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Beijing is the capital and one of the municipalities of the People's Republic of China. Beijing is on three sides surrounded by the province of Hebei and borders with Tianjin in the southeast.

Beijing is the largest railway and road junction and one of the main air hubs of the country. In addition, Beijing is the political , educational and cultural center of the PRC, while the main economic centers are Shanghai and Hong Kong . At the same time, in recent years more and more has assumed the role of the locomotive of entrepreneurial activity and the main field for the creation of innovative enterprises.

Beijing literally means Northern Capital, following the common East Asian tradition whereby capital status is directly reflected in the title.

Flights to Beijing

Beijing International Airport - PEK

Beijing Capital International Airport is the largest airport in Beijing, and the second largest in terms of passenger traffic in the world . It is located 20 km to the north-east from the center of Beijing.

Shoudou Airport is the main hub for Air China , which serves about 120 destinations from it (except for freight), as well as for Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines

The Airport It is located in the Shunyi area , 20 km north-east of Beijing's city zone. The Capital Airport serves most domestic and almost all international flights. This is China's main air gateway and the base airport of the national carrier Air China . It is connected with the city by the high-speed road "Airport" , the path through which to the city center takes about 40 minutes. For the Olympics 2008, another high-speed highway was built to the airport, as well as a light rail line .

In the administrative area of Beijing are also following airports: Lyansyan Airport , Nanyuan Airport , Xi airport , airport Shahe and Badaling Airport . Basically, they are used for military purposes.

The construction of Daxing Airport began, which, upon completion of the construction, will become the largest airport in the world. The first stage should be opened in 2019, the airport will be fully commissioned by 2025

In 2009 Conde Nast Traveler magazine decreed Beijing international airport as the best airport in the world, based on its own survey that proposed readers' appreciation through numerous factors such as cleaning, speed in check-out procedures at check-out , clarity of signage, baggage handling and others. It was the first time that the airport was included in the list of major contenders.

To accommodate the growing volume of traffic, Beijing has added the huge Terminal 3 in 2008, which is the second largest airport terminal in the world after Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport , and the third largest in the world by area occupied.

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Average for Beijing

Beijing is located in a monsoon- prone wet continental climate or a moderate monsoon climate , which is characterized by a hot humid summer due to the influence of the East Asian monsoons and a cold windy dry winter formed under the influence of Siberian anticyclones . The average temperature in January is -4 -7 C , in July - 25 - 26 C . In a year more than 600 millimeters of precipitation falls , 75% of which falls in summer, so in Beijing, often in winter, it can be below -10 C, and at the same time there is no snow.

A serious problem in Beijing is the severe air pollution and its low quality due to emissions from industrial enterprises and transport. Sand, formed as a result of desert erosion in northern and northeastern China, leads to seasonal sandstorms that can paralyze life in the city. Only in the first four months of 2006 there were eight sand storms in Beijing . The fight against pollution became one of the main tasks of the authorities in preparation for the past 2008 Olympic Games .

Beijing Tourism

General Info

Despite the wars and riots of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including the damage caused by the European invasion , the Japanese occupation and the Cultural Revolution , and the intense urbanization of recent years that led to the demolition of many Khutuns , there are many sights in Beijing that have an ancient history.

The most famous of them are the Gate of Heavenly Calm as on their own, and as the main entrance to the Forbidden City , and as part of the Tiananmen Square Ensemble . Among other world-famous attractions are the site of the Badaling of the Great Wall of China , the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven .

For two decades after the founding of the PRC in 1949, there were practically no hotels in Beijing in the Western sense of the word. Accommodation for visitors for a time was provided by the so-called zhaodayso - guest houses, which were subordinated to one or another agency or state body. Some of them are used to this day.

In the late 1970s, the policy of reform and opening up of Deng Xiaoping was launched , and the construction of numerous hotels and other tourist infrastructure began to attract and service international business. To date, Beijing is one of the most visited cities and important economic, political and cultural centers of Asia, the city has a huge number of hotels, many of which meet the highest international standards.

The most famous hotel is the Beijing State Hotel . Among other famous hotels are the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel , Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center , Jianguo Hotel , Raffles Beijing Hotel , China World Hotel , St. Regis , Grand Hyatt at Oriental Plaza and the Peninsula Palace Hotel, run by the Hong Kong Peninsula Group .

Inexpensive youth hostels in recent years are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, including in Beijing. Most of the hostels are located on the eastern section of the Third Ring Road or in the center of the city in old hutongs .

Beijing's nightlife is rich in various entertainments. Most of the nightclubs are located in the area of Sanlitun Street or near the Workers' Stadium , to the north and west of it.

Strong nightlife can also be seen in the Udaokou district , in the north-west of Beijing. Mostly it is visited by Koreans and other foreigners, mainly students.


Current conditions for Beijing, (PEK), China (39.93°/116.28°)
Altitude: 180.45ft / 55m
Current conditions -  Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Temperature: 93.2 °F / 34 °C
Feels like:
101 °F / 38 °C
72 °F / 22 °C
Wind direction:
330° NNW
Wind speed:
4mi per hr / 7km per hr (4kts per sec / 2m per sec)
Cloud cover:
6.21mi / 10km
29.64in / 1001mb

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