metropolitan Oakland International Airport (also Oakland Airport) is the Oakland City International Airport in the State of California. It is one of the three airports in the San Francisco Bay Area metropolitan area and mainly serves low-cost airlines and airfreight.

San Jose Airport is the commercial airport of the city of San Jose, California, and the smallest of the three international airports in the San Francisco Bay Area after San Francisco International Airport and Oakland Airport.


Average for San Francisco

The average summer temperature is between 15 and 24 C, while in winter it is between 10 and 15 C during the day. During cold winter nights it can fall between 0 and 5 C, although very rarely it reaches 0 C. In the summer, rain is very rare and in the winter snow almost never fell. The Pacific Ocean, bordering on the western part of the city, is extremely cold all year round, with a water temperature of around 10 C.

In January the average morning low temperature is 8 C, and the afternoon average is the highest 14 C. In September, the warmest month in San Francisco, the average coldest temperatures reached 13 C and the highest average was 22 C. The average annual rainfall is 507.2 mm, 85% of which falls between November and March. There is almost no precipitation between May and September.

Fog is a regular feature of San Francisco summers. Among major U.S. cities, San Francisco has the coolest daily mean, maximum, and minimum temperatures for June, July, and August. During the summer, rising hot air in California's interior valleys creates a low pressure area that draws winds from the North Pacific High through the Golden Gate, which creates the city's characteristic cool winds and fog. The fog is less pronounced in eastern neighborhoods and during the late summer and early fall. As a result, the year's warmest month, on average, is September, and on average, October is warmer than July, especially in daytime.

Eating - Drinking

General Info

In San Francisco, the meeting of residents with diverse cultural backgrounds and their culinary traditions are firmly anchored. From Asia, these are mainly the Japanese and various Chinese cuisines, as well as the Korean, Vietnamese and Thai. In addition to the light California cuisine, there are also Italian, Danish, Russian, Mexican and German restaurants.

The location on the Pacific Ocean, especially fish and other seafood on the menus. So there are at Fisherman's Wharf Crab kitchens that offer as "crab soup in Sourdough Bread". This sourdough bread , imported from Europe during the gold rush era - nicknamed Sourdough by the gold-diggers - became a city specialty. Sourdough Sam, a full-bearded gold digger man, is the mascot of the San Francisco 49ers American football team .

The California, and especially San Francisco and Bay Area, is considered one of the best in the USA. Since 2006, an exclusive dedicated to the Bay Area and San Francisco edition of the well-known restaurant guide Michelin Guide appears .

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Current conditions for San-Francisco-SFO, CA, USA (37.78°/-0.8°)
Altitude: 16.4ft / 5m
Current conditions -  Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Temperature: 75.2 °F / 24 °C
Feels like:
78 °F / 25 °C
70 °F / 21 °C
Wind direction:
330° NNW
Wind speed:
4mi per hr / 7km per hr (4kts per sec / 2m per sec)
Cloud cover:
6.21mi / 10km
30.18in / 1019mb

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