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Hong Kong

Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong is located on the Kowloon Peninsula , from the west, south and east by the South China Sea , as well as on more than 260 islands, the largest of which are Hong Kong (the location of the supreme authority and financial center of the territory), Lantau and Lamma . In the north, Hong Kong borders on the special economic zone of Shenzhen in the Chinese province of Guangdong . Hong Kong is divided into three parts: Hong Kong Island itself, Kowloon and New Territories . Hong Kong is part of the Pearl River Delta region , located on the left bank of its mouth .

The population is 7.2 million inhabitants. Ethnic composition in percent is: Chinese - 93.6%, others - 6.4%. The official languages are English and Chinese . The regional language is Cantonese . The currency unit is the Hong Kong Dollar .

Flights to Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport - ATH

Hong Kong International Airport - HKG- Has the informal name of Chek Lap Kok Airport the title of the island Chek Lap Kok , on which it is built, and in order not to confuse it with the old Hong Kongthe airport of Kai Tak .

For commercial use, the airport was opened in 1998, replacing Hong Kong's old airport of Kai Tak , and became an important regional cargo transportation hub, passenger hub and air gateway to mainland China , East Asia and Southeast Asia . Despite a relatively short history, he repeatedly won international awards as the best airport in the world.

The airport is served by the Airport Authority Hong Kong and operates 24 hours a day. The airport is the main hub for Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong's national carrier), Dragonair , Hong Kong Airlines , Hong Kong Express Airways and Air Hong Kong , Kalitta Air and UPS Airlines .

At the end of 2014, Hong Kong International Airport served more than 63 million passengers, making it the seventh in terms of passenger load and the third largest number of international passengers serviced among airports in the world . Also the airport is the first in the world by the number of serviced cargo flights , annually processing more than four million tons of cargo .


Average for Hong Kong

The climate of Hong Kong is tropical , monsoon . It is characterized by a cool dry season, which lasts from December to March, and a hot and stuffy wet season, which lasts from April to November.

In the dry season, cool air from the mainland blows, which carries dry sunny weather. Sometimes there can be serious cooling for the tropics, with a deep penetration of cold air from the north. Precipitation during this period is rare.

During the wet season, moist air from the Pacific Ocean blows, bringing heavy rainfall. The temperature in Hong Kong rarely exceeds 33 C, but the humidity is almost at the saturation level, which makes the weather difficult and extremely stuffy. The amount of precipitation can reach almost 500 mm per month. In some years, tropical cyclones (typhoons) can pass through Hong Kong . In this climate, a tropical forest can grow.

Geologically, the land near Hong Kong is stable for millions of years, but after heavy rains landslides may occur . Flora and fauna of Hong Kong underwent serious changes due to climate change, sea level and human influence.

The Hong Kong Observatory is a state institution charged with compiling weather forecasts , weather warnings and geophysical exploration of the territory of Hong Kong.

The highest temperature recorded in the history of observations in Hong Kong is 38 C , and the lowest temperature is -4 C. At the same time, the highest and lowest temperatures recorded by the Hong Kong Observatory, respectively, are 36.1 C on 19 August 1900 and on 18 August 1990, and 0.0 C on 18 January 1893. The average temperature of the coldest month - January, is 16.1 C, and the average temperature of the hottest month is July, is 28.7 C.

Hong Kong Economy

General Info

The economy of the territory is based on a free market , low taxation and non-interference of the state in the economy . Hong Kong is not an offshore territory, it is a free port and does not charge customs duties on imports, there is no value added tax or its equivalents. Excises are levied only on four types of goods, regardless of whether they are imported or locally produced. These are spirits, tobacco, mineral oil and methyl alcohol. Hong Kong is an important center for international finance and trade, and the headquarters concentration level is the highest in the Asia-Pacific region . On indicators of per capital gross domestic product and of the gross urban product, Hong Kong is the richest city in the PRC .

The system of taxation of Hong Kong was formed on the model of English and in many respects inherited the principles of the Set of Measures of the British Commonwealth in the Field of Tax Policy, adopted in 1947. In Hong Kong, there is no division of companies into resident and non-resident companies, and the territorial principle of taxation has been adopted. This means that Hong Kong companies are taxable only if revenues are received from a source in Hong Kong or activities to obtain this income were made in Hong Kong. If the company did not operate in Hong Kong and did not receive income from sources in Hong Kong, it is not subject to taxation. In Hong Kong, there are no taxes on capital gains, dividends, interest, royalties received from abroad or sent abroad. The income tax rate for companies operating in Hong Kong is 16.5%.

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Current conditions for Hong-Kong, (HKG), Hong-Kong (22.33°/114.18°)
Altitude: 16.4ft / 5m
Current conditions -  Light Rain Shower, Rain Shower
Light Rain Shower, Rain Shower
Temperature: 78.8 °F / 26 °C
Feels like:
84 °F / 29 °C
75 °F / 24 °C
Wind direction:
120° ESE
Wind speed:
9mi per hr / 15km per hr (8kts per sec / 4m per sec)
Cloud cover:
6.21mi / 10km
29.97in / 1011.9mb

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