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Mexico City


Mexico City is largest city and the capital of Mexico . It forms a federal district, divided into 16 districts. The population is over 9 mill people, It is the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. Within the agglomeration live 22 million people. Located in the mountaineer depression in the Mexican Highlands , at an altitude of 2240 meters above sea level. The climate is subtropical.

Mexico City is the main political, economic and cultural center of Mexico. Refers to the global cities of "alpha", the leading financial centers of North America

Mexico City was founded on the site of the Aztec cities Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco. From each of them are preserved parts of the central areas: Templo Mayor from Tenochtitlan and the area of Three Cultures from Tlatelolco. On the territory of Mexico City, there are three pre-Columbian pyramids in the suburbs and are also well preserved: two Aztec (Tenayuca and Santa Cecilia-Akatitlan in the north) and one, Cuicuilco, the oldest pyramid in central Mexico, south of the Olympic stadium. In addition to exploring the actual ruins, you can get a fairly complete picture of the pre-Columbian cultures of Mexico by visiting the National Museum of Anthropology in Chapultepec Park. Channels in Sochimilko were originally built by the Aztecs, and their network has survived to the present day, although you will not see any artifacts associated with the Aztecs there.

Flights to Mexico City

Mexico City International Airport - MEX

Mexico City International Airport - Benito Juarez - (MEX) is the busiest airport in Mexico and Latin America. The airport was named in honor of the country's president (1867-1872) Benito Juarez in 2006.

Mexico City International Airport is currently the country's main airport both on domestic and international routes, the number of regular routes outside the country of it exceeds a hundred. In 2008, the airport served 26 million passengers, and at the completion of the current construction and reconstruction of the terminals, the maximum capacity of the port will increase to 32 million passengers per year .

Benito Juarez airport is used as the main hub for the Aeromexico , Aeromexico Connect and docking companies of the members of the global SkyTeam alliance .


Average for Mexico City

Mexico City is located almost in the heart of the country. The city stretches on a hill in the southern part of the Mexican Highlands and is at an altitude of 2,240 m above sea level. Mexico City is surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Air pollution - Due to the high level of air pollution with exhaust gases in the city, a thick cloud of smog constantly hangs over it. However, the sky remains high and azure blue, especially in the spring-summer period. Throughout the year, there are occasional small tremors that usually do not cause much concern to local residents and do not cause destruction. Sometimes stronger earthquakes occur in Mexico City . The largest of the earthquakes in the city - September 19, 1985, 7 hours 19 minutes local time, which killed 10 thousand people and collapsed 100-meter television tower. Dust storms are common in the city . Natural vegetation is represented by various types of palm trees ,oak , pine , fir . There is introduced by the Spanish conquistadors, cultivated and subsequently wild olive tree . In the vicinity of the city there are many species of birds.

Mexico City Economy

General Info

Mexico City is the eighth richest city in the world, based on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and the richest in Latin America. More than 20% of the Mexican economy is concentrated here. The Mexican Stock Exchange is also located here, on Avenida Paseo de la Reforma. It is estimated that by 2020 GDP will double, and will make it the seventh richest city in the world, just behind Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris and London. It is estimated that 30% of the total population of the country lives in poverty, while in Mexico City only 15%. The GDP per capital of Mexico City is also the highest in Mexico, estimated at US $ 18,381.

The city has a wide variety of foods, where there are areas specializing in prepared food such as the Condesa neighborhood. You can also find international restaurants and haute cuisine traditional cuisine from various countries such as Spain , Japan , Morocco , Thailand in addition to establishments for Mexican cuisine from all regions of the country. Gastronomic events of national relevance are also held, such as the National Mole Fair held during the first three weeks of October in the community of San Pedro Atocpan located in the delegation of Milpa Alta .

The nightlife in Mexico City is varied with numerous nightclubs, bars, pubs, nightclubs. There is an incredible variety, from the modern lounges in Santa Fe and Reforma to the old dance halls in the Historic Center . There is also a huge variety in Tlalpan and Coyoacan and clubs of all kinds, especially in Colonia Del Valle, Polanco, Condesa, Roma and Zona Rosa.

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