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Denver - is the largest city and the capital of Colorado , and second (after El Paso ) by the size of the county in Colorado. Known as "The One Mile City", Denver is at an altitude of 5,280 feet or 1,600 meters above sea level and is located on the great plains that give way to the Rocky Mountains. Denver is a large city and one of the fastest growing in this country. The population is 649,495 defines as the Denver 22th city in the United States in terms of population , in the Denver metropolitan areas - 2,697,476. Denver is the largest city within a radius of 800 km, and also the 3rd largest population in the Highlands after Phoenix and El Paso .

The city is located in the valley of the South Platte River in the west of the High Plains and slightly east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains . In addition, Denver has the nickname of the City at a high altitude due to the fact that it is at a height of one mile ( 1609.344 m) above sea level, which makes it one of the highest mountainous cities in the United States.

Flights to Denver

Denver International Airport - DEN

Denver International Airport is one of the largest international airports in the United States , located 40 kilometers north-east of downtown Denver .

Denver International Airport is the largest US airport by area (140 km) and the second largest airport in the world after King Khalid Airport ( Saudi Arabia ). Runway 16R / 34L is the longest strip in the US, used in civil aviation. In 2007, Denver airport took 11th place in the world in terms of passenger traffic - 49,863,389 people. Also, the airport took the 5th place in the world in terms of traffic volume - 614 169 sorties / landings were made.

The airport was put into operation in February 1995, and its cost was 4.8 billion. The structure is constructed in the form of rocky snowy mountain peaks, which are a local landmark. The airport is equipped with an automated computerized baggage management system . The airport provides free access to Wi-Fi , the coverage area of which extends to most of the territory of the airport complex. The airport is connected to two highways Interstate 70 and E-470 .

Denver airport was built with the possibility of further free expansion. Take-off strips are located in the form of swastikas , swirls around passenger terminals and are directed to all directions of the world, which allows to significantly reduce the formation of queues from aircraft before take-off. The airport in the future can be expanded by adding 6 more runways, as well as a new terminal (there are 3 terminals and 138 landings), without changing the structure of existing buildings. Runway 16R / 34L is the longest lane used for commercial purposes in the US, which allows for non-stop reception of all types of aircraft by the airport. All this makes Denver airport one of the most efficient functional air terminal complexes in the world.

Denver International Airport is the home base for Frontier Airlines and the second hub airport for United Airlines .


Average for Denver

Denver is located in the steppe zone . The territory is in the continental climate area with four seasons and a moderate level of precipitation. Located within the High Plains at the foot of the Rocky Mountains , the city is prone to frequent changes in weather conditions. The climate of Denver is very sunny. In the year there are about 300 sunny days or 3106 hours. The average annual temperature in Denver is 10.2 C, the average annual rainfall is 379 mm. The warmest month is July (the average monthly temperature is about 23.4 C). The temperature varies from moderate to hot in summer. In mid-July, monsoons bring tropical humidity to the city, which is often the cause of daytime thunderstorms. The coldest month in the year is December (the average monthly temperature is -1.1 C). Winters are mostly mild with rare frosts. Days with a temperature of more than 10 C are common for the Denver winter. But there are sharp chills when the temperature drops below -18 C. There are about seven such days a year. The snow level fluctuates around 130 and 157 cm , depending on the season. But because of the dry climate and its mountainous location, as well as the influence of a chinook, the snow in Denver melts quickly and does not have time to creep up. The snowiest month is March, when an average of 29.7 cm of snow is applied. The lowest temperature during the entire time of observations in Denver was recorded on January 9, 1875and was -34 C. The highest (41 C) was measured by the national meteorological center on August 8, 1878.

Denver Economy

General Info

Unlike most state capitals, Denver's economy is based on the private sector. Favorable geographical position has made the city a convenient logistics center for companies engaged in trade and transport services in the mountainous , southwestern and western states.

Republic Square is the tallest building in Denver (and in Colorado). On the 17th street there are many financial and corporate buildings. In the city there are enterprises of various industries, such as aviation, rocket-space, chemical, printing and food. Among the most famous companies represented here are the Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company (created in 1911, now - part of the corporation CenturyLink ), Village Inn (one of the fastest-known fast-food chains in the United States, featuring a wide assortment in the morning menu), Kroger (owning four factories in Denver), Lockheed Martin and Ball Aerospace . In Denver is also located one of the two US Mint .

The first restaurant is Chipotle Mexican Grill near the campus of Denver University . An important role in the urban economy is played by banking and insurance, trade and telecommunications, and services. In Denver, the headquarters of the AIMCO corporation , the largest US owner and operator of multi-family residential buildings, is located.

Historically, the city plays an important role in the defense, space and energy projects of the American government. Tens of thousands of townspeople are engaged in these spheres.

The status of the state capital and transport hub of the region made Denver the location of large regional branches of many federal authorities. Along with the various institutions of the state of Colorado and the city itself, they provide jobs for more than 15% of residents and attract numerous legal and lobbying firms to the city.

In 2010, the gross product of the Denver agglomeration amounted to 157 billion dollars, which puts it on the 18th place in this indicator among the US agglomerations.

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Current conditions for Denver, (DEN), United States (39.71°/-104.76°)
Altitude: 5662.73ft / 1726m
Current conditions -  Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Temperature: 93.92 °F / 34.4 °C
Feels like:
88 °F / 31 °C
27 °F / -3 °C
Wind direction:
120° ESE
Wind speed:
8mi per hr / 13km per hr (7kts per sec / 4m per sec)
Cloud cover:
9.94mi / 16km
30.21in / 1020.3mb

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