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Munich is a town on the Isar River in southern Germany , in the federal state of Bavaria . Munich is also the capital of Bavaria and the administrative district of Upper Bavaria.

The name of the city came from the Old High German Munichen - "from the monks". The population of Munich is 1,542,886 people . Thus, it is the largest city of Bavaria and the third, after Berlin and Hamburg , the city of Germany. In Munich is the government of Bavaria, the government of the Upper Bavaria district, as well as the government of the Munich city district .

Munich is famous for its brewing traditions. There are six large breweries in the city that supply beer with the famous Oktoberfest - a festival of beer, pretzels, fried chickens and carousels, held annually in late September and early October on the Terezin meadow .

Modern Munich is not only a concentration of cultural and museum values, but also a large industrial and research center. Thanks to the famous universities, one of the largest Bavarian state library in Europe , with six million volumes, the Max Planck Institutions and the Heinz-Meyer-Leibniz name , the nuclear research reactor and many other institutions, Munich holds strong positions in European science. Also Munich is rightly considered the IT- capital of Germany. Real estate in Munich is the most expensive in Germany.

Munich is a major international centre of business, several multinational companies, engineering and research, exemplified by the presence of two research universities, and world class technology and science museums like the Deutsches Museum and BMW Museum

Flights to Munich

Munich International Airport - MUC

Munich International Airport named Franz Josef Strauss is an international airport located in Upper Bavaria in Freising and Erding counties in Erdinger Moos. The airport is named after the former Prime Minister of Bavaria Franz Josef Strauss . The airport was built to accommodate the ever increasing flow of passengers, as Munich-Rome Airport ( German Munchen-Riem ) could not cope with these tasks, was put into operation on May 17, 1992.

Munich Airport is the second in Germany after the Frankfurt-on-Main airport , according to the number of passengers served. On domestic routes, it serves more than 9 million passengers, most of all in Germany. It is the base for the German national company Lufthansa .


Average for Munich

Munich has a temperate climate, with a transition from maritime to continental. This is facilitated by a relatively mild, little snowy winter (average January temperature -1 C) and a non-humid, rainy summer with an average temperature of about 18 C with a lot of precipitation and a dominant cloudy weather. The sun shines 1777 hours a year, in 2013, 185 days it was raining. Winter in Munich is usually changeable, severe frosts are rare. However, with the intrusion of the Siberian anticyclone, there are sometimes great frosts: the lowest temperature was recorded on February 12, 1929 and amounted to -31.6 C. The snow cover is relatively unstable, but it persists for at least a few weeks. Hot weather is rare, but on August 13, 2003 the temperature was +37.0 C, becoming the highest in the history of meteorological observations.

Munich Attractions

General Info

The world famous Munich English Park , one of the largest city parks in the world, stretching from the city center to the very edge along the current Isar. In the area of Gertnerplatz there are many beautiful buildings in Art Nouveau style, as well as a remarkable monument of classicism - the building of the State Theater, built under the emperor Maximilian . The unique architectural complex of modern Munich is the Olympic Park , built for the 1972 Olympic Games . The tower with a height of 290 m , an observatory, a roof made of metal and glass in the form of a giant awning make a great impression . The park consists of a water stadium, an Olympic stadium , a skating rink and a velodrome. On the tower there is a revolving restaurant and a viewing platform.

The largest architectural monument of Munich is the Palace of Nymphenburg , the former summer residence of the Wittelsbachs . The palace was built by the order of Elector Ferdinand-Mary in 1664 - 1674 years . Nymphenburg is Germany's largest baroque palace. The Gallery of Beauties deserves special attention - one of the halls, decorated with portraits of the most beautiful women commissioned by King Louis I. There are three small palaces (Amalienburg, Pagodenburg and Badenburg) in the Nymphenburg Park, as well as ponds, cascades and the Magdalenaenklause chapel.

In addition, it is worth noting such architectural ensembles as the Munich residence , Maximilianeum , Blutenburg castle , Allianz Arena , Holstein palace , the church of the Evangelist Luke . In 1999 it was recognized as a historic building where BMW headquarters is located.

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Current conditions for Munich, (MUC), Germany (48.08°/11.28°)
Altitude: 1968.5ft / 600m
Current conditions -  Sunny skies
Sunny skies
Temperature: 78.8 °F / 26 °C
Feels like:
80 °F / 26 °C
63 °F / 17 °C
Wind direction:
50° NE
Wind speed:
9mi per hr / 15km per hr (8kts per sec / 4m per sec)
Cloud cover:
6.21mi / 10km
30.26in / 1022mb

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