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Barcelona - known as the city of Barcelona is located in the northeast of the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula and is undoubtedly one of the most popular European cities. The city offers the perfect mix of sun, beaches, culture, history, gastronomy and day and night life. Barcelona mixes history and avant-garde. Barcelona is located in Catalonia , Spain. The Mediterranean Sea caresses the coast of the city of Barcelona, while the Collserola mountain range protects the city on the west side with a very diverse landscape of forests, with crops, dry meadows, pine forests, holm oaks and riparian vegetation.

Barcelona is also the capital of Catalonia. In it you can hear Catalan and Castilian in equal parts and often the local interlocutor is not even aware of what language they speak, the coexistence of both languages is fluid and natural. The numerous foreign colony has come to add more multiculturalism and languages to the city, until it becomes a true tower of Babel.

Not being the capital of the State, the city has had to fight historically for its economic and cultural position. This has historically turned it into an ambitious city, proud of itself and of a dizzying dynamism for its relatively small size. After the hangover of the 1992 Olympic Games, the joy was maintained for a few years, but in the last decade it seems that the spirits are no longer so high. The Forum of Cultures of 2004 was rather a failure and despite its name and reputation, the city has been increasingly losing economic positions. The city council, however, has not rested on its laurels and is working to turn it into a world capital of high technologies and communication.

Culturally, the offer of the city is practically unbeatable: although sometimes a more globalizing dimension is missed. Barcelona can boast of hosting some of the most prestigious music festivals in Europe, such as Sònar or Primavera Sound, having an offer of theater, musicals and dance more than ample, but its museums do not play in the first world division. Sometimes it seems that the city has settled into a kind of complacency that certainly does not do any good. One misses one of the characteristics that have always defined the city: to be the cultural vanguard of the country. However, the energy of its people and all newcomers will contribute sooner or later to place it back in the place it deserves.

Another evil that affects the city are the prices. Barcelona has become a very expensive city worldwide. The prices of housing, rents, movie tickets, restaurants, drinks ... it's hard to believe, but it already rubs shoulders with Paris or London, while their salaries are not up to par. It is possible to survive and enjoy it with little money, but evidently a well-proportioned portfolio makes the Barcelona experience a pleasure. Locals blame all the evils on the adoption of the euro that took place in 2002, but the truth is that the whole world aimed to round prices up, and not just for a few cents. The expansive evolution of the economy until 2007 and the consequent inflation did the rest.

Regarding the works that are carried out in the city, what can be said: they are exasperatingly slow! and that sometimes even depend on Madrid. The expansion of the metro network, the modernization of the collapsed commuter network, the AVE tunnel through the city, the construction of the Sagrera station, the reconversion of the Arenas bullring into a shopping center. The locals support stoics projects that had a start date but that seem never to end.

The Ciutat Comtal (as it is called in Catalan) can be anything you want, cosmopolitan in its great avenues of the Diagonal and Passeig de Gràcia, or popular in its neighborhoods and even in the opinions of its inhabitants that character of industrial city, quiet in the great parks of Montjuïc or the Laberint d'Horta and stressful in Las Ramblas or Aragó street. It has so many layers and dimensions that it takes weeks, months, even years to get to know it in its entirety.

Although limited in its extension, Barcelona does not stop reinventing itself. Next to the Barri Gòtic, the Eixample!, The Raval, Gràcia and the Vila Olímpica, well known, new areas of cultural, architectural and leisure interest appear: the Santa Caterina neighborhood, one of the best kept secrets of the city, the new Diagonal avenue, which from the Plaza de Glòries leads to the new and brand-new district of Diagonal Mar; Poble Nou and its vibrant Rambla, the Sants neighborhood in the process of renovation, the delightful villas of Pedralbes and the old town of Sarrià, the inspiring parks of Les Heures and the Laberint d'Horta, the charming old town of the Sant Andreu district ... there are so many sites to discover ...

If the traveler has little time, possibly the most common tourist circuit, and although it is mandatory, it is still a pity, because you will lose much of the essence of this eminently commercial and port city, rogue and sophisticated equal parts. The worldwide popularization of Barcelona as a tourist destination has had beneficial economic effects on the city, but at the same time it has turned its main monumental and tourist landmarks into the pasture of hordes of tourists and souvenir shops, plain and simple. It is therefore convenient that as soon as possible, the tourist deviates from the main routes. Sometimes it is enough just to turn left or right of a main street like Las Ramblas.

Going to the Camp Nou is something that the visitor who wants to really know Barcelona and its football fans should do, especially clarifying is to go to see a match when Real Madrid comes to Barcelona. Do not miss this opportunity to see the Barça players in their purest form, a delight if you like football.

The best way to start the night in Barcelona is to go to the Montferry on Jordi Girona street, almost next to the Triton. There the first voll-damms of the night are served in the company of good friends ... The Frankfurt Pedralbes, however, is the ideal place for a dinner among colleagues: standing, very tight, without smoking, but with a quality and unrivaled variety of puppies. If one is not very supportive of poperos and various techno environments, then the famous copeo is imposed on the streets of Poble Nou. Since the prices of that neighborhood are not exaggerated, the bars are usually quite full (especially, the bar IRIS, emblem of the neighborhood since time immemorial). The best way to end the night, apart from in bed and accompanied, is the Hijos de Cain: Probably the most varied and dance bar in the area.

Flights to Barcelona

Barcelona International Airport - BCN

The international airport of Barcelona "El Prat" is located approximately 13 kilometers southwest of the city. Some low cost airlines such as Ryanair travel to Gerona or Reus, cities that are an hour and a half from Barcelona. There are many companies that travel to this airport: Vueling , Monarch , Air Europa , Iberia , EasyJet and others. It has two terminals from which the different companies leave: T1 and T2, the last of these is divided into three sub-terminals: T2A, T2B and T2C. There are several transport options from Barcelona airport to the city.

Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, Barcelona Airport sees many direct intercontinental flights. All three major US carriers (American Airlines, Delta and United) fly directly to Barcelona, as do Canadian airlines Air Canada Rouge and Air Transat. Local flag carriers fly to Buenos Aires and Bogota. On the Asian front, Singapore Airlines has a direct connection from Singapore, obviously, while Emirates sends a whole Boeing 777 or Airbus A380 from their hub in Dubai and Qatar Airways competes with a direct connection to theirs in Doha. You can continue from either of those to destinations across Asia, as well as to Australia.

Barcelona rivals Madrid for the number of intra-European connections, with many flag carriers serving both. Barcelona is also one of the European airports best served from the countries of the former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan etc.), with direct flights to even less frequented airports, operated mostly by local carriers from those countries. There are also many connections to countries of North Africa.

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Current conditions for Barcelona, (BCN), Spain (41.28°/2.07°)
Altitude: 13.12ft / 4m
Current conditions -  Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Temperature: 84.2 °F / 29 °C
Feels like:
91 °F / 33 °C
73 °F / 23 °C
Wind direction:
220° SW
Wind speed:
23mi per hr / 37km per hr (20kts per sec / 10m per sec)
Cloud cover:
6.21mi / 10km
30.11in / 1016.9mb

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