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Bangkok is the capital and the largest city in Thailand with a population of 5.6 million people. The name given at the base fell into the Guinness Book of Records as the longest name of the city in the world. The city is located on the eastern bank of the Chauphra River near its confluence into the Gulf of Thailand . Bangkok is one of the fastest growing (including economically) cities in South-East Asia. It occupies an area of more than 1.5 thousand square meters. km. Local residents consider their city an emerging new regional center, capable of competing with such cities as Singapore and Hong Kong . Bangkok is also one of the most attractive cities for tourists in the world

To visit the temples you can hire a tuk tuk for the whole day that will take you free to several temples provided that you enter a couple of shops where they are paid commission (it is not necessary to buy) but it is important that you first go to the tourist destinations and at the end to the stores, in another way, as soon as you leave the stores they will let you bounce.

You can spend the day on Ko Kret , an island on the Chao Phraya River 20 kilometers from Bangkok, which can only be reached by boat. The weekend excursion of the Mit Chao Phraya Express costs 200 baht. The Rose Market is located 32 kilometers from the city. In its gardens there are dance shows, muay thai fight and a show with elephants. Every day from 8 to 18, entrance 20 bahts and shows 380 baht.

Flights to Bangkok

Bangkok International Airport - BKK

Suvarnabhumi is New international airport of Bangkok, also Thailand's largest airport , one of the largest air hubs in Southeast Asia. Began to be used since September 28, 2006 .

It is located in the east of Bangkok, in the Ratchathevi Tomb of Bangphli District , Samutprakan Province . The airport is adjacent to the Bangkok area of Lakkabang and is located about 25 kilometers from the city center.

The airport is the main hub for Thai Airways International , Bangkok Airways , Orient Thai Airlines , PBair , as well as an important destination for AC CI , Cathay Pacific , Emirates , EVA Air , Air India and SriLankan Airlines . It was also the main hub of Thai AirAsia , which from October 1, 2012 transferred its operations to Donmaang . Suvarnabhumi Airport was built to replace the former Donmaang Airport. Initially, it was planned to transfer all regular flights from the old airport to the new airport and, in the future, to close it completely, but after several years of inactivity and work as a spare airfield and airfield for private aviation, it was decided to start using Donmaiang again as the second airport capital, and partially relieve Suvanapoum from loukost companies. Unlike the old airport, Suvarnabhum is convenient because there is no division into international and local terminals. The airport accepts all regular and charter flights. From the airport, you can take buses to Bangkok (including Donmiang Airport) and to neighboring provinces and cities, including Pattaya , Bangkla , Banchang , Chanthaburi , Trat , Aranyapratet , Nongkhai . There is a high-speed express train line connecting the airport with the city line of the Bangkok subway , and allowing you to get to the airport from the city within 17 minutes. The passenger terminal of this airport occupies the 20th line in the list of the world's largest buildings and structures.


Average for Bangkok

The climate of Bangkok is subequatorial . It's hot all year round, there are no noticeable seasonal temperature fluctuations (April-May is slightly hotter than December-January). The wet season (May-October) and dry (the middle of November - the end of April) is expressed. In the dry season, precipitation is relatively rare, in September the rainfall is almost 350 mm. During the year, about 1500 mm of precipitation falls.

Bangkok Tourism

General Info

The historical center of Bangkok is the island of Rattanakosin , located on the Chauphraya river , which in Thai means "the highest jewel". It is surrounded on all sides by canals, towers and walls, built for the defense of the capital.

The center of the island is the former royal residence - the magnificent Grand Palace , surrounded on four sides by a protective wall 1900 meters long. On the territory of the palace is the temple Wat Phra Keo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), considered the most sacred place in Thailand and one of the most beautiful temples. Chinese ceramics , ornaments of bronze and iron, colorful stained-glass windows, murals, statues - all this attracts many tourists. Here, too, is the royal Pantheon , where the life-size statues of the eight previous kings of the Chakri dynasty are erected . Entrance to the temple is guarded by 6-meter-long Rakshasas from Buddhist legends, armed with peaks and painted in different colors.

Also in the historical center of Bangkok is the temple Wat Pho (the temple of the Reclining Buddha), he is known mainly due to the image of Buddha in anticipation of the achievement of nirvana, his largest image in this position (the statue reaches 46 m in length and 15 m in height). Near the temple there is a library decorated with Chinese mosaics , in which ancient manuscripts are kept.

In the temple of Wat Ratchanadda is the only building in Bangkok, an iron building of Buddhist architecture.

Wat Arun - Also worth mentioning is the temple Wat Arun (temple of the Morning dawn), located on the opposite shore of Chauphrai , whose central prang is encrusted with colorful porcelain, decorated around the perimeter with figures of warriors and mythical creatures.

In Bangkok, there is a large Chinese market, called "China Town".

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Current conditions for Bangkok, (BKK), Thailand (13.92°/100.6°)
Altitude: 13.12ft / 4m
Current conditions -  Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
Temperature: 77 °F / 25 °C
Feels like:
81 °F / 27 °C
75 °F / 24 °C
Wind direction:
190° S
Wind speed:
2mi per hr / 4km per hr (2kts per sec / 1m per sec)
Cloud cover:
6.21mi / 10km
29.76in / 1005.1mb

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