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New York

United States

The City of New York ( NYC , New York City ), colloquially known as the "Big Apple" is in the lower Hudson Valley in southeastern New York State in the United States . However, the New York metropolitan area extends throughout two other states - North Jersey and Southwest Connecticut .

With a population of more than 30 million, it is positioned as the largest metropolis in the United States, and the second in the world behind only the city of Tokyo . In addition, the city itself has one of the most famous skylines on Earth, including the Empire State Building.

New York City itself is divided into five districts or municipalities ( boroughs ), corresponding to five separate counties. Each municipality has its own personality and suppose mini cities in themselves with their different identities.

The five municipalities or boroughs and the counties to which they belong are:

Manhattan - Without doubt the best known and most visited of all, located between the Hudson and East rivers.
Brooklyn - It is the most populous, located southeast of Manhattan on the other side of the East River.
Queens - Also located on the other side of the East River, is located north of Brooklyn.
Bronx - Located north of the island of Manhattan, it is the only 'borough' that is connected to the mainland.
Staten Island - An island located in the Bay of New York, south of Manhattan and very close to New Jersey.

The city of New York is one of the international centers of commerce, politics, communications, music, cinema, fashion and culture, and that is why the city is one of the most influential and important in the world. It is home to many world class museums, art galleries and theaters. Many of the major global companies have their headquarters here, and to take one example, it can be said that the headquarters of the United Nations is located in Manhattan.

Immigrants (and their descendants) from more than 180 countries live here, making the city one of the most cosmopolitan in the world. Travelers are attracted to New York for its culture and energy, but above all for its cosmopolitan diversity. The diverse population includes some of the richest celebrities in America, as do hundreds of thousands of immigrants. This diversity exists since the foundation of the city by the Dutch. Waves of immigrants were happening, first Dutch, then English, Africans, Irish, Germans, Italians, Jews, citizens of Eastern Europe, Jamaicans, Chinese, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, Haitians, Koreans, Indians and Arabs. New York a gigantic social experiment to be able to live in harmony with so much cultural crossroads.

The ethnic heritage of the city illuminates diverse communities along the five boroughs. In Manhattan, Little Italy remains an Italian enclave at full capacity, although many New Yorkers consider Arthur Av. In the Bronx as the "real" Little Italy. Chinatown remains a vibrant center of the Chinese community within New York, although in recent years a much larger community has been created in Queens Flushing, and two other Chinatowns have been formed in Brooklyn. On the Lower East Side there are traces of what once was the powerful Jewish community. In Harlem, in spite of the great diversification suffered lately, the center of the Afro-American culture of New York still remains. East Harlem is a totally Hispanic neighborhood, and communities of Dominicans expand through western Harlem and Washington Height. Brooklyn and Queens are known to be home to the many new immigrant groups, including Russians, Chinese, Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, Africans, Mexicans, Jamaicans, Koreans and Japanese.

Flights to New York

New York International Airports -ALL- NYC

The City of New York is served by three main airports, in addition to other airports, which cover all corners of the world. John F. Kennedy and Newark Liberty are large international airports while LaGuardia is a national airport. They are all in charge of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (The Port Authority).

John F. Kennedy International Airport ( IATA : JFK ) is the largest airport in the city and is located in Queens, about 25 KM east of Manhattan. It is the largest international center for Delta Airlines (Terminals 2 and 3) and American Airlines (Terminals 8 and 9). Air France (T1), Lufthansa (T1), British Airways (T7) provide several daily flights to the JFK. The different airlines are spread over its 9 terminals, but each airline is exclusively in a terminal, which is a very smart way of organizing the airport. There is a train, AirTrain, that connects all the terminals free of charge.

The billing terminals are available in terminals 1 and 4 and have a large number of ATMs (charge commissions). Luggage carts are available for $ 3 on T1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and all departures, or free of charge at terminals 1 and 4. There are many hotels of all categories near the airport and most have of special bus lines to / from the airport.

The taxi ( Yellow Cab ) is the most popular and comfortable way to get to the city. It has a fixed cost of $ 45 to any point in Manhattan, tolls (up to $ 4) and tips (15-20% depending on the level of service) apart. We must bear in mind that there are drivers who act as illegal taxi drivers in the same exit from the terminals. In many occasions they will try to scam the novice tourist, although you can also haggle and even get better rates than with the official yellow taxi ($ 35-40). It is convenient to use the taxis with night license or if you travel alone.
The recently opened JFK AirTrain connects with Howard Beach subway stations on line A and Jamaica Station on lines E and J / Z. To go to the financial district in the southern part of Manhattan ( downtown ) it is more convenient to go to Howard Beach; To go to Times Square in the mid-zone ( better) midtown Jamaica Station. The JFK AirTrain has a cost of $ 7 the single trip, and $ 2.50 the New York subway.
There is also the bus as an alternative means. One solution is the urban bus (NYCT buses) from Terminal 4 to Lefferts Boulevard (subway line A) for only $ 2 per trip. There are also line buses to Grand Central Station and Penn Station for $ 15 or $ 27 round trip from different terminals.
In addition there is the service "Shuttle". There are several companies that take you door to door for about $ 17 per person (eg Supershuttle). The price is reduced for several people. You can book at the airport, but it's best to do it in advance so you do not have to wait. The downside of this service is that in the same journey they carry more passengers and we can touch a few laps before arriving at our destination.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR IATA) is situated in the state of New Jersey, west of Manhattan. It serves as New York's second major international airport and a major hub for United Airlines.

You can get into New York City by taxi for $50-70, or take the AirTrain Newark to a NJ Transit train into New York Penn Station for $13 (AirTrain + NJ Transit).

LaGuardia Airport (LGA IATA) is the smallest of the New York Metropolitan Area's three major airports, but also the closest to Midtown Manhattan of the three. Due to regulations, almost all direct flights from LGA are to destinations within 1,500 miles. Most flights are domestic; however, there are international flights from LGA to Canada, Aruba, the Bahamas and Bermuda. The Marine Air Terminal, currently used by Delta Airlines for services to Washington D.C. and Boston, is one of the oldest, still-in-use, airport terminals in the world. In 2009, LGA ranked last among major U.S. airports in both on-time arrivals and customer satisfaction.

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