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Rome is the capital of the Italian Republic. It is the most populous and extensive municipality in Italy and the fourth most populous in the European Union . Place of origin of the Latin language, it was the capital of the Roman Empire, which extended its dominion over the entire Mediterranean basin and much of Europe , of the Papal State, submitted to the temporal power of the popes, and of the Kingdom of Italy ( since 1871).

It would be an impossible task to tell Rome in all its aspects because too vast and rich in history you can only add a tip to the tourist: being able to listen to the voice of the city that springs from its deep soul and that speaks through the testimonies of its long evolution , perhaps early in the morning when the crowd is sparse and this empathy can be very intense.

Rome, the heart of Catholic Christianity, is the only city in the world to host an entire state within itself, the enclave of Vatican City : for this reason it is often called the capital of two States.

The territory of Rome presents several natural landscapes and environmental characteristics that give the city a privileged position at about 20m above sea level and 24 kilometers from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

There are mountain ranges and hills (including the historic seven hills), the flat areas, the Tiber river and its tributaries, the Marrana, the Bracciano and Martignano lakes and the artificial ones, a river island (the Tiberina island), the sandy coast of the Lido di Ostia .

Surrounded by a luxuriant volcanic countryside, the city lies on the various hills crossed by the river that pictorially describes a sinuous route and that constituted the primary way of communication.

The central and ancient core of the city consists of the historical seven hills: Palatino, Aventino, Campidoglio, Quirinale, Viminale, Esquilino and Celio.

Originally it developed on the left side of the Tiber which crosses it, then extends to the right bank, called Trans Tiberim, from which the modern name of the Trastevere district derives.

In this way it incorporated other hills, in addition to the historical seven mentioned above, such as Monte Mario (the highest), Pincio, Monte Vaticano, Gianicolo, Parioli and the hills of Villa Ada, Villa Borghese and Villa Glori.

The city, as well as the Tiber, is also crossed by another river, the Aniene, which flows into the Tiber in the northern part of today's urban territory.
The city enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, particularly mild and comfortable in spring and autumn.

The wettest seasons are spring and autumn, mainly during the months of November and April. Summer is hot, humid and tends to be dry, while winter is generally mild and rainy, but with significant and sudden peaks of cold, and rare snowy phenomena of a certain consistency.

In Rome what abounds are the markets. There are a few around the city, one in the area of Porta Portese, another in the area where San Giovani Laterano (San Juan de Letrán) and numerous stalls in the vicinity of Termini. One of the characteristics of these markets is that you can haggle the price of the products, even to pay half of the original price. Just take a look and keep going, they call you to leave you the cheapest product. Or you can also say that it is expensive. Italy is very rich in gastronomy. However, it is advisable to take certain precautions, especially in Rome, since there are numerous establishments that are dedicated to "swindling" tourists with abusive prices. Always check the menu or the letter, and if you do not have what you want to order, check the price beforehand, or else you may charge € 7 for a glass of draft beer (0.4l), or € 6 for a tiny shot of limoncello liquor.
In some restaurants they charge up to 15% for the service; in others it is not included. This should appear in the menu.

Italian wines are pretty good. In most restaurants the house wine, served in small carafes, is of fairly acceptable quality.

Rome is not known for its nightlife. In Trastevere there are some bars; and in the surroundings of Piazza Navona and the Campo di Fiori there are also bars and pubs, however they close at 2 am In the Monte Testaccio there are some clubs and being a bit out of the center it is necessary to go by taxi.

In the area of Trastevere there are many bars and the question is to try to see which one you like the most. At the Gauguin Café, on the VIA DEL MORO 26, they have a very good selection of cocktails at an acceptable price.

Flights to Rome

Rome International Airport - ROM, FCO, CIA

The city is made accessible through two international airports:

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO IATA) is in the Lazio region of Italy. It is the main airport of Rome. The airport is located 34 km southwest of Rome. With 36 million passengers it is the busiest airport in Italy and also one of the busiest in Europe. It has four runways and is operating around the clock. Fiumicino is one of Alitalia's hubs, and the company flies to Rome from major cities in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East as well as Tokyo and Kansai International Airport. The airport is also served by most major European airlines and range of airlines from the Americas, North Africa and Asia. Unsurprisingly, as Rome is one of the world's most popular travel destinations.

Ciampino International Airport (Rome Ciampino, CIA IATA) - this is the city's low-cost airline airport, serving Ryanair and Wizzair flights. This small airport is closer to the city center than Fiumicino but has no direct train connection. There are plans to move the low-cost airport much further out of Rome, but this is unlikely for some years. Note that at Ciampino cash machines are available only in the departures area. This is a relatively small airport and it closes overnight. You will be locked out of the airport until it opens again for the first check-in around 4:30 or 5AM. Flying into Ciampino try to sit on the right of the plane, which will fly just to the east of the centre of the city. Reaching Rome you first see the River Tiber and then the Olympic Stadium, Castel Sant' Angelo, St Peter's and the Vatican and the Colosseum. Before touchdown you fly parallel with the old Appian Way, the tree-lined road on a slight incline about 1 km to the right of the flight path.

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Current conditions for Rome, (ROM), Italy (41.95°/12.5°)
Altitude: 59.06ft / 18m
Current conditions -  Sunny skies
Sunny skies
Temperature: 91.4 °F / 33 °C
Feels like:
89 °F / 31 °C
52 °F / 11 °C
Wind direction:
270° W
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Cloud cover:
6.21mi / 10km
30.03in / 1013.9mb

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